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Learn the rules of the Texas Holdem poker game

Texas Holdem is the poker game most played by gamblers.

At the beginning of the game the dealer deals the cards. In online games there is a round disk called “Dealer button” and it changes clockwise from player to player after each round ends.

The games begins by placing a predetermined sum of money (blinds) in the pot before the cards are dealt by the first two players from the left side of the button. This thing is done in order to ensure a stake being played at each round. These blinds gradually raise in tournaments to eliminate players from the competition. In most cases, the small blind (the player in left side of the dealer) places half the minimum stake and the player from his left places the big blind, meaning the whole stake.

Let us proceed to the cards dealing. Each player will receive two cards face down. These cards will be combined with the five ones placed on the table to form the best hand. This hand can be formed out of both cards received and three from the table, a card from your hand and four from the table and rarely from neither the card from your hand and all the cards on the table.

The first betting round starts with the player seated on the left side of the big blind. He will have three options: call, raise or fold. To call, a player has to place a sum equal to the big blind. In order to raise one must bet higher. Raising the sum is different, according to the type of game played. Folding a hand makes the player fold the future betting rounds too. The other players will have the same betting options and even the one of re-raise. The re-raise has to be of the same value of the first raise.

After the first betting round has ended three cards will be placed on the table, face down. This is the flop. The players that remained in the game start betting from the first one seated on the left side of the dealer. Besides calling a hand, raise or re-raise, now the players have the pass option (check) this means that the players remains in the game without raising the stake until their round comes again. If a player has raised then the other must either call, raise or fold.

The turn comes after the second betting round. Next comes the bet similar to the one after the flop.

The river is the fifth card placed on the table. It is turned over after the third betting round. Next comes the fourth betting round at the end of which players can reach show down. At show down (showing the own cards) in case two or more players have the same card formations, the highest cars is used to break up the tie. If such a card does not exist, called kicker, then the pot is divided among the players that have the same hands.

If you have further questions about the game of poker, fell free to post them on a forum, there are numerous players winning to answer and help you.

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