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How to tell whether a paid tip website is fake or not?

The paid tips website have multiplied a lot lately, the blame probably is the world crisis. Of course, not only this, if there weren’t naive people to get fooled by these paid tips websites, then surely they wouldn’t have that much success.

We have to admit that there are serious paid tips websites. But they are hard to spot among so many fake ones. In the following lines we want to present all there is to know when analyzing whether a paid tips website is for real or not.

1. In the first place, the easiest method of checking a paid tip website to see whether it is serious, is through Google. With a simple search you will find information about the website and accessing some forums you can read the opinions of other players.

2. Check to see whether the paid tip website has a real record. Do not check only 1-2-3 months back to see the tips. Monitor them a few days/weeks. This way you will see whether the wrong tips disappear or are “transformed” into real tips. If one of this things happen, then it is obvious, the website is fake.

3. Look in the website whether it is monitored by a bigger website. Bettingadvice.com and mybigpartner.com are two website that handle the checking of these paid tips websites.

If a website passes these three tests, then we can say it is not fake.

At the end, even though there is no connection to the paid tips website, we do not recommend buying tips from Facebook. Even though the person that wishes to sell these tips will show you winning slips at high odds, these can easily modified on photoshop.

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