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Income Tax: How to Declare Money Earned from Sports Betting?

Cover image for post How to Declare Money Earned From Sports Betting?
How to Declare Money Earned From Sports Betting?
Income Tax: How to Declare Money Earned From Sports Betting?

A common question among Canadian bettors, especially those who make money from this practice, is: should I declare my earnings from sports betting?

The answer to this question is: it depends!

According to the Federal Revenue, if your annual income (including earnings from sports betting) exceeds $28,559.70, you are required to file your Income Tax return. However, if the amount is lower, you are exempt from undergoing this procedure.

Furthermore, there are other factors that may require you to contribute monthly tax payments, such as your betting profile. Are you curious?

In this article, we will address the primary concerns regarding the disclosure of your earnings from online betting platforms. Take a look and get all your queries answered!

To comprehend whether you should declare your earnings from sports betting and the process involved, it is imperative to elucidate the current taxation system for bets in Canada. Before delving into the intricacies of reporting your gains, it is essential to grasp the prevailing framework for taxing wagers within the country.

When the Gambling Law was approved in 2018, it was determined that the income tax on gambling would be withheld at the source, meaning it would be deducted from the operator. The withheld amount is 30%.

Put simply, if the bettor happens to win any guess, their prize will be subject to a 30% deduction.

According to Udo Seckelmann, an expert attorney in sports law, this is one of the most criticized aspects of the legislation as it equates sports betting to traditional lottery. It has been widely scrutinized due to the perceived similarities between sports betting and conventional lottery. Udo Seckelmann, a specialist lawyer in sports law, has highlighted this particular aspect of the legislation, which has faced significant criticism for its association of sports betting with traditional lottery. Udo Seckelmann, a lawyer specializing in sports law, has identified this as one of the legislation's most contentious points, as it treats sports betting on par with traditional lotteries.

The lawyer clarifies that if, on the same day, a sports bettor receives $5,000 for correctly predicting an outcome and loses $10,000 for an incorrect prediction, they will still be subject to withholding tax for the $5,000, despite suffering a loss.

Udo Seckelmann
Expert Quotation
Udo Seckelmann
Udo Seckelmann
Expert Lawyer in Sports Law
Udo Seckelmann é advogado atuante nas áreas de Direito Desportivo e de Direito dos Jogos da Bichara e Motta Advogados desde 2014. Presta assessoria e consultoria a diversos players do mercado esportivo e da indústria de iGaming.

Considering both ends when taxing sports betting is deemed excessive.

According to Udo, it would be optimal for gamblers to be regarded in legislation similarly to other categories of investors, "where they are required to report their earnings and losses periodically for income tax purposes, but only taxed on their actual profits," as stated by the lawyer.

Currently, this 30% rule only applies to betting websites with a registered company in Canada.

International platforms, such as Bet365 and Betano, for instance, are not subject to taxation since they have not yet come under the purview of Canadian legislation.

Does this imply that online gambling is illegal? Absolutely not! It simply means that, until the market is regulated, the taxation will vary if you choose to place bets on websites hosted overseas.

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Do you remember when we mentioned that declaring your gambling earnings also depends on your betting profile? Keep in mind that how you categorize yourself as a bettor plays a significant role in this matter. It's crucial to understand that the way you perceive yourself in the world of gambling influences the tax treatment of your winnings. So, it's essential to assess your betting habits and determine the appropriate classification that aligns with your activities. By doing so, you can ensure the accurate reporting and taxation of your gambling income.

This occurs because if you are a dedicated bettor, who frequently wins and withdraws funds from a betting site, you are required to make the declaration.

Even if your balance is in the negative at the betting house and you are exempt from Income Tax? Absolutely!

Every cent that lands in your account must be taxed. It doesn't matter to the Federal Revenue Service whether you're a profitable gambler or not. The important thing is that they expect their share of the pie, regardless of your luck or skill. So, be prepared to fulfill your fiscal obligations without exception. Paying taxes is an integral part of being a responsible citizen, regardless of your financial activities. Remember, the taxman's watchful eye spares no one, and it's better to stay on the right side of the law to avoid any unnecessary troubles. Stay informed about the applicable tax regulations and ensure that your financial transactions are properly reported. By doing so, you can navigate through the fiscal landscape with confidence, knowing that you're fulfilling your duties and contributing to the functioning of society. So, be diligent in your financial matters, keep records, and consult with professionals if needed, as it's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to taxes.

