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NBA basketball betting tips 30.10.2014

After a successful night at NBA we head towards the second one, one filled with interesting duels. We will stop at three of them and see whether “the flash” have something more to prove in the big leagues of basketball and if Rose will bring the success for the bulls.

CHI Bulls @ Ny Knicks - Bet365

CHI Bulls @ Ny Knicks – Bet365

Our tip suggestions

Toronto Raptors – Atlanta Hawks >>> under 200.5 points

An apparent balanced match will tale place at Air Canda Centre, the duel between Raptors and Hawks. Roughly speaking the teams have kept the last season’s players, the only news representing Williams who came to Toronto from Atlanta and Sefolosha who came to Atlanta from Oklahoma. Toronto closed the last season with a honorary third place, although in most matches many players were not able to play. The season starts for the hosts with a valid players’ lot, but the duel against Atlanta won’t be an easy one, even though they will be playing in front of their own fans. The history of all the direct matches tells us that on this court the line of points was exceeded in only three of the last 15 matches. So, for the first tip we go on the statistic and implicitly, on the two defensive.

Odds: 1.91
Chances: 6/10

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Miami Heat – Washington Wizards >>> Miami Heat

And the long awaited match came, the one in which we will see how Miami Heat plays without LeBron James. Heat tried to fortify through Luol Deng, Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts. The latter seems to be unavailable today and Bosh needs to play all by himself under the scoring board and prove his huge salary. Wade will be 33 years old at the middle of the season, but he still has a few things to prove and the fans will have a show to see tonight. Wizards have too easily ceased Ariza to the Rockets, one of the best players of the last season. They have taken Pierce from the nets, but he lack experience. John Wall  won’t be having that much back-up on the court, because for the guests the players Nene (suspended), Blair (suspended), Beal (injured) şi Webster (injured) will be unavailable. The main duels will be between Wade and Wall at the lead, but also under the scoring board between Bosh and Gortat. We bet on the motivation and the team from Florida wants to prove their fans that there is life after James left.

Odds: 1.57
Chances: 8/10

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New York Knicks – Chicago Bulls >>> Chicago Bulls

Chicago fans have all the reasons to be optimistic at this season start. Derrick Rose is again healthy and he played pretty good in this preseason, also the team looks good. The fact that they bought Gasol and let Boozer go turned out to be a pretty good move for Bulls. The team looks good in both compartments and they are ready for the Madison Square Garden’s show. Knicks gave Chandler and Felton to Mavs, and bought two center players, Smith and Dalembert. Bargnani can’t play in this match, and probably Buttler for the guests too (but he might be recovering until game starts). We expect that Rose & Co. to surpass guests’ defense line, one which was leaded by NBA’s debut coach Derek Fisher.

Odds: 1,55
Chance: 9/10

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