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How to Bet on American Football? 6 Tips to Focus on the NFL

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How to Bet on American Football
How to Bet on American Football? 6 Tips for Focusing on the NFL

American Football is one of the most beloved sports in the United States, sharing the limelight with basketball. The passion for this game runs deep in the hearts of Americans, creating a sense of unity and excitement across the nation. With its strategic plays, intense rivalries, and adrenaline-pumping action, American Football captivates both players and spectators alike. From the roaring cheers of the crowd to the bone-crushing tackles on the field, every moment is an electrifying experience. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, the thrill of American Football is something that transcends borders and unites people from all walks of life.

In Canada, the popularity of this sport has been gradually increasing. And, undoubtedly, this is also reflected in the growing interest in engaging in this activity.

Just like Ice Hockey has the NHL, American Football has a league par excellence: the NFL. The NFL is the pinnacle of American Football, showcasing the best teams and players in the sport. With its rich history and intense competition, the NFL has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. From the thrilling Super Bowl to the iconic franchises, the NFL provides an unparalleled experience for both players and spectators alike. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, the NFL offers a spectacle like no other, where every game is a battle and every touchdown is a moment of triumph. So gear up, grab your snacks, and get ready to witness the power, strategy, and sheer excitement of the NFL.

Everyone has heard of the Super Bowl at least once!

The Super Bowl is the ultimate showdown in the NFL, and in 2023, the clash between Kansas City and Philadelphia will take place on February 12th in Arizona.

The offseason is when the draft takes place, which is the period of rest from the competition. Its purpose is for the 32 NFL teams to choose college athletes.

This is how Tom Brady was chosen by the Patriots in 2000!

In light of the unique aspects of this competition, we have curated a concise and straightforward guide to help you navigate the world of American Football and the NFL! We have taken into account the intricacies of this sport and devised a quick and informative manual to assist you in your betting endeavors. Gain valuable insights and learn the ropes to make informed decisions when placing your bets on the captivating world of American Football and the thrilling NFL!

Websites for Betting on American Football

American football is a variant of rugby that centers entirely around the physical contact between players. The sport is characterized by its intensity and strategic gameplay, where teams compete to advance the ball and score points. Unlike rugby, American football has a unique set of rules and equipment, including helmets and pads to protect players from impact. The game is played on a rectangular field, with the objective of crossing the opposing team's goal line to score a touchdown. With its dynamic nature and passionate fan base, American football has become a widely popular sport in the United States and continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Some people liken American football to a battle!

In this game, there are two groups consisting of eleven participants each, wherein every member of the team assumes a distinct role in every play. The players' specific positions and responsibilities contribute to the overall strategy and success of the game.

As we've mentioned before, the strategy plays a crucial role in the game. Frequently, these tactics can be intricate since scoring points is not an effortless task.

The objective, therefore, is to score more points than the opponent by the end of the game.

Points can occur in the following ways:

  • Touchdown (6 to 8 points) ➡️ when a player possesses the ball and enters the opposing team's Endzone.
  • Field Goal (3 points) ➡️ when the ball is placed on the ground, kicked, and passes through the yellow goalposts located behind the Endzone.
  • Safety (2 points) ➡️ when a player is tackled, exits through the back of their Endzone, or commits a penalty in that area of the field.

Each match lasts for 1 hour, which is split into two 30-minute halves. Furthermore, each half is divided into two 15-minute quarters.

The thing is, every time the game stops, time stops as well. That's why an American Football match never lasts "just" 1 hour. It goes beyond that, extending into a multi-hour affair.

Field Size and Plays

The rectangular playing field spans 120 yards, comprising a vast expanse of lines denoting the yardage, an integral aspect indeed.

The plays involve advancing those yards towards the opposing Endzone.

We will use the Patriots as an example to explain a play when they receive the ball.

From this point on, the team has 4 downs to advance at least 10 yards. They must strategically navigate the field, utilizing their plays and formations to outmaneuver the opposing defense. With each down, the pressure intensifies, as their goal becomes within reach. It's a delicate balance of offense and defense, concentration and execution. The players must rely on their skill, training, and teamwork to secure victory. In these crucial moments, every decision counts, as they inch closer towards their objective. The crowd watches with bated breath, anticipating the outcome of each play. Will they triumph and gain the necessary yards, or will their opponents stand strong and deny their progress? Only time will tell as the game unfolds, bringing forth an exhilarating display of athleticism, strategy, and determination.

If they fail to cover that distance in up to four drops, possession of the ball is transferred to the opposing team.

