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Galgos Racing - How to Bet on Greyhounds?

Cover image for post How to Bet on Greyhounds?
How to Bet on Greyhounds?
Greyhound Racing – How to Bet on Greyhounds?

Greyhound racing is a widely enjoyed form of entertainment worldwide, captivating audiences with its thrilling spectacles and fierce competition. The sport has gained immense popularity across the globe, attracting enthusiasts from all walks of life. Dashing across the tracks at lightning speed, these magnificent canines showcase their agility, endurance, and grace, leaving spectators in awe. The exhilarating atmosphere of the racing events, filled with cheers and anticipation, creates an unforgettable experience for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With its rich history and enduring allure, greyhound racing continues to capture the hearts of millions, making it a truly cherished pastime.

Just like horse racing, numerous individuals enjoy witnessing live greyhound races. There are even those who raise dogs specifically for competition!

What about betting? Is it possible to place online bets on greyhound racing?


Greyhound racing is one of the most popular sports on betting websites!

What is quite understandable, because:

  • There are races and bets almost every day.
  • Greyhound racing presents a high-risk, high-reward profile.
  • The odds are quite high on the main websites.

In this article, you will discover the secrets to wagering on greyhound racing and receive invaluable tips for mastering this thrilling sport! Unlock the strategies behind successful betting on these agile canines and gain a competitive edge in this exhilarating discipline!

Discover the top sports betting websites to place your bets. But that's not all: find out where you can also watch live races online!

Be cautious, as not all websites offering greyhound race betting are created equal. There are numerous options available, but it's important to remember that the quality of these sites can vary. It's crucial to do your research and choose wisely.

And for us, the best option is Bet365!

This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive home for greyhound enthusiasts. It offers almost daily events, and many of them are live!


  • Bet365 sends alerts about your favorite greyhounds.
  • She has real-time statistics of the races.
  • There are promotional odds available for greyhound racing.

Want more? Well, let me tell you that the Bet365 Bonus has the lowest rollover in the market! Discover an exceptional offer that will give you more bang for your buck. Not only will you have access to an incredible bonus, but you'll also enjoy the advantage of a lower rollover requirement. This means you'll have a greater chance of meeting the wagering conditions and cashing out your winnings in no time. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to maximize your earnings with Bet365. Sign up today and take advantage of their generous bonus with the lowest rollover in the market.

Are there other good betting websites for greyhounds besides Bet365? Absolutely!

We highly recommend other trustworthy betting websites with extensive experience in this field:

Betting on greyhound racing is a fairly straightforward endeavor, especially if you have prior experience betting on horses! It's a pursuit that offers uncomplicated wagering opportunities and requires minimal effort to grasp. If you're already familiar with betting on equine races, transitioning to the world of greyhound racing should be seamless. The fundamentals remain similar, albeit with a unique twist specific to the sport. So, if you're seeking a new form of exciting gambling entertainment, venturing into the realm of greyhound racing might just be the perfect choice for you.

There isn't much variety in terms of markets, though. We typically come across two main ones in most establishments:

  • Bet on the race winner: Vitória Fixa.
  • Fixed Place: Betting that the greyhound will be on the podium.

Let's say you want to place a bet on Bet365. You'll choose one of the races and decide which greyhound to place your wager on.

We have chosen an Australian race. Take note that the top contender is Rivia Bale, with odds of 2.00 for a Fixed Win and 1.15 for a Fixed Place.

bet365 bets on greyhounds
Very attractive odds nIt

Now you just need to determine the amount you wish to wager and in which of the two markets you will place your bet! Choose the desired stake and the specific market for your investment.

Watch in the JerseyGroovyFilms video a greyhound race before placing your first bet.

Have you observed the image presented above, where it becomes evident that Bet365 offers two additional markets for wagering on greyhounds?

  • Victory Tote
  • Tote Position

These are unique wagers on greyhounds, designed exclusively for Australian and New Zealand greyhound races. These bets offer a thrilling opportunity for avid dog racing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the heart-pounding action of the track. With an array of betting options tailored specifically to the Australian and New Zealand greyhound racing scene, punters can experience an unparalleled level of excitement and anticipation as they cheer on their chosen canine companions. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of greyhound racing, these special wagers promise an unforgettable gambling experience that is both thrilling and potentially lucrative. So, get ready to unleash your inner gambler and explore the exciting realm of greyhound racing in Australia and New Zealand with these exclusive bets.

But what is the distinction between Tote bets and "normal" bets?

Totes, also referred to as Totalisator Agency Board, are wagers funded by the government or organizations. These bets provide an exciting opportunity for individuals to engage in legal gambling activities. With the support of the state, Totes offer a safe and regulated platform for placing bets. By participating in Totes, individuals can experience the thrill of betting while contributing to the overall welfare of the community. These wagers not only entertain but also generate revenue that is utilized for various public purposes. So, whether you are a seasoned gambler or someone looking for a fun experience, Totes are an ideal choice to explore your luck and support societal development.

