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Online backgammon

Learn more about online backgammon. Backgammon has an enduring quality to it. It’s been around for thousands of years and its popularity has waxed and waned over time. When the internet captured the imagination of the world, a lot of things happened that were unexpected. One of the unexpected side effects of the digital world was the emergence of online backgammon. The great thing about it being on the internet is now whenever you want to play, you can be sure that somebody will be waiting to challenge you in a highly electrifying and spirited game.

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As any backgammon fan can tell you, backgammon is the most stimulating game in the world. It always has been. Otherwise why would it continue to be so popular that it survived history and geography and time? The development of online backgammon allows for this classic game to appeal to the casual player as well as the gambling kind of player. In other words, backgammon continues to hold the same attraction online that it held offline.

Online backgammon is a game that encompasses skill, chance, luck, and strategy, all rolled up into one that makes for a fascinating and thrilling experience each and every time. It is a race to the finish that can be won or lost at the very end of the game on only a single roll of the dice. This game requires you to think and plan ahead and even if you map out everything perfectly, sometimes it is still not enough to overcome a lucky opponent.

You will need to not only develop tactual forward plans, but also backup alternatives, just in case things do not go as you initially anticipated. Believe it or not, there is even a world championship for online backgammon if you ever get to the point you think you are good enough to challenge the big boys of the sport.

Online, just like in the old days, friends and family can play the game with the same intensity and hope for double sixes or the perfect roll that will get you out of a tight spot. There is an additional perk to playing backgammon online and that is that you don’t have to wait until your friends are at your place or even in the same city. There are no geographical limitations in online bg.

This same plus factor also works for the serious backgammon gamer but with an extra fillip of joy. You can join online backgammon sites that pit you against the best players in the world. You roll the dice with the big names in the world of backgammon while playing for big stakes. There is no longer the need to limit your challenging games to the wee hours of the morning at a world class backgammon tournament. Online Backgammon is open 24/7/365.

For about 5,000 years, backgammon has been a popular pastime. With the growth of backgammon online, some people who only ever played it as a parlor game began to think that the internet had affected their beloved game.  Suddenly the game was a gambling game. Aunt Lily never played it that way. What was going on? They asked. Has the internet corrupted this family game?

No. Gambling is not a new factor added to backgammon online. It was always part of the game. Actually, in the Roman version of backgammon, tabula, the whole focus was on the gambling aspect. Backgammon is a compelling game without the gambling but with the extra stakes, there is nothing quite so much fun as waiting for the dice to land. Will the roll favor you or ruin your day?

When you look at the online backgammon sites, you soon realize just how big this world is. There is bgroom, partybackgammon and play65 to mention just three of the big names. There are dozens and dozens. It’s not possible in an overview to give you the details on all the online backgammon sites. So let’s take a quick look at these sites as representative of the online backgammon world.

BgRoom.com welcome the player with a cute line that just sets the stage. BG is the name, Backgammon is the game. Showing that it is an international passion, as it always was, at bgroom, you can choose from a variety of languages including, English, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, German, Russian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Danish, and Georgian. You can play for free or for cash. There are hourly tournaments.

As for partygammon.com, this is part of a bigger party place, Party Gaming. The brand name for this backgammon hot spot is PartyGammon. PartyGaming was one of the enterprising newcomers in the party world online, having opened its virtual doors in 1997. (As well as backgammon, it also provides platforms for poker, casino and bingo.) Because of its long online history, PartyBackgammon has the best technology behind the scenes.

UPDATE ! Can’t play for money, check BgRoom ! Play65.com bills itself as the largest online backgammon place. Like bgroom, play65 is open all the time and allows you to play for fun or for money. It offers a large variety of languages, just as does bgroom. It also has sites in Chinese and Japanese.

These sites are the creme de la creme for the serious backgammon game player. There are also hundreds of other places where you can just brush up on your skills such as the Zone or Warpgammon tournaments. While newbies to backgammon who are oldies in the world of playing games for money might want to leap right into online backgammon with high stakes or even medium stakes, backgammon is a little more challenging than a game of chance.

There are a lot of tweaks, tips and techniques to this ancient game. It is a good idea to try out some of the free online backgammon sites as well as the free games on the money sites. Otherwise you will wonder why you keep losing.

Online backgammon has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. If you would like to get in on the action, there are a ton of websites for you to check out that will all provide you the excitement you are so desperately craving.

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