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Online betting

The Internet has made life so much easier for us, as there is nothing that we need and can’t find on the web today: from getting information, corresponding with friends and family to banking, watching movies and playing games. So when the opportunity arose, bookmakers decided to cash in on the benefits too while providing users with an entertainment portal that they welcomed with great enthusiasm. Now there were not only standard bookies, but also online bookmakers to choose from and soon online betting became a household favourite.

So what exactly is online betting? It is no different from betting with your local land-based bookie. You choose a sporting event and place your bet on particular odds and collect your winnings just as you would do with your bookie, but this time everything is done online. Online gambling has seen a tremendous boom in the last couple of years with the industry becoming one of the most successful and high earning industries in the world. With their growing popularity, online bookmakers have also improvised on their software time and again, meeting the latest demands in technology and making betting easier and fun for the users.

Apart from this online betting has great advantages over regular betting with bookies, the first being the ease of betting from the comforts of your home. This is because all you need for online betting is a computer and a strong secure Internet connection to get you started. Due to the convenience of betting from anywhere with only a computer and an Internet connection, betting has become accessible to a larger number of enthusiasts than it ever was when people placed bets with a normal bookie. Besides, one can bet on a number of sports depending on their choice, as online bookmakers offer a huge selection of sporting events to choose from.

Online betting provides a host of other benefits such as better odds and a range of odds to choose from. A selection of stake limits makes it possible for punters with varying budgets to place bets through online bookmakers though there is a maximum higher limit, which may be restrictive for high-rolling punters. If you are concerned about the security of transacting online, you can rest assured because online sportsbooks make certain that all transactions are encrypted and there is no security risk to the user in any way possible. You can choose from a number of payment options and currencies, making the whole procedure quite simple.

To start online betting you need to register with one or more online bookmakers of your choice and mind you, the choice is not limited. Some of the leading names include William Hill, Bet365, Bwin, Unibet, Ladbrokes, Sportingbet and Expekt amongst several others. The choice of bookmakers depends on you, as most people would select those that offer good odds. However, one should bear in mind that while choosing an online bookmaker, they should select one that they have heard of and are sure of its reliability. Security, good customer support, fine promotions and fast payouts are also points to be considered.

Bet365 for instance is a great place to begin your online betting career. This popular online bookmaker offers you a wide range of sports to choose from, so that every user can find something of interest to bet on. You can bet on live events and keep track of what is happening through the in-play score tracker that is displayed on the home page of the sports betting section. You can also enjoy watching live streaming of major sporting events and if you want to take a short break off sportsbetting, you can indulge at the online poker room, casino, bingo and other games. Also when you sign up at Bet365 for online betting and make a first-time deposit of $25 or more, you get a 100% match up bonus of up to $200 in return.

Similarly at William Hill, you can pick from a huge selection of sporting events. Live in-play betting is offered with results showing up for you to keep an eye on your bet. Also you can view the betting status of the following events, bet using your mobile phone, catch up on the latest news and podcasts and view live streaming videos of major events or listen to live commentary on the radio at William Hill. You can even enjoy online betting at poker, bingo, casino and skill games here. The promotions at William Hill sportsbetting change all the time, with the present promotion offered called the Fantasy League where you can compete for some fabulous prizes.

Ladbrokes, Bwin, Unibet, Sportingbet and Expekt offer more or less the same facilities as the above two online bookmakers, except for special promotions that are offered by some. Although each of these online bookmakers has some great promotions in their other online gaming sections, their sportsbetting section has few and continuously changing promotional offers. At Ladbrokes, the available promotion now for online betting on a sport is a free bet of up to £30 if you place a minimum bet of £5. Bwin is offering b’first reward points to its loyal users when they play real money stakes at Bwin. These can be redeemed for some grand prizes.

Sportingbet also offers a similar rewards scheme where you earn reward points and redeem them for some exciting prizes including free bets. Unibet, on its part, is offering a £20 risk-free bet when you sign up for an account and place a first-time bet of £20, which will be refunded to you if you happen to lose the bet. Online betting at Expekt will fetch you rewards too. You can win EUR 1,000 by proving your punter skills this May. So these are some of the great facilities that you can enjoy when betting online, which all those betting with a standard bookie would have never experienced. If you have not started betting online yet, this should be enough to intimidate you!

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