If this doesn't apply to you, but your annual earnings are over $ 22,847.76, you must also report the amounts received through gambling. In case this does not pertain to your situation, yet your yearly income exceeds $ 22,847.76, it is imperative to disclose the funds received from betting endeavors. However, if this scenario does not align with your circumstances, and your yearly profits surpass $ 22,847.76, it is essential to provide details regarding the sums acquired through wagers. Nonetheless, if this does not correspond to your particular situation, while your annual proceeds surpass $ 22,847.76, it is obligatory to communicate the received funds originating from bets.

In the end, you are compelled to fulfill your tax obligations regardless, and it is imperative to disclose all sources of income.

If you've won a prize exceeding $40,000 on a betting website, you're not only lucky but also required to report it on your income tax return, even if you're exempt.

Justin Fisher
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Justin Fisher
Sobre O Autor
Justin é Empresária Contábil com 28 anos de experiência. Faz parte do Conselho Regional de Contabilidade do RS (CRCRS), é membro da Comissão de Estudos Plural & Inclusivo do CRCRS e da Rede de Contadoras Negras (Recon). No My Bet Info, é consultora e especialista em tributação e contabilidade nas apostas.

Ensure effective control over rescues credited monthly to your bank account in order to prevent future issues with compliance.

It is crucial to pay close attention to this matter in order to avoid risking getting caught in the crosshairs of the Federal Revenue Service. Should such an unfortunate event occur, your CPF may be blocked, causing you a multitude of headaches!

Filing your bets for Income Tax declaration is a breeze, and the entire process can be done online with ease. The online platform simplifies the entire procedure, making it convenient and hassle-free. You can easily report your gambling activities and fulfill your tax obligations without any complexities. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to navigate through the necessary steps effortlessly. Embrace the digital era and save time by utilizing the online platform for your Income Tax declaration of bets.

You have the option to download the Federal Revenue program on your computer or the application on your Android/iOS mobile device, as well as accessing the e-CAC Portal.

Once you have entered all your information, access the section titled "Taxable/Definitive Income" under line 12, which is labeled as "Other." Ensure that all the necessary details are filled in accurately.

Once you've chosen the form, you'll input the received amounts from the bets and fill in the tax identification number of the betting house where you placed your wager.

The Income Tax declaration is an annual event!

This applies if you fit within the rules we mentioned earlier.

  • In the year, he received over $ 22,847.76, and a portion of this amount came from BETTING SITES or;
  • He won a bigger prize of $40,000 with sports betting.

Now, if you regularly withdraw from BETTING SITES, it is imperative that you submit a monthly statement, even to be deemed exempt from fees. Allow me to elaborate on this matter!

Justin Fisher
Expert Quotation
Justin Fisher
Sobre O Autor
Justin é Empresária Contábil com 28 anos de experiência. Faz parte do Conselho Regional de Contabilidade do RS (CRCRS), é membro da Comissão de Estudos Plural & Inclusivo do CRCRS e da Rede de Contadoras Negras (Recon). No My Bet Info, é consultora e especialista em tributação e contabilidade nas apostas.

It is worth noting that if the received amount is lower than the current initial limit according to the progressive table, this does not imply exemption from filling out the form on a monthly basis.

It is essential to assess whether the taxpayer will or will not be subject to the other mandatory situations for the submission of the Income Tax return. The evaluation of the individual's circumstances and obligations is crucial in determining their requirement to file the tax declaration. Ensuring compliance with all necessary criteria ensures that taxpayers fulfill their legal obligations and contribute to the proper functioning of the tax system. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly review the guidelines and regulations to determine the taxpayer's obligations accurately and avoid any potential penalties or legal complications.

How to Pay Taxes on Gambling Winnings?

It is essential to report your earnings from online gambling, even if it does not exceed the annual income tax threshold, as this will be subject to taxation by the betting companies. Remitting your profits to the tax authorities ensures compliance with legal requirements and avoids potential penalties. By declaring your income, you contribute to a transparent and accountable gambling industry, fostering trust and promoting fair play. Stay on the right side of the law and fulfill your fiscal obligations by reporting your online gambling gains, no matter the amount. Remember, every contribution counts towards a responsible and regulated betting environment.

If you are a regular bettor, you need to report your transactions to the Tax Office.

It is similar to the scenario where an employee does not earn an annual salary exceeding $20,000. In such a case, they must declare themselves exempt from income tax.

In this scenario, there are two ways for an active and regular player to declare their earnings.


If you engage in financial transactions with Canadian banks or those headquartered in the country, it is imperative to access the Carnê-Leão.

