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Market of Corners: 10 Tips for Betting on Corners

Cover image for post 10 Tips for Betting on Corners
10 Tips to bet on Corners
Corners Market: 10 Tips for Betting on Corners

Do you want to become an expert in corner betting and understand how the corner market works? Are you interested in discovering the average number of corners per team?

This guide is the perfect article for you!

In the next lines, we will present to you:

  • Top websites for betting
  • How to place corner bets
  • Types of bets and markets
  • Tips for winning with corner kick predictions
  • Where to find the average number of corners for each team.

Teams Average Corner Kicks: How to Find Out?

If you simply want to know the average number of corners for teams, you have two options.


  • Specialized Applications

The following betting websites present comprehensive corner statistics from the top global football competitions. These platforms cover all the necessary data related to corner kicks, enabling users to access insightful information about various leagues and tournaments. Stay updated with the latest corner numbers and analyze the trends to enhance your betting strategies. Discover a wealth of statistical insights and make informed decisions when it comes to corner outcomes in the world of football. Gain a competitive edge with the help of these websites, which offer a holistic approach to corner analysis across different football leagues worldwide.

Websites for Corner Average

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If you want specific apps that also provide game predictions, you can access:

  • SoccerVista
  • FootyStats
  • FutDados
  • Football Investment
  • SofaScore
  • My Results

However, to simplify your life, we unveil the average number of corners per game in the world's top football leagues. Nevertheless, we present the corner statistics for the main football leagues globally, providing you with valuable insights. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive breakdown of corner averages per match across various renowned football leagues around the world. Furthermore, we provide you with vital information on the average number of corners per game in the most prestigious football leagues across the globe. Ultimately, our aim is to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of corner statistics in the world's leading football competitions.

  • World Cup: 11.0
  • German Bundesliga: 10.1
  • Canadian Premier LeagueA: 10.44
  • canada Serie B: 10.5
  • French Ligue 1: 9.71
  • The Spanish League: 9.21
  • Italian Serie A: 10.74
  • English Premier League: 10.64
  • Champions League: 9,5

Below are eight websites that are excellent for corner betting because they provide the following features:

As we shall explore further, these factors play a crucial role in ensuring bettors can yield substantial profits from this particular form of sports betting. Especially in fast-paced and fiercely contested competitions, such as the World Cup.

Within the corners market, there exists a multitude of submarkets.

It may appear perplexing to some, but ultimately, it is a positive aspect. Isn't it just about wagering on whether there will be corner kicks for the teams?


Bet365 or Betfair corner markets, for instance, offer an impressive array of over 10 diverse betting options! You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to corner bets on these platforms. With a plethora of variations available, you can explore and experiment with different strategies to elevate your betting experience. From predicting the total number of corners to wagering on the exact outcome of a corner kick, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your betting prowess and tap into the vast potential these corner markets offer.

See below for an explanation on how the following markets work:

  • 1X2 Total Corners Over Time

  • Over/Under and Exact Number

  • Handicap

  • Corner Race

1X2 Corners in Total Time

This market is one of the easiest you'll come across. It involves placing bets on which team will have the most corner kicks in the game.

bet365 corner market
Example of Bet365 !

In the given illustration, it is worth mentioning that the Chelsea's odds are significantly lower when compared to those of Brighton.

It's understandable, considering that the Blues are superior, even when playing away from home. Their natural inclination is to launch more attacks and earn a higher number of corner kicks.

Those who attack more have a higher likelihood of winning corner kicks!

Be cautious, as a tie is highly unlikely to occur. But bear in mind, this refers to a tie in the number of corner kicks, not goals! The occurrence of a draw is highly improbable. Exercise caution, as this refers to an equal number of corner kicks, not goals! It is highly unlikely that a tie will transpire. Take heed, for this pertains to a balance in the quantity of corner kicks, not goals! A deadlock is highly improbable. Approach with caution, as this denotes an equal count of corner kicks, not goals!

Over/Under/Exact Number

The match is assigned a specific number of corners by the bookmaker. In the instance of Brighton and Chelsea, it is set at 10.

It is crucial to refrain from placing bets on the exact number of corners a team will have. Even wagering on the total number of corners in a match should be avoided.

Corner kicks are unpredictable, and that unpredictability can result in unnecessary harm!

In the above example, we have only the Above and the Below. Few houses provide the market with the exact number of corners in the match.

Also learn: how to use Over/Under in goals!


