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Live dealers at online casino

Although online casinos provide all the facilities of a live casino, in fact much more than the latter, some people still miss the feel of a land-based casino sometimes. The only reason for their complain is the lack of a live dealer in online casinos. So to do away with this lament, many online casinos have introduced the option of playing games where live dealers supervise the proceedings. Those used to frequenting land-based casinos were the ones who missed the presence of a live dealer, but with the integration of live dealer casinos, players can get the feel of a real casino and yet be sitting within the comforts of their home and playing their favorite game.

Without a live dealer, most often players felt cheated when they lost more than they had expected to lose, but with the introduction of live dealer casinos, this mistrust has been set aside. When playing games at the card table where there is a live dealer, you are able to see the cards being shuffled clearly as well as being dealt out, leaving no room for errors. These games are generally played live through live streaming and the dealer is clearly visible to the players. So if you are interested in playing casino games where there is a live dealer, you can click on the links that lead you to the relevant games and proceed from thereon.

Now that you know about live dealer casinos, it is time to locate those that offer this facility. Some of the leading online casinos that offer live dealers are Bet365, William Hill and Party Casino. Bet365 is a familiar name to the gambling community, as it is one of the prestigious online betting providers offering Sports betting, Online Poker, Bingo and Slot games besides casino games. It’s easy to download Playtech powered software with great graphics and a range of games to choose from. Those interested in live dealer games can choose games listed under the live dealer category.

Bet365 offers a European and an Asian live dealer to cater to players from different regions of the world. Games offered at the live dealer section include Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Roulette, which are offered at both live dealers, while Live Sic Bo is available with the Asian dealer and Live Roulette Pro with the Euro live dealer. Another good feature in the live dealer section is that you do not have to wait long for your turn, as there are several live dealers available that make it easy to find a table where you can play without wasting time. When you are in the mood for a change, you can simply shift to one of the other games offered here.

William Hill is another well-known name in the gambling arena catering to both land-based as well as online betting. A celebrated bookmaker, William Hill offers a range of facilities to its player community that includes live dealer games. Although the games offered in this section are not as many as Bet365, one can indulge in Live Blackjack and Live Roulette games. You can choose from European Roulette and American Roulette, both of which have their own betting options. It is great fun to watch the dealer spin the Roulette wheel through your webcam, catching every single moment of the wheel spinning while you wait anxiously for the results to show up.

When playing Live Blackjack, you find yourself at a table with multiple real players competing with you and each other trying to win at the table. When at the Live Blackjack table, you can also adjust your screen to see the dealer clearly. As you are able to chat with the dealer too, a sort of real-life casino atmosphere is created, which is quite interesting and makes game play very engrossing and happening in real time. If you are onto a winning streak, you might even want to tip your dealer and interestingly, it is quite possible to do so. All these facilities make William Hill one of the best live dealer casinos, thereby keeping its reputation as a leading online casino in order.

Another popular live dealer casino is Party Casino, which offers the thrills of playing in a live casino. With a team of live dealers to serve you, you can take your pick from Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat. Watch the action unfold before your very eyes in real time while you chat with the pretty live dealers who organize games at the various tables. Live streaming has made betting quite enjoyable as you can view the action as it happens. You not only get the feel of a real life brick and mortar casino, but are also able to chat with your dealer, see the action at the table as well as win the games if you are lucky.

So besides enjoying the regular thrills of indulging in various online casino games, you can also have fun the real casino way, through the live dealer casinos that are basically a part of a main online casino. Here we have discussed three live dealer casinos, namely Bet365, William Hill and Party Casino, which besides providing a range of casino games, also offer a live dealer casino games section for those enthusiasts who crave for real life casinos, but enjoy this online version of it greatly. If you are also one of those who would like to experience the joys of playing at a live casino, then some of these online casinos will be able to suffice your needs.

Bet365, William Hill and Party Casino offer the best of both, online as well as live casino games and therefore selecting one of them or a similar online casino would be advisable. Depending on the games offered in the live section and what you would prefer to play, you can make your pick of the best live dealer casinos that suit your requirements.

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