It is a device utilized by self-employed professionals or freelancers, such as wagering tipsters and sports traders. These individuals rely on this tool to enhance their efficiency and optimize their performance. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it has become an indispensable asset in their respective fields. This device offers a wide array of functionalities tailored specifically to the needs of these professionals. By leveraging the power of technology, it enables them to analyze data, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the competition. Its reliability and accuracy have garnered praise from industry experts and have made it a trusted companion for those seeking success in their chosen professions.

lion meat

Every month, you declare your earnings and pay a tax amount on that sum. Thus, the tax value varies.

You can access the Carnê-Leão download on the official website of the Federal Revenue Service. The software itself automatically computes the monthly amount to be paid, based on the specified tax rate.

You will need to download another software called Sicalc in addition to the Carnê-Leão to calculate the Federal Collection Document (DARF) based on the monthly value provided.

In this way, you can generate the invoice to settle your tax, which can be paid at lottery houses or bank branches. Consequently, the option to generate the payment slip for your tax arises, enabling you to conveniently settle the amount owed. This payment slip can then be utilized for payment at designated locations such as lottery houses or various banking establishments. By utilizing this method, you can effortlessly fulfill your tax obligations by settling the amount owed at either lottery houses or bank branches.

By adhering to all of these guidelines, you will not encounter any difficulties with your earnings and annual income tax declaration. Your financial situation will remain in good standing, and you will have a smooth experience when filing your tax return. Ensure that you fully understand and comply with the regulations and requirements set forth by the authorities. With this knowledge, you can confidently manage your income and safeguard yourself from any legal complications. Stay informed about any updates or changes in tax laws to stay ahead of the game and maintain compliance. Taking these precautions will guarantee a stress-free and seamless tax season.

Digital Wallets or Virtual Wallets

Meanwhile, virtual wallets like Skrill and Neteller are much simpler.

If you solely transact using e-Wallets, there is no requirement to declare or pay taxes on your funds. You can freely manage your finances without any tax obligations.

This is due to the fact that the Canadian Federal Revenue lacks jurisdiction over such devices and does not impose any levies on them. The reason behind this is that the tax authorities have no authority over these gadgets and do not impose charges on them. This occurs because the Federal Revenue Service has no jurisdiction over these devices and does not levy taxes on them. The absence of control by the Federal Revenue over these gadgets leads to the non-application of any taxes on them. The reason for this is that the tax administration lacks control over these devices, resulting in the absence of any taxes being imposed on them.

That's why it's quite common for bettors to choose this payment method when registering at a betting site.

It is of utmost importance to declare your earnings in sports betting. However, as illustrated in this article, it is not as daunting as it may seem.

It is essential to demystify this process because if gambling is part of your income, it is crucial to stay updated with the Federal Revenue Service. After all, ensuring compliance with tax obligations is a fundamental aspect of managing your finances responsibly. By familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulations surrounding gambling income, you can avoid potential penalties and maintain a healthy financial standing. Take the necessary steps to understand the tax implications of your gambling activities, seek professional advice if needed, and stay informed about any changes in tax laws that may affect you. By doing so, you can ensure that your financial affairs are in order and maintain a positive relationship with the tax authorities. Remember, staying on top of your tax obligations is a key component of being a responsible gambler and a financially savvy individual.

As the gambling market is on the brink of regulation, this practice will become even more prevalent, and we certainly want to avoid any headaches when it comes to betting, whether it be for fun or professionally. To ensure a hassle-free experience, we prioritize the importance of a smooth gambling process, whether you are a casual bettor or a seasoned professional. With impending regulations, we understand the need for a reliable and trustworthy platform that values your security and enjoyment.

The aim is to encourage bettors and draw their attention to rules that often go unnoticed by the market. The intention is to stimulate individuals who place bets and bring to their attention the regulations that frequently slip under the radar within the industry. The objective is to motivate gamblers and make them aware of the rules that often go unnoticed in the betting market. The goal is to inspire bettors and make them conscious of the regulations that often slip by unnoticed in the industry. The purpose is to motivate gamblers and raise awareness about the rules that often go unnoticed by the market.

In the end, everyone benefits from the information!

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  1. admin

    Hello, can I create a company to receive the winnings from the bet in order to minimize taxes for the government? Is it possible for me to establish a business entity with the purpose of receiving the profits obtained from gambling, thus reducing the tax burden imposed by the government? Is there a way for me to form a corporation that would serve as a vehicle to collect the earnings derived from betting activities, ultimately resulting in a lower tax liability for the government? Would it be feasible for me to set up a company solely dedicated to receiving the financial gains generated from gambling, allowing for a more favorable tax treatment by the government? Could I potentially create a legal entity specifically intended to receive the proceeds from betting endeavors, thereby decreasing the amount of taxes payable to the government?