If they successfully advance 10 yards, the downs reset, giving them another 4 downs to advance another 10 yards and so on.

Novamente: a meta é marcar um touchdown.

Other betting options: Basketball and Ice Hockey!

The Football American's grand spectacle entails witnessing the players engaging in a vigorous battle for ball possession, quite literally.

One of the reasons why the National Football League (NFL) has gained immense popularity worldwide is due to this very fact.

This league is home to the swiftest, most robust, and sharpest players. It is imperative to direct your attention to this league when seeking to place your bets.

Once the modality and competition are determined, what do we need? The markets, of course!

We have identified 8 options that we believe have the highest potential for financial returns.

  • Winner of the Match (Moneyline/1X2)
  • Handicap
  • Over/Under
  • First Team to Score "x" Points
  • Correct Score
  • Exact Point Difference
  • Timeout
  • Who Will Win the Competition

1. Match Winner (Moneyline/1X2)

American football moneyline
Example of the Moneyline in American Football in Betway

No need for any enigma here, right? It's all about placing your bet on the winning team and eagerly anticipating the outcome to see if your prediction hits the bullseye.

But wait, hold on: although a tie in NFL games is rare, it does exist. Some sports betting websites choose not to provide this option.

When offered, the odds tend to be high, precisely because it is a rare occurrence.

2. Handicap

American football handicap
See how applying a disadvantage to the favorite increases the odds

Handicap compels us to impose an advantage or a disadvantage upon one of the teams. It is a strategic approach that tilts the playing field to balance the odds and promote fair competition. By assigning points or goals, the handicap system aims to level the playing ground and provide exciting opportunities for underdogs to overcome the stronger sides. This practice not only adds an element of unpredictability but also offers bettors a wider range of options to explore. Whether you are a seasoned punter or new to sports betting, understanding the intricacies of handicap betting can enhance your overall experience and potentially increase your chances of winning. So, embrace the handicap and dive into the world of thrilling possibilities that it creates!

A good market for matches in which teams have significantly different levels of quality.

You can consider implementing the Negative Handicap on the favorite team, with the intention of increasing your odds, by ensuring that this particular team is indeed on the verge of victory.

If you prefer, you can do the opposite: give an advantage to the underdog team to win. The odds will decrease, but it could still be worth more than betting on the favorite in the Moneyline.

NOTE: Learn more in depth how to use Asian and European Handicap!

3. Over/Under

over and under american football
Example of the over and under market in American Football

The American Football market is incredibly dynamic, unlike sports such as Volleyball, which have a fixed average points limit. It offers an exciting and unpredictable environment for both players and spectators. The absence of a standardized points cap allows for intense competition and strategic gameplay, fueling the excitement and unpredictability of each match. American Football enthusiasts can expect a thrilling experience filled with thrilling moments and unexpected twists.

We mention this because, typically, a Volleyball Set concludes when one team reaches 25 points. This is the customary point at which the game is terminated.

American Football, just like traditional football, does not have that limitation.

Total Points, also known as Over/Under, is a popular betting market where you predict whether the final score will be above or below a specific value. It's an exciting way to add another layer of strategy and anticipation to your betting experience. With Total Points, you can delve into the thrilling world of predicting the outcome of a game based on the total number of points scored. So, whether you're a seasoned bettor or just starting out, Total Points offers endless possibilities for wagering and making informed decisions. Place your bets wisely and watch the excitement unfold as you wait to see if the final score surpasses or falls short of the predetermined value.

4. The First Team to Score "x" Points

who scores x points american football
Very attractive odds for this market in 22Bet

A mixed market between event knowledge and luck.

Try to guess which team will score "x" points first, whether it's the opening point of the game, 6, 12, or even 20 points. Take a stab at predicting which team will reach the desired milestone first, whether it's the initial score, 6, 12, or even 20 points. Make an educated guess regarding which team will achieve the target number of points first, be it the first score of the match, 6, 12, or even 20 points. Attempt to ascertain which team will secure "x" points ahead of others, be it the initial score of the game, 6, 12, or even 20 points. Put your forecasting skills to the test and guess which team will be the first to accumulate "x" points, whether it's the earliest score of the match, 6, 12, or even 20 points.

Watching the match gives you a good understanding of this market, which is not so risky, especially for those who bet in-play.

Observe the image above, where there is another option: to bet that nobody will score 10 points.

The odd is EXTREMELY high, at 101! Indeed, the likelihood of an American football game not having a team with at least 10 points is low. With such odds, there is a significant opportunity for bettors to make exciting predictions and potentially earn substantial winnings. Keep in mind that analyzing team statistics, player performances, and overall game strategies can greatly enhance your chances of making accurate bets. So, don't miss out on this thrilling opportunity to engage in strategic wagering on American football and seize the potential rewards that await!

