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Online bingo has grabbed the excitement of the traditional game of chance and moved it into the realm of casino-like excitement. There is a long history of bingo in the world and it is so classical that people play bingo at local halls that it is a part of Western culture. There are references to bingo in songs and movies and television shows.

There has been a decline in bingo hall activity over the past couple of decades and part of the reason is the immense growth of online bingo. There were other reasons as well, having to do with bingo having been a passion for the older crowd and not so much for the middle aged or younger crowd.  But there is the possibility that this is also because the younger set have turned to online bingo.

There are some statistics that show that the older set still prefer the bingo hall game. Players over 65 fall into this category. Barely 3 percent of the online players are over 65.  The biggest demographic in online bingo are those people between the ages of 35 and 49. About one-quarter of the online players are in this group.

Online bingo is spreading in popularity and reaching a younger crowd. About 16 percent of the players are between 25 and 34 and nearly 14 percent are between the ages of 18 and 24. In the 50 to 54 age range, the percentages drop to about 6 percent and between 55 and 64 the percentage is closer to 7 percent.

Bingo was one of the first of the online games to appear in the early 1990s. One interesting statistic about online bingo is that the majority of the players are women. This is not surprising as most of the offline bingo players have typically been women. There are also huge numbers of free online bingo sites that are more than just bingo sites. These are social sites where people gather with a common passion – bingo.

Over time, bingo (and other gaming) software has improved immensely online. The improvements in speed and features have turned an exciting and immensely popular and easy to learn game into a massive source of entertainment. There are, according to reports, more than 100 million online bingo players. Half of these players play daily.

While a variety of online bingo games are played, the most common is the 75-ball version. There is a bonus in playing online and that is the software dabs the card for you. This takes away that sometimes stressful feeling that you might have missed a number or that you will miss a win. Of course you do have to press a button to signal your win. As easy as online bingo is, it still demands attention.

Players can strike up online friendships and chat with these people between games or even during games. They also have the incredible opportunity to play bingo anytime they want to. There is no need to arrange for babysitters. Players can schedule games for the quiet times in their lives. They can play in their pajamas, when they are sick, or when they only have a small section of time to share.

Sure there is the lack of the tension that a person feels in a bingo hall as the “Bingo” call gets closer and closer but there are compensations for that. Online bingo is faster which adds to the excitement and there are bonuses that add to the tension. There is the enticing look and sound of the bingo games online that more than makes up for the fact that you are playing from the comfort of your own home.

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