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Kalooki 51, how to play this rummy game

Kalooki 51 is an outstanding online rummy game that can be played with your friends using the amazing services provided by RummyRoyal, a well known rummy software that has attracted thousands of rummy players from all over the world by providing top services and a big variety of promotions.

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Kalooki 51

Kalooki 51

Kalooki 51 is a game that can be played with 2-4 players using two standard decks of cards including 2 Jokers.

The goal of the Kalooki 51 game is to be the first player which manages to meld all of the cards by forming sequences of sets and runs from all the cards, except to the last card the must be thrown into the discard pile. The game ends when one player manages to get rid of all the cards in hand by using two ways:

Going out: when a player gets rid gradually of all his cards;
Going kalooki: when a player gets rid at once of all his cards.

In Kalooki 51, the turn of every player consists in two moves:

drawing a card from the deck or from the discard pile;
throwing a card into the discard pile at the end of every turn.

We like this Kalooki 51 game because you can use the Jokers to replace any card in the game. Also, if you find a joker on the table in a meld, you can take it by replacing it with the card that it represents. The other cards have the following values: Ace – 1 or 11 points, Royal cards – 10 points.

Kalooki 51 is a very great rummy game that is very easy to play and that has simple rules. If you want to play this excellent online rummy game then we advice you to open an account on RummyRoyal right now! Don’t forget about the free bonus offered by RummyRoyal!

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