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Kalooki 40 and rules for players

Kalooki 40 is a great card game that you can play with your friends by using the excellent services of RummyRoyal, an excellent online rummy website that offers top services, attractive bonuses and many other features. The great thing is that now you can play Kalooki 40 using a free 5$ welcome bonus.

Kalooki 40 is a very good game that can be played by 2-4 players (even 6 players in some special cases) using two standard card decks including two jokers. This game is very exciting and the great thing is that it has more interesting rules.

Kalooki 40

Kalooki 40

The game starts after each player receives 13 cards. You must know that the game is player in the following way:
– each player has a turn when he/she must make 2 main moves: draw and discard.
The players must draw a card from the deck or from the discard pile (only the top card) and to discard a card to the discard pile at the end of the round.

The main objective of Kalooki 40 is to form melds (sets and runs) or to add cards to the melds found on the table (this methods is called “building”). You must know that the first meld must have at least 40 points.

You must know that in the Kalooki 40 games you can use Jokers to replace cards (a Joker can replace any card in a meld). Also, an opponent can take your jocker from the meld if he replace it with the card that it represents.

Melding can be done in two ways:

By doing sets (3 or more cards from the same rank).
By doing runs (3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit).

The cards have the following values:

Ace = 11 points;
Joker = 15 points;
Royal cards = 10 points.

A Kalooki 40 game can end in the following ways:

Going out: when a player manages to meld all of his/her cards gradually and to discard the last card.
Going Kalooki: when a player gets rid of all the cards in his hand at once.

As you can see, Kalooki 40 is a really great card game that gives you the chance to have fun and enjoy a great experience. Open an account on Rummy Royal in order to receive the free 5$ welcome bonus and start playing Kalooki 40!

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