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How to win the Oklahoma Gin rummy game online

Oklahoma Gin is a variation of Gin Rummy, a very popular rummy game that attracted many fans because it’s very fun, it has simple rules and it can be played by many players. This excellent rummy game can be played online by using the services of the best online rummy website, RummyRoyal.

First of all we have to inform you that Oklahome Gin has the the same basic rules like Gin Rummy because it is a variation of this game.

Oklahoma Gin

Oklahoma Gin

The objectives of the Oklahome Gin game is to get rid of all the cards from your hand by forming sets and runs and to lower the amount of deadwood to a minimum (deadwood represents the cards that can’t be melded in sets or runs.

Melding = forming sets and runs from the cards in hand.
Set = 3 or more cards from the same rank.
Run = 3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit.

A turn of a player concists of two major moves:

Draw a card from the deck or discard pile.
Discard a card into the discard pile at the end of a turn.

A player can win the Oklahoma Gin game if he ends the game in one of the following three methods:

Gin – this method is used by a player which creates valid melds with the cards from the hand, without the last card that must be thrown into the knock zone.
Knock – this method is used when a player manages to create melds from the majority of his cards and when the cards left in his hands has the deadwood count over 10.
Undercut – this method means that when a player knocks, his opponents can add some cards to the knocker’s melds. The opponents can win by undercut if the deadwood count is lower than the knocker’s.

Oklahoma Gin is a really great rummy game that has simple rules and that is very similar to the Gin Rummy game. The only difference is that in Oklahoma Gin the starting card means the maximum deadwood that a player can have in order to knock.

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