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Live betting

While betting normally, one would commonly place a sporting bet before the event begins that is within a certain time frame after which the market is frozen and no further bids are accepted. Our bets here are totally based on our instincts and our punter skills. After our bets are placed we have to wait for the game to finish when the results of the event will decide the fate of our bet, which would be a win or a loss. On the other hand, live betting - as its name suggests – is betting on a sport while it is in progress, which means that you can bet while the game is going on after analysing what the situation will be like after a while. You are able to place your bets depending on real time scores, as odds fluctuate constantly during the match, allowing you to place your bets wisely. Punters can secure a gain early and even reduce losses as the game progresses if the action is going against them.

Although it is quite exciting, when you place live bets, you must be quite cautious of how you place the bet and for how much.As opposed to live betting, in standard betting there is no chance of the odds changing, as the odds are already set before the game. What is happening in the game or what will follow has nothing to do with the decided odds. You simply cannot change your bet once the match has begun. This is not the case with live in-play betting where you can monitor the fluctuations in the market and place your bet accordingly. However, you need to have a sharp focus and the ability to catch up with all the live scores. Also if you are planning live betting on more than one sport at a time, you need to not only have the skill to monitor the changes, but manage your bankroll wisely too.

How live betting works ?
Live in-play betting works somewhat like the stock market, as you can sell an earlier bought bet at a higher price later during the game, thereby making a profit for yourself. However while betting live, you must always make sure that you keep to simple bets even though they are not as profitable as the other kinds of bets. Also, only bet on events that you can watch live, which is possible because most of the top live betting sites offer live streaming of some of these events. You can place more sensible bets while watching the game because sometimes the available odds may not get updated in real time and relying simply on those would not be right. There are many sportsbooks available, but betting at prominent online bookies that offer live in-play betting like Williamhill,  Bet365,  Ladbrokes,  Sportingbet and Expekt is advisable.

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Where to bet  live ?
One of the most popular online betting sites is this website which offers a great number of sporting events to bet on besides a variety of other features. It has a whole page dedicated solely to live betting which is under ‘Live In-Play’ where you can observe real time odds on a range of sports such as football, which is a popular sport that punters bet on tennis, cricket, horse racing, rugby and other well known sports. Also available is live streaming, which makes live in-play betting more profitable, as punters can place their bets as they watch the progress of the match. With their punter skills and a few hunches, they can decide what kinds of bets they would like to play for.

Also, this online bookmaker with great live betting offer is a prestigious bookmaker both online as well as offline offering a range of live betting opportunities from a huge selection of sports. The sportsbook offers a ‘Bet Live’ feature, which offers live in-play on popular events such as horse racing, football, tennis, rugby, cricket and many more games. The live streaming videos of these major events makes it possible to place live bets while watching the game live. You can even listen to live radio commentary and also place your bets via your mobile phone. With real time scores and a variety of odds to choose from, one can make some lucrative profits if they play their bets sensibly. Apart from live betting, William Hill offers a variety of other features that make it a popular choice amongst punters.

Another great online bookmaker with a popular live sportsbetting facility is this bookmaker. The most popular event for in-play betting at Bwin is soccer as the sportsbook offers numerous proposition bets like handicap and action bets. The betting site also permits you to place over/under bets during live in-play in soccer events. One can even merge live bets on a number of sports or games and create complex parlays that can be quite rewarding. Apart from soccer, there are several other sporting events available for live betting at Bwin. Sportingbet also has an exceptional live in-play facility and offers competitive live odds on a variety of sporting events with live streaming videos to watch the action as it goes.

There are other online bookmakers that also offer live in-play betting with a selection of events to choose from. Although the major sport for live in-play in all these betting portals is soccer, as there are numerous matches taking place every week, there is a huge number of other events to choose from as well, enabling you to bet on sports that you are an ardent follower of. Interesting though, live betting can be quite tricky too. Money management is a must when you go in for live in-play because you may loose a lot of money if you get carried away and place your bets without thinking about it twice. You need to have a sharp and clear head to be able to profit from live bets, as they can be both challenging as well as rewarding at the same time for the punter. Since the action is so fast and stimulating, losing one’s head can be quite possible. So set your bankroll straight before you start live betting at an online bookmaker.

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