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How to win points in the rummy game Kalooki 40

Kalooki 40 is an old card game that for over 2 centuries has attracted millions of players with the amazing gameplay that it provides. This game is one of the best choices to play with your friends and have fun. The good thing is that RummyRoyal, the best online rummy website, also gives you the chance to play this game in many competitions and win good prizes.

Kalooki 40 is a game that must be played between 2-4 players using two standard decks plus 2 jokers. In order to start the game, each player received 13 cards. This rummy games is not so different from the traditional rummy, the main difference being the fact that a player must meld for the first time sequences of sets and runs of at least 40 points.

Kalooki 40

Kalooki 40

The cards used in Kalooki 40 have the following values:

The Royal cards have 10 points.
The Ace has 11 points.
The Joker gets the value of the card that it represents.

You have to know that a standard Kalooki 40 turn contains two major moves: drawing and discarding. More exactly, a player must draw a card from the deck or from the discard pile. If you draw a card from the discard pile, you have to know that the card can only be used in a meld in the same turn. Discarding a card means to throw a card onto the discarding pile.

In order to make points, you have to lay down valid melds formed by sets and runs or to build existing melds from the table (add cards to them). In order to meld for the first time, your cards must have the minimum value of 40 points. A joker is very important to the Kalooki 40 game because you can use it to replace cards, but it can also be used by your opponents (if the joker is on a meld) by switching it to the card that it represents.

The Kalooki 40 game ends when a player finishes melding all of the cards in his hand. There are two methods: “Going out” – when a player has finished melding all of his cards and layed them down. “Going Kalooki” – when a player managed to get rid of all of his cards at once. As you can see, Kalooki 40 is a really great rummy game that deserves our attention. Open an account on RummyRoyal and start playing Kalooki 40 right now!

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