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Kalooki 51, an interesting rummy game to play online

Kalooki 51 is a very popular and interesting rummy game that attracted many fans thanks to the simple rules and interesting gameplay that it provides. Kalooki 51 can be played on the best online rummy website, RummyRoyal.

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Kalooki 51 is a pretty simple rummy game and the rules are easy to learn, so therefore we’ll inform you about some basic things that you should know about this great game.

Kalooki 51

Kalooki 51

1. Like all the rummy games, Kalooki 51 can be played between 2-4 rummy players.
2. The game needs two decks of cards including 2 jokers, each player receiving 13 cards.
3. In order to win a Kalooki 51 game you have the get rid of all your cards by making sequences of runs and sets with the cards from your hand.
4. You must know that a sequence contains at least 3 cards, a set contains up to 4 cards and a run contains up to 14 cards.
5. Like the other rummy games, in Kalooki 51 you have to make two moves: draw and discard. Also, a player can meld his collected sequences to the melding zone or by completing the melds that are on the table.
6. The special thing about this rummy game is that in order to meld for the first time, you cards must have the value of 51 or higher.
7. Every card has its value, except the following:
– Ace = 11 points
– Joker = 25 points
– Royal cards = 10 points
8. In order to win the Kalooki 51 game, you have to meld all of your cards gradually into the melding area before your opponent or to meld all your cards at once. (the opponent witl receive 25 penalty points).

These are some of the most important things that you should know about Kalooki 51. In order to find many other things about this game, practice and develop your skills, we advice you to open an account on RummyRoyal!

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