Betting on greyhound racing in Australia and New Zealand is overseen by these organizations. The three primary entities in charge are as follows:

  • Super TAB
  • UTAB

Placing a Tote bet is akin to wagering on the triumph of a greyhound or making a podium bet. The distinction lies in the absence of a predetermined odds at the time of placing the bet.

The bookmaker is detached from the odd. The probability and subsequent payout are determined by the government of the country where the race takes place.

ATTENTION: Tote bets come with added complexity as they operate much like a betting exchange. Be mindful that understanding the intricacies of Tote betting is essential to maximize your potential winnings. Similar to a stock exchange, Tote bets allow you to not only place bets but also have the opportunity to back or lay selections. This unique feature adds a layer of excitement and strategy to your betting experience. So, take the time to explore Tote betting and unlock a new realm of possibilities in the world of gambling.

Another type of special bet that can be quite lucrative is wagering on the distance covered by a greyhound. Placing bets on the distance a greyhound runs is a unique opportunity to potentially earn significant profits. It presents a distinctive betting option that offers exciting possibilities for bettors seeking diverse wagering experiences. This particular type of bet allows bettors to explore alternative strategies and tap into the potential of greyhound racing in a novel way. By focusing on the distance covered by these agile canines, bettors can engage in an exhilarating form of betting that promises both entertainment and potential financial gains.

But pay close attention here: you won't be betting on the total distance of the race.

The focus lies in the distance between the triumphant greyhound and the runner-up once the victor crosses the finish line. The bet revolves around this particular aspect, capturing the exhilarating moment when the winning greyhound establishes its dominance over the competition. It is a thrilling spectacle that encapsulates the essence of greyhound racing, where speed, skill, and strategy intertwine to determine the ultimate champion. With each race, spectators hold their breath in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of this captivating contest.

Betfair is one of the bookmakers that provides special bets on distances.


You will only find them in the Sportsbook section and not in the Exchange.

betfair greyhound betting

Now that you are familiar with greyhound betting, it is crucial to grasp the art of placing winning bets. Gaining an understanding of the strategies and techniques involved can significantly improve your chances of success. So, let's delve into the world of successful greyhound betting and explore the methods that can lead you to victory.

There is no singular path or strategy to always come out on top. Nevertheless, we have gathered a few pointers that could streamline the process!

Choose Internal Traps in Rainy Races

The starting positions/lanes in which each greyhound begins the race are known as traps. The number of traps varies depending on the number of competitors.

According to the data, the internal traps make it easier for greyhounds to run well in the rain.

Therefore, it is essential to analyze the weather forecast. By knowing whether it will rain or not, you can make an informed decision on which trap to bet on!

2. Evaluate the Age of the Greyhound.

Well-cared-for and healthy greyhounds can live up to 13 years, although professional racers retire at around 4 years old.

Young dogs can have a remarkable and exceptional performance. They are dynamic and give their all in races, going above and beyond the average.

On the other hand, those with more experience tend to exhibit greater consistency and possess a better understanding of how to effectively manage their energy in order to achieve peak performance throughout the entire competition.

When placing your bet, be aware of the age of your favorite greyhound, as well as that of its competitors! Take into consideration the years lived by your beloved racer, but also consider the experience and vitality of the other contenders. It is crucial to evaluate the maturity and stamina of all participants before making your decision. Understanding the age factor can greatly influence the outcome of the race and increase your chances of success. So, keep an eye on the age range of the greyhounds involved and make an informed choice to maximize your winnings.

This helps to consider who is truly the top favorite to win.

It can also be interesting to follow the latest greyhounds that have won important competitions.

Please find below the list of recent Champions Stakes winners, one of London's most renowned races: 1. The racing event known as the Champions Stakes, held in the vibrant city of London, has produced some remarkable victors in recent years. 2. Join us as we take a closer look at the illustrious roster of champions who have triumphed in the prestigious Champions Stakes, a race that has captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide. 3. Delve into the annals of London's famous racing scene and discover the names of the exceptional thoroughbreds that have claimed victory in the highly anticipated Champions Stakes. 4. Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the roll of honor, showcasing the talented racehorses that have etched their names in the history books by emerging victorious in the revered Champions Stakes. 5. London's acclaimed Champions Stakes has witnessed a parade of extraordinary winners, and we invite you to explore the esteemed lineage of horses that have left an indelible mark on this iconic racing event.

  • 2017 – Murrys Act
  • 2018 – Bombers Bullet
  • 2019 – Aayamza Express
  • 2020 – Desperado Dan
  • 2021 – Night Time Danny

3. Look for in-form and out-of-form indicators.

Determining whether greyhounds are in good or bad form is crucial prior to placing a bet, and this can be done through the use of in-form and out-of-form indicators. It is essential to assess their overall condition and performance to make an informed decision. By evaluating their recent performances, trainers and bettors can gauge their current state and make predictions accordingly. These indicators serve as valuable tools for assessing the fitness and capability of the greyhounds, enabling individuals to make well-informed choices when it comes to betting on these magnificent animals.

