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How to win money by placing bets on greyhound races

In order to remind myself of how I first started to bet, I sometimes go to an offline bookmaker to place a bet. What I see at those offline bookmakers is extremely sad for me. The new tendency is sports bets is “bets on dog races”. I have nothing against people that bet on these types of events. At the end of it, it is up to them to decide whether they prefer a bet on greyhounds or a chocolate box for the wife and children. The saddest thing is that more and more kids of 14 – 15 years end up betting on these events, attracted by the mirage of money. After witnessing against my will three dog races, because I had to stand in the line for a few retired men to place bets with 16 picks, I have asked one of the children why does he bet on dog races. His reply was “I only bet one Euro”. I watched him with pity and then I saw the trash can where the boys threw 10 slips within the last 15 minutes, afterwards I left the bookmaker, knowing that any advice would be useless.

News travels fast at offline bookmakers and children end up losing money on these dog races, being advised by other friends. It only takes for you to hear that someone won at this type of bet and you will surely try it, without asking how much he lost before actually winning. Everyone starts with an Euro, just like the young man I have met, but in time the sum lost reaches tens or hundreds of Euro.


Which is the best strategy for dog races?

Keep your money in your wallet.

No, there is no mathematical strategy that can help you win at dog races. If in sports we can make a logical choice, based on analysis, on some sure data and statistics, in dog races it is all about luck. And how can someone win in a place where mathematics can not help you? Just by having luck. Considering the fact that 1 from 5 bettors wins at these races, the question is “Why risk the money? Why bet if I know I have low chances of winning?”

Those that bet on dog races do not know the advantage the bookmaker starts with. We will present you in the following lines a simple mathematical calculus using the odds offered by a famous bookmaker.

  • Dog nr. 1 – odd for victory 2.75
  • Dog nr. 2 – odd for victory 7.00
  • Dog nr. 3 – odd for victory 4.50
  • Dog nr. 4 – odd for victory 6.50
  • Dog nr. 5 – odd for victory 7.00
  • Dog nr. 6 – odd for victory 10.00

We will calculate the stake we need in order to win 25 Euro on the victory of each dog:

1) We need 9.09 Euro @ odd of 2.75

2) We need 3.57 Euro @ odd of 7.00

3) We need 5.55 Euro @ odd of 4.50

4) We need 3.84 Euro @ odd of 6.50

5) We need 3.57 Euro @ odd of 7.00

6) We need 2.5 Euro @ odd of 10.00

After a simple calculus we can observe that we have to invest 28.12 Euro in order to win 25 Euro. It is illogical, don`t you think? Everything is normal though. The bookmakers have a sure winning from the start, bettors rely only on luck when betting on dog races and they only end up losing money.

Think twice before betting on dog races! Is it worth it or not?

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