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How to properly analyze a basketball match from NBA for sports betting

NBA is one of the most followed sport from America and it is also one of the most spectacular sport on which people bet. In Europe, this phenomenon has recently developed and more and more bettors like this sport. One of the main reasons why people avoid American sports is the time zone difference. Likewise, many bet on NBA matches because they are held after midnight. Of course, there are many that bet on basketball (NBA), baseball (MBL) or hockey (NHL) just because at that hour there is nothing else to bet on. If you want to win at American basketball and not just bet on a hunch, then you have to consider some rules. We will post a few pieces of advice which you have to consider when betting on a basketball match.

1. Statistics home/away

Looking over a rank is not enough unless you see the statistics of the home and away matches. You should know that in basketball, playing on an own court can mean a significant advantage, but every season there are teams that play extremely well away.

2. The game style of each teams

This thing is really important when  you want to place Under/Over types of bets. Each team has a different game style. Some prefer the speed, not delaying the attack and some divides the game until the last seconds. Imagine a match with 2-3 throws per minute and one with 4-5.

3. Starting teams

In basketball, the injury of an important player makes the value of the whole team to drop. It is not like football when a player from 11 is injured, he is immediately replaced by another one. It is important to know the players of both teams when you want to bet. Some injuries are know before the match, but there are cases in which some players are uncertain. In this case, you should always check professional websites that can offer you updated information, hourly, on the situation of each player. There are cases in which the best player is injured in the previous match. Our advice is for you to document yourself and place bets right before the beginning of the match. Sure information on the game situation can be found 1-2 hours before the start of the match.

4. Full schedule

There are situations during a season when a team plays three or four matches in a single day. Regardless the name of the team, it is important to check whether she played away or not. In case a team plays all three matches at home, it does not matter that much, but there are situations in which a team has to travel thousands of miles in order to play a match. Fatigue is a factor you need to consider.

5. Direct matches

The statistics of direct matches is relevant in basketball for only 1-2 seasons. The players change each year and if a good one is lost, the value of the team can drop to 60% – 70%. So, we advise you to consider statistics like these only for the season at hand or for the next season (in case the teams have not drastically changed).

6. Other statistics

There are many other statistics that bettors can consult, but they do not do it due to lack of time. These are important though and you have to consider them:

- the points per match average for each team

- the success percentage of the throws (the 2 points percentage and the 3 points percentage)

- the percentage of free shots

- the recovery percentage

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