5. Correct Score

correct score american football
Some houses include an extension. case of 1xBet

Compared to the previous market, the correct score is now riskier, even for those who bet live. It poses a greater level of uncertainty and challenges for bettors. The live betting aspect adds an additional layer of complexity and unpredictability to the equation. Therefore, careful analysis and strategic decision-making are crucial in navigating this more daring realm of betting.

The sport owes its excitement and unpredictability to its dynamic nature. In the blink of an eye, everything can change!

If possible, play with the cashout triggered by your side.

NOTE: Learn how to use cashout to maximize earnings!

6. Exact Point Difference

American football point margin
The market can be on the full match or on one of the teams only

The betting establishment presents a variety of potential scores, featuring discrepancies in points between the teams.

If you see value in this market, simply choose one of the point spreads to place your bet.

7. Timeout

One of the simplest markets in American Football is betting on which team will call the first Timeout.

8. Who Will Win the Competition

American football champions
Até o fim do campeonato essas odds podem mudar muito

A form of future wagering, known as predicting the NFL champion, offers an exhilarating way to engage in sports betting. This unique bet allows enthusiasts to test their foresight and bet on the team they believe will emerge victorious in the National Football League. By accurately forecasting the ultimate winner, bettors can earn substantial rewards and bask in the thrill of accurately predicting the outcome of this prestigious sporting event. So, if you possess an uncanny ability to foresee the future of NFL contenders, this type of wager might just be the perfect opportunity to channel your sports knowledge into a potentially lucrative endeavor.

One of the most challenging markets in the industry!

This demonstrates the high level of competitiveness in the National Football League. Simultaneously, we must never disregard the so-called underdogs.

American Football, especially the NFL, often presents surprises from underdog teams.

In order to succeed in this particular industry, it is crucial to possess a comprehensive understanding of the competition. Failing to do so can pose a considerable risk in navigating this volatile market.

The conclusion of the 2023 NFL edition is drawing near, which signifies that we are approaching the Super Bowl. The imminent culmination of the 2023 NFL edition implies that the grand finale, known as the Super Bowl, is just around the corner. As the curtains fall on the 2023 NFL edition, we find ourselves on the cusp of the highly anticipated Super Bowl. With the conclusion of the 2023 NFL edition fast approaching, the countdown to the revered Super Bowl has begun. As the final stages of the 2023 NFL edition unfold, we find ourselves inching closer to the much-anticipated Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Eagles and the Philadelphia City Chiefs will clash in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 12th at 8:30 PM.

We examined the odds offered by several betting sites in the Winner market to grasp the current state of affairs on platforms like Betano, Bet365, and 1xbet. By scrutinizing the odds, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the betting landscape and the enticing offers provided by these renowned online gambling platforms.

A Betano offered odds of 1.85 for the Eagles and 2.10 for the Chiefs.

Odds to Betano than the SuperBovl
Odds at Betano for the Super Bowl

In the case of Bet365, we discovered odds of 1.80 for the Eagles and 2.05 for the Chiefs. The disparity in values between the two teams is evident, with the Eagles holding a slight advantage in the odds. This suggests that the bookmakers perceive the Eagles as the more likely team to emerge victorious in the upcoming match. However, it is essential to note that these odds are subject to change and should be monitored closely leading up to the game. Betting enthusiasts can take advantage of these odds to make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on favorable outcomes.

Odds at Bet365 para o SuperBowl
Odds at Bet365 for the Super Bowl

Finally, the Eagles were paid 1.85 and the Chiefs were paid 2.09 by 1xbet.

Odds to 1xbet for the Super Bowl
Odds to 1xbet for the Super Bowl

For instance, if you intend to place a wager on the Super Bowl in this particular market, both Betano and 1xbet offer higher payouts for the Eagles' triumph, while Betano provides a superior payout for the Chiefs' victory.

Houses for Betting on American Football

Watching NFL games and mastering the statistics is just the beginning. Real success is reserved for those who go above and beyond that.

For that reason, we have compiled six advanced tips for bettors looking to specialize in American Football. Discover them below!

Believe in the teams that had a rough start to the season.

When it comes to American Football, particularly the NFL, numerous bettors place their focus on the statistics from the previous week. Many individuals who engage in sports betting tend to analyze the data and numbers from the previous games in order to make informed decisions. The outcomes and performances from the recent matches often play a significant role in shaping their strategies and predictions. By closely examining the statistical trends and patterns, these bettors aim to gain an edge and increase their chances of success. It is crucial for them to stay updated with the latest statistics and analyze them thoroughly before placing any bets.

