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How to play Oklahoma Gin online

Oklahoma Gin, a very popular card game, can now be played online using the services delivered by the well known top rummy website, RummyRoyal. Playing Oklahoma Gin is a real pleasure because you can have fun in a friendly environment provided by RummyRoyal.

First of all, we must inform you that Oklahoma Gin is a game designed for 2-4 players. In Oklahoma Gin is used only one standard deck of cards that don’t include Jokers. Oklahoma Gin starts after each player receives 7 cards (2 players) or 10 cards (3-4 players). The game is played in many rounds and turns. Every turn consists of two major moves: Drawing a card from the deck/discard pile and Discard a card into the discard pile.

Oklahoma Gin

Oklahoma Gin

In Oklahoma Gin you must try to meld all of your cards in hand by forming sequences of sets and runs, laying them down between the two moves mentioned above. A set represents 3 or more cards from the same rank. A run means 3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit. We must mention that in Oklahoma Gin you must throw a card into the discard pile after you have melded all of your cards in hand.

The Oklahoma Gin game is more interesting than the Gin Rummy game because the maximum deadwood count is decided by the first card. You have to know that the deadwood represents the value of the cards that can’t be added to melds.

A player can win at Oklaoma gin game by using one of the following three moves:

Gin: used when he melds all of the cards in hand.
Knock: used when he manages to meld the majority of cards in hand but that has a low deadwood count (lower than 10).
Undercut: used by the opponents of the knockers in order to have a lower deadwood count.

The deadwood count is very important because it decides the final standings.

As you can see, Oklahoma Gin is an outstanding rummy game that can deliver an excellent gameplay. Open an account on RummyRoyal and start playing this excellent game! We have to inform you that as a new customer you will receive a free 5$ bonus!

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