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How to bet on hockey matches and and what are the best types of bets for this sport?

Hockey, such a lovely and elegant sport, played in shirts and on freshly cut green fields! Hockey is a sport in which you need to invest quite a lot; due to the fact that is not a team sport, it is not as dynamic as other sports, but it is ranked, at least in America, as the number four sport among the preferences of the people. Being on this position means that there are also a smaller number of people who gamble on hockey and the bookmakers are not paying the same amount of interest for this sport compared with basketball or football, which are more popular. Taking this into consideration, the bet limits on the National Hockey League are smaller than the ones on NBA or NFL.

The types of gambling are the money line, the puck line and there are also other bookmakers that give you the possibility to bet on the Grand Salami. In most of the cases, almost every bookmaker uses the 20 cent line which means the difference that can be between the one with the biggest odds of winning and the opponent. An example of this is something like that: Chicago: +110 and Texas -130. This means that the persons who are betting on Chicago are asked to risk 100 in order to win 120, while the bettors of Texas are asked to risk 130 to win 100. Also, as in other sports, there are games where this 20 cent limit is bigger because the odds of the people who are playing is much more bigger; for example we can have New York +250 and Boston with -300. This system is called the money line. What is important to understand, as well as in other sports, is that this does not mean that you have to bet $100 as stated in the example, as this system works the same if you bet 10 or $17. And also, it’s important to know that this money line doesn’t always have the same percentage, as it is influenced by how much the difference between a player and another is. If we will see the champion playing against the last player in the NHL, you can imagine that the odds will look totally different.

As I was telling you in the first part there are more than one way in which you can bet on hockey. The money line is the first one, and the second one is the Puck Line.

The Puck Line is the second way you can bet on hockey and if you bet before on baseball you can recognize this form because is quite similar with the run line. In type of bet, you can decide if you want to put a 1.5 goals on the favorite or take 1.5 from the one with the lower odds. An more specific example is Boston + 1,5 (-240) Toronto -1.5 (+200). So, in this case, if you place a bet on Boston you will win if Boston wins or loses by one goal while the ones who bet on Toronto can only win if Toronto wins by two goals or more. In terms of money, the ones who bet on Boston are asked to risk 240 to win 100 and the other ones are asked to risk 100 to win 200. Another thing is that you can also bet on the number of goals that are to be scored during the game, as the bookmakers give you this opportunity. They put a number between 5 and 6.5 and you can bet if there will be more or less goals scored during that game.

The Grand Salami – this form of bet lets the bettors who are interested in all the game to place a bet on all the games that will happen during a day in the form of only one bet. In this case, you can bet over or under the numbers of goals you will think the player will score during a game. The goals per game are still 5 o 6.5; but if there will be, for example 10 games, the score will be around 50 to 60.

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