The corner handicap is a fantastic market to explore. It proves to be highly effective when placing bets on an event where there is a clear-cut favorite. This particular betting strategy allows you to level the playing field and maximize your chances of success. By applying the corner handicap, you can enhance your betting experience and potentially increase your winnings. It's a smart approach that can give you an edge in the world of sports betting.

handicap on corners
Example of Bet365 !

Chelsea is the clear favorite against a lesser team. Overcoming the -2 corner disadvantage should be a breeze.

If the Blues manage to secure an additional 3 corners throughout the entirety of the match, voila! Your bet emerges victorious.

When it comes to Asian Handicap, there is even more advantage!

If Chelsea has only 2 more corners throughout the entire match, your bet is refunded. There are no winnings, but there are also no losses.

If it were the European Handicap, such a possibility would not exist. Be mindful of this fact. The more you can anticipate and prevent losses, the better off you'll be.

Understand: how the Asian and European handicaps work.

Corner Race

The popularity of the Corner Race is still on the rise. In Canada, there are not many bookmakers offering this submarket.

It is about betting on which team will have "x" number of corner kicks first.

Understanding this, one can perceive that it is a flawless choice for those who enjoy live betting! It becomes evident that it is an ideal wager for individuals who have a penchant for placing live bets.

corner race
Example of Bet365 !

Note: You can also bet that no team will reach "X" corners in the game. This can offer more appealing odds.

Best Houses to Bet on Corners

To improve our odds, it is crucial to gain an understanding of how we can effectively bet on corner kicks. Now that we have grasped the methods through which we can place our wagers, it is essential to explore ways in which we can enhance our prospects.

Ultimately, we are all here to win! And what better way to do so than by having some tips on how to increase the odds of that happening.

Below you will find 10 straightforward tips to become a master in corner kick betting!

1. Place Live Bets

live betting corners market
Live betting allows greater control over the corner market

Take into account the development of a match, even if you're not betting on the goal market or on who will win an event. Don't overlook the progression of a game, even if you're not placing bets on the goal market or predicting the outcome of an event. Consider the course of a match, regardless of whether you're wagering on the goal market or the ultimate winner. Give thought to the unfolding of a game, even if you're not inclined to bet on the goal market or the eventual victor. Pay attention to how a match unfolds, even if you're not particularly interested in betting on the goal market or predicting the winner.

Just one goal within the initial 10 minutes of the match is enough to completely alter the spectacle. The mere occurrence of a goal during the opening phase of the game holds the power to transform the entire dynamics of the spectacle.

Those who were applying pressure end up holding back for a moment. Meanwhile, the opposing team throws themselves into the attack.

However, it is important to determine whether a goal will be scored early or not. The solution is straightforward: place live bets when it comes to corner markets.

And if possible, watch the game live!

Take advantage of the fact that nowadays many homes offer this possibility. Use it to your advantage!

Tip: if the home team falls behind, place a bet that they will have more corners than the opposing team.

chances on corners

It is natural for the hosts to apply pressure and earn several corner kicks throughout the match.

However, the inverse scenario can also unfold! If the home team scores the first goal, they may ease up and refrain from pushing towards the opponent's goal.

If the weaker team fails to go on the offensive, it will be challenging to earn a corner kick.

To have enhanced security, make the most of all the benefits offered by live betting.

Making a guess during the game in this type of market enhances your chances of winning.

2. Analyze the Team's Playing Style

Does the team play more through the wings, emphasizing crosses?

Does he have tall players, thus forcing the occurrence of corners?

Does he frequently shoot at goal or always seek to infiltrate the penalty area?

All these factors suggest that this team tends to have a high number of corner kicks per match.

This form of analysis has the potential to enlighten your understanding and guide your decision-making when it comes to identifying the optimal wager to place. By delving into the depths of this analysis, you will gain valuable insights that can help you make informed choices and increase your chances of success. With its ability to shed light on the most favorable betting options, this type of analysis becomes an indispensable tool for those seeking to maximize their gains in the realm of gambling. So, delve into this comprehensive analysis and let it serve as your guiding light towards making smarter bets.

Even more so if you add statistics into the mix.

Always bear in mind, nonetheless, that this cannot be accepted as absolute truth. The realm of soccer is rife with exceptions, and frequently they do come to fruition.

3. Avoid Times with Excessive Ball Possession

Barcelona is renowned for its captivating and even exhausting ball possession. Their constant pursuit is the attainment of the "perfect goal." The team's mesmerizing passing style has become their signature, captivating fans worldwide. Employing a relentless dedication to precision and fluidity, Barcelona players exhibit a unique finesse in their approach to the game. They strive not only for victory but also for the aesthetic beauty that accompanies their remarkable brand of soccer.

