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Online poker rooms

Poker has recently dominated the online gaming industry. Online poker rooms offer a convenient way for poker players all around the world to be able to enjoy their favorite games without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. The only thing required in order to play poker online is a computer and internet connection. Many mobile phones even offer an app which will allow you to pull up your favorite poker rooms even when on the go.


There are many online poker rooms to choose from with some of the more popular ones including williamhill.com,partypoker.combet365poker.comunibet.com just to name a few. Each of these great sites have much to offer you including a large variety of games to choose from, tons of bonuses, free rolls, game types and even free play that will allow you to earn money without ever really spending any of your own. Before choosing which poker site you want to play on, take the time to visit each to see what they have to offer. You my even consider playing on more than one to keep things interesting.



Online poker rooms are similar to playing poker at a real casino but give you more control over when you play and how much you play and give you the opportunity to play more types of games without ever leaving your seat. You can play cash ring games, tournaments, free rolls and more. The amount of benefits which is offered by online poker rooms often surprises new players. They often wonder why they never played online sooner instead of wasting gas driving to a local casino and stand in line waiting for a seat to come available. Bet365 Poker which is no longer available for US players offers some of the highest free rolls including a weekend $5000 free roll which allows you to win real money without ever making a deposit. They also offer quite a few other smaller free rolls throughout the month and bigger ones for holidays. All other countries can benefit from what this particular poker site has to offer.


Several other online poker rooms including fulltiltpoker.com and pokerstars.com have a team of pros which often play at the same tables as the other players giving you a chance to play against them. You will enjoy a 600% signup bonus when signing up for Full Tilt Poker which will match your first deposit up to $600. Most of these sites offer a second and third deposit bonus as well, which is great for those players who want to deposit often, so you still get the extras that new players receive. You will also receive player points on most of these poker sites which can be used towards apparel, products, tournaments or other game play.


Online poker rooms such as 888 poker not only offers poker but many other games as well including casino games which allows you to combine the poker and gaming experience without ever leaving your home. Currently you can benefit from a $400 welcome bonus which can help you to earn free money and build your bankroll quickly without ever depositing a ton of your own money. They also have a unique system called climb the statuses which helps you to earn status and reward points by playing cash ring games which can be redeemed for cash and helps you to be eligible for many different tournaments and benefits.


If you are new to online poker rooms, it won’t take you long to realize just why they are so popular. Even though the rules, bonuses and benefits vary from one poker room to another one thing remains the same and that is the game play. If you are a poker player at heart you will soon find one of these poker sites appealing and will make it your new home. Make sure to take advantage of all of the rewards, bonuses and free tournaments that take place on all of these poker sites especially since most of them offer the chance to win free seats to larger events. If it has ever been your dream to play in some of the larger poker events such as the WSOP or WPT, then use the online poker rooms to help win your way there.




Currently all of the larger sites including Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Poker Stars and a few others are currently running WSOP 2011 main event tournaments which gives you the chance to win up to $14,000 which is put towards your entry fees, lodging, travel and spending money. The tournaments on these sites range from free entries to $200 buy-ins, but regardless of which one you choose to play, the chance of making it big is there. Many of the professional poker players that we hear about today and watch on TV got their start by playing on online poker rooms.


Just make sure that you take the necessary steps to choose the right poker site for you. You want to select one that has great customer support, the best tournaments, game play, bonuses, rewards and other important factors that would keep you coming back for more. Poker Stars is the largest online poker site, but having the most players also makes it seem more like a game of bingo. That is one of the biggest downfalls of this particular site since there are so many people they are more likely to take a chance on a bad hand which may lead to more good hands losing out. All online poker rooms have players who have more money than they have skills but unfortunately this particular site has more than its share. If you don’t mind a bit of competition and dumb luck it may be the perfect site for you. Full Tilt Poker now offers a game called rush poker which changes your seat after every hand, so it is definitely something every poker player should try out.


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