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How many of you use a sports betting software?

How many of you use a software for sports bets? Does it help you win?

The latest discovery made in sports betting is exactly this betting software. From the best programmers that do not know a single thing about sports bets to the most experienced bettors that do not know a single thing about programming, they are all enraptured by they new trend, the software that helps you win sports bets.

I have never tried and will never try a betting software, the main reason being that I prefer to rely on my knowledge, intuition and not on a program. It is true that technology has developed lately. Software have beaten people at chess, computers replace as the days go by the people in factories, but no one will ever convince me that a software is better than a professional bettor that can analyze a match.


Why do bettors use a sports betting software?

1) Laziness

They are too lazy to analyze ten matches a day in order to find the best tips. The truth is, it sounds great to win at sports bets without doing anything. Why lose hours reading, documenting and looking for statistics when you can click a button and the software will find for your the best picks of the day? The new trend among bettors is to find a way of making money without working too hard for it and here I refer to the stealing of tips from others instead of analyzing a match, to the paid picks or to the software.

2) Lack of time

Another explanation we have heard is the lack of time. I ask the following question “Isn`t it easier to not bet at all when you do not have enough time?” At the end, why bet? Is someone making me do it? Am I not allowed at work the next day unless I bet? I know, all of them are rhetorical questions. A bettor has to bet as much as possible, otherwise he is no longer a bettor.


What do we have to know about online bookmakers?

Each online bookmaker uses a software like this (rest assured their software is ten times better than yours). Based on some figures and statistics the initial odds are generated. There are bookmakers specialized on championships and sports, they make statistics on each match and based on this the initial odds are adjusted (higher or lower). The statistics made by bookmakers is complicated. Data is gathered about the teams, latest news, possible problems and other things that might be important for a match.


What can a betting software not do?

  •  A betting software will never know what players from the two teams are injured or suspended.
  • A betting software will never know if it will rain when the match is being held or if it is being held behind closed doors.
  • A software is done based on figures and results from the last 10 seasons. A software does not know that the teams can change from year to year. The software does not know that a team is stronger than two years ago or that Manchester City has a budget 10 times higher than a few seasons ago. It can not tell that the value of Manchester United was 80 million Euro 5 years ago and now is of 430 million Euro.
  • The software will generate me a suggestive pick of Under/Over 2.5 goals. It does not know that coaches change from year to year and that each one has a different mentality and style of play, some defensive, some offensive, some play with three strikers while others with a single one. The software does not know that the goal average changes from season to season. France and Italy are no longer the championships of 5-6 years ago and the goal average changes every season. There are many cases in which Over championships have turned along the years in Under championships.
  • A software can not tell that a team needs a victory at the end of the season in order to play in the Champions League, Europa League or in order to avoid relegation. It will only statistically analyze based on information, scores from the season or direct matches.

I ask the following questions:

How does a sports betting software help you?

Will a sports betting software guarantee a winning?

From my point of view, a software like this only disappoints and you might lose your money if you trust the calculus made by a program.

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