Many professional bettors advise against betting on these teams if the intention is to bet on corner kicks.

This is because they seldom opt for long-range shots or attempt to earn corners. Their objective is to consistently play with the ball on the ground.

This advice holds a significant amount of truth, but it should be approached with caution.

Currently, FC Barcelona averages 4.8 corner kicks per game, while Juventus, renowned for their deep attacking style, has an average of 6.1 corners per game.

However, in the previous season, the average number of corners for Barcelona was higher!

Be cautious, for there are always exceptions. And your goal is to comprehend when it is profitable to wager on these exceptions. Be mindful that there are always outliers to the norms, and your objective is to grasp the moments when it becomes advantageous to place bets on these anomalies.

4. Pay Attention to the First 10 Minutes of the Game

In the first 10 minutes of the game, many behaviors are confirmed for a significant portion of the match.

In terms of corner kicks, this holds significance. If one team starts by putting pressure on the other, it's possible that there will be numerous corner kicks in the opening quarter of the game.

Especially when the team under pressure has a strong defense and aims to play on the counter-attack. It becomes even more challenging for the opposing side to break through their solid defensive line and create scoring opportunities. However, the team under pressure must also be cautious not to expose themselves too much when launching counter-attacks, as it can leave them vulnerable to quick transitions by their opponents. Striking a balance between defensive stability and effective counter-attacking play is crucial in these situations.

On the flip side, the game can be sluggish and methodical. In such instances, the ball tends to linger in the midfield, with no significant progress made by either team.

Use the statistics to your advantage.

When it comes to cards, goals, and corners, statistics always come into play. Stats play a crucial role in analyzing the performance of teams and individual players. Whether it's the number of yellow or red cards, goals scored or conceded, or even the frequency of corners, these metrics provide valuable insights into the game. By carefully studying and interpreting these numbers, coaches, analysts, and fans can gain a deeper understanding of the strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of the teams involved. So, next time you watch a match, keep an eye on the stats, as they might reveal more than meets the eye.

It would be a mistake not to utilize them to ensure you are placing the right bet. First and foremost, examine the teams' statistics for a particular event. Make sure to cross-reference the data to avoid any discrepancies. It is crucial to analyze their past performance and current form. Additionally, consider the individual player statistics and any recent changes to the team composition. Assessing these factors will provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. Remember, relying solely on luck is not a strategy; it's essential to leverage data and analysis for a successful betting experience.

This becomes even more significant when deciding to wager on evenly matched events.

Teams of comparable levels tend to create an open and tightly contested match, making it difficult to determine which side will apply more pressure.

If you have the statistics on your side, you'll be able to grasp the likely behavior of both teams. With the right data at your fingertips, you can gain insight into how each team will perform. By analyzing the numbers, you can anticipate the actions and strategies of both sides. Understanding the statistical trends can give you an edge in predicting the outcome of the game. When armed with this knowledge, you'll have a clearer picture of how the teams will fare.

Don't give up on this! These statistics come at no cost and can be found across the entire web.

Betting Websites with Corner Statistics

6. Bet on Balanced Games.

Pinnacle has published an informative article highlighting that matches between teams of equal caliber often result in a higher number of corner kicks.

It could be a thrilling showdown between Manchester City and Liverpool, or a match-up between Santa Cruz and Remo. Whether it's a high-stakes clash among elite teams or a contest between lesser-known sides, the beauty of football lies in its ability to captivate fans from all walks of life. The excitement and anticipation are palpable, as players lace up their boots, fans fill the stands, and the ball is set rolling on the pitch. Each game holds its own unique story, with twists and turns that keep spectators on the edge of their seats. From the thunderous roar of the crowd to the skillful display of athleticism, football transcends language and cultural barriers, uniting millions in their love for the beautiful game. So whether you find yourself amidst the electric atmosphere of a premier league encounter or witnessing a local derby, embrace the passion and let the magic of football unfold before your eyes.

The main thing is for you to try and focus on balanced events. But why?

The inclination is for us to have a more analyzed game, focused on the midfield. This could lead to an increase in set pieces, long-range shots, and corners.

7. Head to Minor Tournaments for Over on Corners.

Lesser-known and renowned tournaments tend to have a higher average of corners, as stated by Footystats. Typically, these lesser-known competitions and widely recognized ones differ significantly in terms of the number of corner kicks.

This aligns with the previous suggestion, as these are tournaments featuring more modest teams, with limited offensive capabilities.

Balanced games result in more corner kicks.

However, the opposite is not always true. A tournament like the Premier League may not necessarily be a favorable competition for betting on Unders, for instance, simply due to its higher quality.