On the TimeForm website, you will find comprehensive details about all the races of the day, including upcoming ones. Get access to a wealth of information regarding the daily race schedule, including the races still to come. Discover everything you need to know about the races happening today and those yet to take place on TimeForm's user-friendly platform. Stay up-to-date with the latest racing events and plan your betting strategies accordingly with the complete race information available on TimeForm. Access the comprehensive race guide on TimeForm, where you can find all the necessary details about the races scheduled for the day, as well as those that are still to come. Get the most out of your racing experience by keeping track of all the upcoming races and making informed decisions based on the complete information provided on TimeForm.

The website assesses the present performance and remarks on whether the competitor is in shape on that particular day! The platform thoroughly examines the current state of play and provides insightful commentary on the athlete's physical condition for that specific occasion. By analyzing the competitor's performance in real-time, the website offers valuable insights into their fitness level and determines whether they are at the peak of their abilities on that given day. It meticulously evaluates various factors and gauges the athlete's overall form, taking into account their skills, stamina, and presence of mind during the competition. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive analysis that aids in understanding the competitor's readiness and potential to excel in their chosen field.

Discover the type of leash your Greyhound prefers.

There are four types of lines in greyhound racing.


  • Dogs cover the shortest distance in races.

  • They are unable to reach high speeds.


  • Dogs effortlessly reach their top speed.

  • They are surpassed more easily.


  • Dogs avoid collisions and perform well on rainy days.

  • They cover a much greater distance than the Rails.

Very Wide

  • Dogs face no obstacles on the track.

  • They cover the longest distance of the race.

The choice of which dog/line to bet on will depend on the type of race and weather conditions. Identifying the ideal canine contender is crucial for a successful wager, as each race and climate brings its unique challenges. Considering factors such as the track condition, temperature, and wind patterns can significantly impact a dog's performance. By carefully analyzing these variables, bettors can make informed decisions and increase their chances of winning. Whether it's a sprint or a long-distance race, understanding the intricacies of the event and adapting to prevailing weather conditions can make all the difference in a winning bet.

5. Choose the Dog by its Gender

Male dogs exhibit more reliable performance than female dogs in short and medium-distance races.

Female greyhounds, on the other hand, excel as swift runners on extended tracks. However, they often grapple with the challenge of going into heat at regular intervals.

According to the regulations, it is required to promptly exclude female dogs in heat from the races. They must remain separated for a period of up to 21 days.

This allows for 10 weeks per year without running!

If you prefer to place your bets on female greyhounds, that's perfectly fine. Just make sure she is nowhere near entering her estrus cycle.

Websites like TimeForm, mentioned above, provide this information daily!

Watching greyhound races is something that every bettor should do. It greatly aids in live betting, especially when considering cashing out. It provides valuable insights into the dogs' performance and allows for informed decision-making during the live betting process. Observing the races firsthand enables bettors to gauge the dogs' speed, form, and overall ability, which can significantly boost their chances of making successful wagers. Furthermore, witnessing the excitement and adrenaline of the races firsthand is an exhilarating experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of greyhound betting. So, whether you're a seasoned punter or just starting out, make sure to include watching greyhound races in your betting routine for a more rewarding and immersive betting experience.

However, finding websites that broadcast races in real-time can be challenging. At least when it comes to finding free options with good quality.

Our suggestion is to choose the betting websites themselves! Some provide excellent live streaming of the races. Such is the case with the following establishments:


Geyser racing can be one of the most exhilarating and profitable pursuits for sports bettors. Engaging in the thrilling world of greyhound racing offers a unique opportunity to witness the lightning-fast prowess of these magnificent creatures, as they effortlessly glide across the track. With each race, the anticipation builds, and spectators are captivated by the intense competition and the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. Not only is greyhound racing an exciting spectacle, but it also presents a chance for astute bettors to capitalize on their knowledge and prediction skills, potentially reaping substantial financial rewards. So, immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of greyhound racing and embrace the excitement and potential fortunes that await.

Although there has been considerable controversy surrounding the utilization of animals, this is an age-old, reputable, and well-regulated sporting activity. Therefore, you can place your bets with peace of mind.

With our advice in this article, you will be able to create your own high-quality strategy for making your predictions. Craft a winning approach that is unique to you by following our tips and recommendations. Take advantage of our expert insights to develop an effective and reliable system for placing your bets. With our guidance, you can elevate your game and increase your chances of success. Trust in our expertise and start building your winning strategy today.

Analyzing the type of race and all the participating greyhounds is essential!

Finally, place your bets only on trustworthy websites that provide the best bonuses and attractive odds, such as the ones recommended in this guide:


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