    1. admin

      Hello, Adson! We hold the belief that achieving such a feat is implausible. Nevertheless, if you wish to delve deeper into this matter, we suggest reaching out to a specialized accountant. Warm regards!

    2. admin

      Do I have to pay DARF monthly? I don't understand this part. I place bets regularly, and there are months when I end up in the red (loss) and others when I end up in profit. Shouldn't I calculate my earnings throughout the year to determine the amount of tax I'll have to pay? And if I end the year in the red, what do I declare if I only had losses?

    3. admin

      The payment of DARF must be made by the last business day of the following month (next month) for taxable activities that are not subject to withholding tax. It is only generated in profitable months and it is still not possible to offset past losses. You do not declare the profit or loss for the year, but for each month through the carnê-leão.

    4. admin

      Fantastic article! However, I still have a lingering question that's causing me some concern. Do I need to report all of my betting activity on the platform, or just my withdrawals?

    5. admin

      Hello, I also have this question. I have always played with low stakes and at an overseas establishment (betmotion), some months with losses and others with profits, but I have NEVER WITHDRAWN ANYTHING. Nevertheless, do I need to declare it, or only if I make a withdrawal?

  2. admin

    I'm unsure about the bet365 case, so is it not mandatory to declare if the amount is lower than 40,000, as they still do not operate under Canadian legislation, is that correct?

    1. admin

      Hey, Lucas. No. If you win any prizes at Bet365, since it doesn't have headquarters in Canada, your winnings won't be subject to a 30% deduction, as mentioned in the article. Now, it's important for you to declare all your sources of income in your tax return. Refer to the section "How to Declare Sports Betting in Your Tax Return?" for instructions on how to do it.

  3. admin

    I have registered an account with Bet365, and now I am wondering if I should declare the profits I make on my tax return. Despite the fact that Bet365 is a foreign website, I am unsure if this affects my tax obligations.

    1. admin

      Yes, in any case, you must declare all your sources of income on your tax return. It is essential to accurately report every avenue from which you generate revenue when filing your income tax. Regardless of the nature of your income, whether it be wages, investments, or business profits, it is crucial to disclose all sources to ensure compliance with tax regulations. By ensuring complete transparency in declaring your various sources of income, you can avoid any potential penalties or legal complications that may arise from non-disclosure. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to provide a comprehensive account of all your revenue streams when filing your tax return.

    2. admin

      Hello, I made around 160,000 withdrawals this year, but my profit was only 10,000. Should I declare these 160,000 withdrawals? I'm in deep trouble!

    3. admin

      Hello there! Did you manage to gather more information on this matter? Will it really be necessary to declare the total amount of withdrawals and not just the profits?

    4. admin

      I believe in accordance with the cryptocurrency statement, it is advised to declare only the profits obtained from sales. For instance, if I buy 1 coin for $10.00 and sell it for $12.00, I should declare the $2.00 that I earned if I withdraw the $12.00. That's what was explained to me. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the tax rate is 15% if the amount withdrawn within 30 days exceeds $15,000. Below that value, you only need to file a declaration through the Capital Gains program without generating any tax liability. That's what was explained to me. I'm not sure if the treatment is the same for sports betting.

  4. admin

    Hello, I registered on one of these foreign websites and I'm filing my income tax return. Let me make sure I understand correctly, I won't have to pay any taxes on the profit because they don't operate under Canadian law, but I still have to report every winning bet, right? But how do I do that? Which identification number should I use since these websites don't have a tax identification number?

  5. admin

    Good evening. My question is as follows: I regularly bet on Bet365 every month, and let's say I make a profit every month, to the point where I have a balance of, for example, 30,000 on the website. This balance is displayed on the site, but I haven't transferred it to my bank account yet. Should I only declare it once I've sent it to my bank account? If I leave it in my Bet365 account without withdrawing, should I still declare it?

  6. admin

    I have an account with KTO. Let's assume that in July I withdraw 500 reais. Will I need to declare this amount in August? Will I be exempt or will I have to pay taxes? Do I only need to declare when I make the withdrawal? Do I need to declare both monthly and annually?

  7. admin

    When using, it is necessary to declare... But how to proceed if there are both losses and gains? If I lose 2,000 and win 1, do I still have to pay?

  8. admin

    In September, I visited a betting website and successfully withdrew various amounts of money through Pix transactions—quite a significant sum, adding up to 70,000 Canadian reais. However, I also sent multiple Pix payments to the website, totaling around 78,000 reais. Consequently, I ended up with a loss of 8,000 reais. Now, my concern is whether I still have to pay income tax on the initial 70,000, despite incurring a loss of 8,000 in September.

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