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Online bookmakers that offer you a first deposit bonus

There are countless reasons for opening an account at an online bookmakers, among which: the rich offer, the good odds, the live betting service, live broadcasts and many more.

Another important reason is the possibility of receiving a welcome bonus for the first deposit made at an online bookmaker. So, besides the sum deposited, some bookmakers offer you a supplementary bonus (usually between 50-100% of the initial deposit). Other bookmakers offer you free bets or the refund of the first bet if you lose it.

In order to prevent bettors deposit only for the bonuses and then withdraw the entire sum, bookmakers ask the bettors to rollover the sum deposited and the bonus for a number of times before actually withdrawing the money. Likewise, each bookmaker require for the bets to be placed on odds higher than a certain value in order to be considered as a valid rollover. Usually, you have a time span of 60-90 days to meet these rollover conditions and rules.

Online sports betting

Online sports betting

The bonuses offered by the bookmakers are the following:

Unibet (open an account here) – it refunds 50% of the value of the first bet, up to 30 Euro in case it is a losing one
Sportingbet (open an account here) – 50% bonus of the deposit value, up to 100 Euro
Bet-at-home (open an account here) – 50% bonus of the deposit value, up to 20 Euro din
10Bet (open an account here) – 50% bonus of the deposit value, up to 200 Euro
Doxxbet (open an account here) – 50% bonus of the deposit value, up to 150 Euro
Betclic (open an account here) – completely refunds the value of the first bet if you lose it, up to 20 Euro
Winmasters (open an account here) –100% bonus of the deposit value, up to 50 Euro

These bonuses were available when we wrote this article (February 2015). They should only have an informing purpose because the bookmakers over the internet are in the habit of changing these bonuses regularly. For example, in 2012 and the first part of 2013, Bet-at-Home offered a bonus up to 200 Euro, which they later changed to less than ten times. Even Unibet offers lower bonuses as they offered 2-3 years ago. On the other hand, Betclic had a bonus twice as small as the actual one. For this reason we recommend checking the online bookmaker to see what are the bonuses before opening an account.

Likewise, pay attention to certain online bookmakers (especially those who don’t have other languages available). Some may offer bonuses, but not for bettors of a certain country. So, if you have a bookmaker that offers bonuses, check the terms and conditions before opening an account or even ask on live chat of the bonus is available in your country.

Each bookmaker offers a single welcoming bonus for each client, each email address, residence, ip address or family. So, it is not allowed for another member of the family or another person living in the same place to apply for the welcome bonus if someone has already applied for it. The online bookmakers won’t hesitate to withdraw the bonus or close your account if they see if the rules have been violated.

When you open an account or make your first deposit, see if you need to fill in a certain code in order to receive the bonus (there is no need to enter a code at Sportingbet). So this won’t be accepted. Even if you forget to fill in this code, you can contact through mail or live chat the operators of the bookmaker to ask for the bonus.

Likewise, when you apply for the bonus it is recommended to read the terms and conditions in order to avoid other surprises. For example, at all the bookmakers the refundable bets that receive the odds 1 are not taken into consideration. The money rolled over at a casino don’t count at most online bookmakers or it counts less. It is recommended to know these aspects before betting.

There are bookmakers that don’t offer welcoming bonuses if you don’t use a card or bank wiring at the first deposit. For example, Sportingbet does not offer bonuses when depositing through Skrill.

Each online bookmaker requires the clients to meet the rollover conditions in a certain time-span (usually 60-90 days). If you can’t meet the conditions in this specified time span, you will lose the bonus. Likewise, you can not withdraw the money until you roll over the sum or give up the bonus. You can give up the bonus anytime, but afterwards you can no longer request it. Also, you can not use the welcome bonus with other promotions (such as first bet on the phone).

At the end, our recommendation is that when you request a bonus, take advantage over it. Here we refer to the ones offered by Betclic and Winmasters, the latter being the only one offering a 100% bonus and easy rollover conditions, thus you are not fooled by what they have to offer. Also, you have nothing to lose when opening an account at Betclic because you can withdraw your money if you lose the first bet, so there is no reason for playing a 50 Euro slip.

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