Many times, the media focuses on teams that have had a strong start to the season, neglecting those who struggled in the beginning. This often happens because it is what the media tends to comment on the most.

To ensure a high-quality betting experience in American Football, one of the secrets is to closely follow the underdogs, as we have previously recommended. Keeping an eye on the teams with lower odds can lead to lucrative opportunities. It's important to stay informed about their performance and potential upsets, as they can defy expectations and secure unexpected victories. By studying the statistics, analyzing their strategies, and spotting any signs of progress, bettors can enhance their chances of successful outcomes. Embracing the underdogs and recognizing their potential can be a wise approach for those seeking to excel in American Football betting.

Houses may assign them higher odds than they should.

Well, my dear, we have some valuable bets, you know!

2. Take a look at the Game Schedule 2 Weeks Ahead.

No, this is the actual tip: take a closer look at the forthcoming two or three matches of the teams you intend to bet on.

Let's say the Pittsburgh Steelers have a game against the struggling Tennessee Titans this week.

The following week, however, the Steelers will confront their rival Ravens.

So, what are you thinking? Exactly: against the Titans, they won't give it their all.

In all team sports, one conserves energy for more significant games.

In this instance, instead of placing your bets against the Titans this week, opt to back them up! Challenge the odds and support the Titans as they take on their opponents. By placing your bets in their favor, you stand a chance to secure a winning outcome. Embrace the excitement of the game and trust in the Titans' abilities to come out victorious. Betting in their favor may provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a rewarding experience.

If the Steelers were to win or lose against the Ravens, the same would apply. In the subsequent game, they would find themselves both emotionally and physically fatigued.

When a team loses a derby, the next game presents an opportunity to bet against them, even if they are seen as the favorites to win.

The Climate Can Impact Teams

bet on American football
Playing with a bad team always destabilizes one of the teams

It's a rare occurrence for a game in the NFL to be canceled due to weather conditions. It would take an excessive amount of snow for that to happen. Snowfall of substantial magnitude would be necessary to disrupt the scheduled matches.

With rain in the forecast, forget it: it may turn out to be the biggest downpour the game has ever witnessed!

However, the main concern is not that, but rather that certain teams may experience decreased performance depending on the weather.

Take, for instance, a Texas team competing against one from North Carolina on a snowy day.

It is clear that the Texans' game will be somewhat in decline.

Many times it's not so much because they're not accustomed to the weather conditions.

In "normal" football, we have the ability to control the ball and exchange passes with a sense of calmness.

Not in American football. The sport's dynamism prevents such behavior. It is a physical, rough, and yet fast-paced game.

A day with heavy rain or excessive snowfall can greatly impact the strategy and performance of certain teams in this regard. It has the potential to disrupt the game plan and hinder the effectiveness of their tactics. The weather conditions may pose significant challenges, forcing teams to adapt and modify their approaches on the fly. Such adverse weather conditions can potentially throw a wrench in their game and pose difficulties for both offensive and defensive strategies. Therefore, it is crucial for teams to consider and prepare for these unpredictable weather scenarios, ensuring they have contingency plans in place to mitigate the adverse effects and maintain their competitive edge.

4. The NFL Is Beneficial for Fading The Public.

Betting against the public, or "Fade The Public," entails wagering on the contrary of what the majority of individuals are betting or would bet. The concept revolves around going against the popular sentiment and embracing a contrarian approach to maximize potential profits. By defying the consensus and seeking opportunities that deviate from mainstream choices, bettors can exploit market inefficiencies and gain an edge. This strategy involves careful analysis, astute judgment, and a keen understanding of market dynamics to identify situations where public perception may be skewed. Therefore, Fade The Public serves as a strategic tool for shrewd bettors looking to capitalize on market trends and exploit misjudgments.

Typically, we wouldn't recommend this approach, but American Football and the NFL, in particular, can present promising prospects for such a tactic.

The odds of the sport are usually determined from one week to another.

In various disciplines, you may observe that this is not always the case. Take the sport of soccer, for instance, even in tournaments such as the Champions League.

Well then. Instead of immediately assuming that things are set in stone, observe them for a few days as they are bound to evolve.

Keep monitoring until you notice that, out of the blue, a team's odds have either increased or decreased.

This implies that for some reason, a frontrunner has ceased to be the top contender for victory.

If you still believe that he is the frontrunner, place your bet on him. This Fading The Public strategy is akin to discovering a value bet.

