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Could the "Animal game" be included in the regulation of gambling?

Cover image for post Amendment to Bill Includes Gambling
Amendment to the Bill Includes Gambling
Can Animal game Enter Betting Regulation? Understand

Fixed-odds betting, commonly referred to as bets, have been legalized in Canada since 2018, unlike other games of chance such as casinos and the animal game. It's a form of gambling where the odds are determined at the time of placing the bet, offering a fixed payout if the prediction is correct. This type of betting has gained popularity among sports enthusiasts as it allows them to wager on various outcomes, including match results, goal scorers, and even specific events occurring during a game. With the legalization, betting platforms have emerged, providing users with a convenient and regulated way to engage in this exciting form of entertainment.

Online casinos have been included in bill 3,626/23, which addresses the regulation of sports betting, but other types of gambling may still be included in the law.

The Senate awaits the approval and subsequent sanction of the bill that was passed in the Chamber on September 13th before it can be enacted into law. Senators have the power to amend the content, either by adding or removing sections.

One of the amendments proposed for the bill, authored by Senator George Furey, precisely encourages the incorporation of all games of chance into the regulation. The senator's proposed amendment aims to promote the inclusion of various forms of gambling under the regulatory framework. By advocating for the comprehensive regulation of all gambling activities, this amendment seeks to ensure a fair and transparent environment for players and operators alike. With this proposal, Senator George Furey aims to address the concerns surrounding the unregulated gambling market and create a robust framework that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders involved.

The global superpowers have already embraced the legalization of casinos, so it is crucial to align ourselves with this worldwide trend. We must not perceive gambling and casinos as mere matters of culture; instead, we should approach them as economic opportunities that generate revenue and taxes for the nation," he argues.

In an interview with MyBetInfo Canada, the senator stated his intention to advocate for the implementation of inclusion when the bill is brought up for discussion in the Senate.

If this were to occur, the text would need to return to the Chamber of Deputies before proceeding to presidential sanction.

Gambling is categorized as a criminal offense under the Penal Misdemeanor Law of 1941. Any recreational activity where the outcome is determined solely or primarily by chance is regarded as gambling.

The original law initially encompassed bets on any sporting competition, including horse racing.

With the enactment of Law 13.756/18, a significant change has been introduced that has legalized fixed-odds betting. This particular aspect has undergone a transformation, paving the way for a regulated and legitimate environment for individuals interested in engaging in such wagering activities. The implementation of this law has brought about a new era, ensuring fair and transparent betting experiences while adhering to the established guidelines and regulations. Now, enthusiasts can partake in fixed-odds betting with confidence, knowing that their participation is within the purview of the law.

According to Ângelo, the regulation of other forms of gambling should also be considered in order to generate additional revenue for the government, especially during times of financial strain. This would entail implementing measures to oversee various betting activities and ensure that they contribute to public funds. By expanding the regulatory framework, the government can tap into new revenue streams and mitigate the current financial challenges.

"We have an amendment that encompasses all types of games in the sports betting bill. I hope that the Senate rapporteur takes on this amendment so that we can bring it back to the Chamber and approve not only the regulation of bets, but of all sports modalities," he advocates.

Milton Jordão, the lawyer and vice-president of the Special Commission on Lotteries, Sports, and Entertainment Law at the National Bar Association, agrees with the incorporation of gambling games into regulation. However, he believes that it will be challenging for this issue to gain approval.

Milton Jordão
Expert Quotation
Milton Jordão
Milton Jordão
Vice-presidente da Comissão Especial de Direito dos Jogos Lotéricos, Esportivos e de Entretenimento da OAB Nacional

There exists a faction of staunch traditionalists who believe that the game will bring forth exceedingly detrimental consequences. However, we currently find ourselves in a stage of development that allows for this discourse to take place.

He believes that the inclusion of online casinos in the bill approved by the Chamber could serve as a starting point for discussing the regulation of other forms of gambling. This move opens up new opportunities for dialogue and paves the way for further exploration into the legalization and oversight of various gambling activities. By addressing the issue of online casinos, we can initiate a broader conversation on the comprehensive regulation of different modalities within the gambling industry. This progressive approach signals a proactive stance towards creating a transparent and accountable framework that ensures consumer protection and promotes responsible gambling practices.

He assesses, however, that the issue should not be emphasized in the Senate if there is resistance. In his opinion, it would be unwise to push the matter further if there is opposition. Instead, it might be more prudent to focus on other pressing matters. The senator believes that persistence could only lead to unnecessary tension and potential deadlock. Therefore, it would be wise to gauge the level of resistance and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Based on the information I follow and the observations made, I doubt that he will take part. If this generates a substantial debate that hinders progress, they would rather avoid addressing the matter. However, if there is an atmosphere conducive to discussion, they will proceed with it," he states.


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