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Online sports betting strategies that will ensure your success

As most people already know this, in order to succeed in sport betting you need besides inspiration in choosing the matches a good money management strategy, from which never to falter. We will try to present you some types of “betting strategies”.

Easy money –you start with a sum of money and then you come back to the initial sum whenever placing a new bet and so on. Practically we have a huge combo bet, made out of 40 – 50  matches, according to the predetermined standard. In general, at this type of strategy you only bet on relatively sure matches, small odds and bets that have a high chance of winning.

The climber`s strategy –you start with a bankroll of 50 Euro, for example and you play until reaching the odd 3. Then we withdraw the profit and we begin again with the initial bankroll of 50 Euro. In case of a loss, we start over from the previous step (the last sum withdrawn).

“4 bankrolls”–this strategy implies diving the bankroll in four equal parts. You bet a quarter of your bankroll until reaching the odd 2, then the bankroll is recalculated and you go on with a new bankroll. When a bet is lost, the three quarters of the bankroll are divided again in four and the procedure starts over.

The strategy with the odds –you start with an initial bankroll, then you bet on all the odds raging from 1.01 to 1.3 and you try winning all the odds placed. You can bet on bigger odds and eliminate the smaller odds, for example, if we bet on 1.65 we do not bet anymore on 1.3 or 1.27. This strategy is a sort of easy money, but is has a greater impact over the mental state of the bettor, because he knows how many bets are left until the end.

The 5 steps strategy – consists in following a certain winning, a betting odd and an initial bankroll. This strategy helps us gain the established sum in three steps and then recover the bankroll in the following two.

What strategies do you use when sports betting?

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