A situation that is not at all uncommon in this modality.

5. Quarterbacks Often Struggle in Their Debuts.

American football quarterbacks
A quarterback without confidence hurts the entire team

According to sports experts' analysis, it has been concluded that rookie quarterbacks in the NFL often struggle in their debut games. The study revealed that these young signal-callers tend to have difficulty adapting to the professional level and experience a decline in performance during their first outings. This finding underlines the immense pressure and challenges faced by these newcomers as they navigate the transition from college football to the highly competitive and fast-paced environment of the National Football League. It is crucial for teams and fans alike to exercise patience and provide support to these quarterbacks in order to help them develop their skills and reach their full potential in the long run.

This becomes even more evident when the opposing team has a more experienced quarterback!

Of course, this is not an absolute truth! From 2002 to 2018, an average was calculated, during which the majority of beginners in the position "felt the pressure." It is important to note that this is not a universal rule, as individual experiences may vary.

This valuable information is essential for you as a bettor, especially if you are interested in placing bets at the start of a new season.

It is wise to check which teams have rookie quarterbacks. Perhaps waiting a few rounds to bet on them would be the optimal strategy.

6. Indoor Games in Playoffs Tend to Have High Scoring

Knowing this information is crucial for anyone who wants to bet on this sport. It's something that even an occasional NFL viewer might not be aware of. So, if you're interested in placing bets on NFL games, make sure you familiarize yourself with it.

The Playoffs are the postseason matches where the league champion is determined. They can take place in either indoor or outdoor stadiums. The Playoffs are the ultimate battle for supremacy, where teams showcase their skills and fight tooth and nail for victory. These high-stakes games are filled with excitement and tension, captivating fans around the world. Whether it's the roaring cheers echoing in a closed arena or the crisp air filling an open stadium, the Playoffs create an electric atmosphere that leaves spectators on the edge of their seats. It is during this thrilling phase of the season that legends are made, and history is written. So, buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating journey through the Playoffs, where heroes are born and champions are crowned.

The advantage you have here lies in the fact that indoor games during this phase generally tend to yield high scores. In these circumstances, the scores often soar above the expected average, giving you a strategic edge. It's worth noting that the indoor setting provides certain favorable conditions that contribute to this trend. So, if you're seeking an opportunity to maximize your chances of success, focusing on indoor games could prove beneficial. Keep in mind that this is an ideal time to embrace the potential for high-scoring matches and use it to your advantage.

Statistics don't lie. The majority of bettors' profits in this stage of the competition came from games that averaged over 45.5 points. It's clear that high-scoring matches have been the key to success for many gamblers. The numbers speak for themselves, revealing a trend where the more points scored, the greater the potential for profit. So, if you're looking to maximize your earnings, keeping an eye on games with a high-scoring potential is a smart strategy. Don't let these opportunities pass you by - get in on the action and increase your chances of winning big!

What is plausible. Given that this is the phase in which the championship is decided, it is evident that the teams will give their all and score abundantly.

It becomes simpler when the athletes' performance is not greatly affected by climatic variations. This is particularly advantageous as it ensures optimal conditions for athletes to excel without being hindered by the unpredictable weather. The ability to maintain a consistent level of performance regardless of atmospheric changes is crucial for athletes to achieve their full potential. With a stable climate, the focus can shift solely towards enhancing training techniques and strategies. Consequently, athletes can devote their energy and efforts towards refining their skills without the worry of weather-related setbacks.

Understanding the mechanics of American Football makes it easier to comprehend. Once you have a grasp of its inner workings, the game becomes more accessible. The strategic nature of the sport becomes apparent, revealing layers of tactics and skill. By unraveling the intricacies of the game, you gain a deeper appreciation for its complexities. American Football is a dynamic sport that blends physicality, strategy, and teamwork, creating a captivating spectacle for fans worldwide.

If you've been following the sport for a while, that's even better! Now you can kick off your NFL betting journey.

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous captivating markets awaiting your exploration. Each one caters to distinct facets of the gaming world, which is truly fantastic. You'll find a plethora of intriguing options to choose from, all tailored to meet your specific preferences and interests. The diversity within these markets ensures that every gamer can find something that resonates with them. So, embark on this exciting journey and immerse yourself in the myriad of possibilities that lie ahead.

Follow our tips and strive to analyze events analytically and impartially.

Discover the intricacies of this sport. Don't approach American football the same way you would approach basketball or volleyball. These sports are distinct from one another.

Otherwise, you will make dangerous judgment errors that could harm your financial well-being.

Houses for Betting on American Football


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