It is important to analyze each case individually in order to bet on corners with greater accuracy.

8. Discover the Goalkeepers' Style

Most of the time, it is the goalkeepers who are primarily responsible for conceding corner kicks to the opposing team. Especially those who employ a more flamboyant style of defense.

It is worth paying attention to how goalkeepers usually defend the balls.

Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper from Bayern Munich, typically exhibits a more "assured" style, as evidenced by the video below. He possesses a remarkable ability to instill confidence in his team, utilizing a combination of impeccable reflexes, unwavering concentration, and strategic positioning. Neuer's commanding presence between the goalposts has earned him widespread admiration and respect in the world of football. His assertive approach not only ensures optimal protection for the net but also enables him to initiate swift counterattacks with his precise distribution of the ball. Neuer's proficiency and reliability have established him as a formidable force within the realm of goalkeeping, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.

Of course, this doesn't imply that he doesn't give corners to his opponents. What should be taken into consideration here is the overall playing style of the goalkeeper, which can provide an indication of how he will conduct himself during the match.

Bet on the Second Half of the Game.

As mentioned earlier, placing bets on corner kicks during live games is highly recommended since it provides greater insight into the progress of the match. This strategy allows for a clearer understanding of the game's dynamics, increasing the odds of making informed decisions. By focusing on corner kicks, punters can assess the offensive and defensive strategies employed by the teams, enabling them to exploit potential opportunities and maximize their chances of success.

To enhance your strategy, it would be wise to consider placing your corner bets during the latter half of the match. In addition to this valuable tip, we suggest focusing on the latter stages of the game when making your corner wagers. By waiting until the second half, you can observe the flow of the game and make more informed decisions, potentially increasing your chances of success.

Let's say the frontrunner fails to score a goal in the first half. In the second half, it is highly probable that they will go all out against their opponent.

The pressure could lead to numerous corners!

If we witness a landslide victory in the first half, it is highly likely that the pace of the game will dwindle. This scenario presents an opportunity for lucrative bets on the Under market, where the number of goals scored is predicted to be lower than expected.

10. Beware of the Match Additions

Something that not all BETTING SITES mention: a significant number of corner bets are voided once the referee awards additional time. Many bettors are unaware of this crucial detail, which can have a significant impact on their potential winnings. It is important for punters to carefully consider this factor before placing their bets, as it can greatly affect the outcome of their wager. By staying informed and taking into account all relevant circumstances, bettors can make more strategic and profitable decisions in their corner betting endeavors.

In terms of live betting, this holds great significance. We are aware that in the final moments of a game, a team might be inclined to exert more pressure, resulting in an increased number of corner kicks.

However, if corner bets end in extra time, it's not worth waiting to bet during that period. It is more advisable to place your bets earlier on.

Yes, it is worth reading the market rules in the house where you place your bets. This way, you can ensure that you won't incur any losses. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and regulations to safeguard your investments. Rest assured that by understanding the prevailing market conditions, you can mitigate potential risks and make informed decisions. Take the necessary precautions to protect your assets and maximize your chances of success in the betting realm.

Betting on corner markets can yield long-term profits if approached with knowledge and skill, despite its inherent unpredictability. It is essential to understand the nuances of this market and employ effective strategies to maximize your chances of success. While corners may seem like random occurrences, analyzing team statistics, playing styles, and recent form can provide valuable insights for making informed corner bets. By keeping a keen eye on evolving trends and utilizing advanced statistical models, you can gain a competitive edge in this potentially lucrative aspect of sports betting.

The initial step is to acquaint yourself with the most secure markets, which in turn mitigates the risks of potential losses.

Your behavior as a bettor also affects your results in this market.

It's important to have an analytical and investigative profile. Study:

  • Data
  • Statistics
  • Team numbers

Discover the teams with the highest number of shots per game. This inevitably leads to a team acquiring more corner kicks.

Beware of defensive teams and those with shorter players when placing your bets on the corner market. Stay away from conservative tactics and teams that lack height.

Above all, familiarize yourself with the playing style of the teams you wish to bet on.

This will ensure that you do not wager a significant portion of your bankroll on a club that does not prioritize aerial play.

Finally, whenever possible, place your bets on live events. In-play betting is perfect for the corner market. Opt for live wagering whenever you can to capitalize on the opportunities it presents. The ideal scenario for maximizing your profits comes from betting on corner kicks during ongoing matches.

Only by doing so can you use the unpredictability of soccer to your advantage when making predictions.

Websites for Betting on Corner Markets

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