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Isadora is a journalist with over five years of experience writing about technology and finance on the internet. In the past year, she joined the My Bet Info team to analyze the country's leading online betting sites and casinos, and to find the best bonuses for our readers.
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Parker Kelly
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Parker Kelly
About the Author
Isadora is a journalist with over five years of experience writing about technology and finance on the internet. In the past year, she joined the My Bet Info team to analyze the country's leading online betting sites and casinos, and to find the best bonuses for our readers.
Reviewed By
Justin Fisher
About the Author
Journalist with eight years of experience, Justin spent the last three years demystifying the Canadian betting market. By interviewing experts in the field, Justin has gained the expertise to identify which bookmakers are reliable and which strategies work (or don't!) in sports betting.
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Is PariMatch a trustworthy platform? - PariMatch Canada: Get a bonus of $1,500.

Open PariMatch Bet With
exclusive bonus PariMatch É Confiável? – PariMatch Canada: Bônus de $1.500
Open PariMatch
Signup Bonus $1.500


Customer support
Live Chat
Minimum Deposit $50
Payment methods
2. Boleto 4. Mastercard +5
5. Visa ecoPayz Lottery Much Better Neteller
Minimum Withdrawal

Since its inception in 1994, PariMatch has been an energetic betting establishment that initially laid its foundation in Eastern Europe before embarking on the lucrative landscapes of Africa and the Americas. Demonstrating an unwavering determination to expand, PariMatch has adeptly maneuvered through uncharted territories, delivering their exceptional betting offerings to a wide array of communities spanning multiple continents. By prioritizing innovation and ensuring customer contentment, PariMatch has consistently surged ahead, cementing its reputation as a reliable and esteemed entity in the realm of online betting.

And Canada was the place you recently visited!

At their disposal, they cater to ardent sports aficionados with an extensive range of wagering choices for the Canadian Premier Leaguegames and prominent soccer leagues worldwide. With a English platform in their arsenal, they provide a diverse selection of betting opportunities for fans who have an insatiable passion for sports, encompassing matches from the Canadian Premier Leagueand other eminent football leagues across the globe.

Is PariMatch trustworthy? Should one consider signing up on this betting platform?

Uncover the solutions to these inquiries within this extensive evaluation. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of PariMatch Canada and ascertain whether it genuinely aligns with your desired platform. Delve into this detailed review to obtain the necessary insights and make an informed decision.

Unveil the finest attributes of PariMatch, including the enticing cashout and captivating livestreaming functionalities, while acquainting yourself with its innovative mobile application! Stay well-informed and keep pace with all the vital elements that PariMatch brings to the table. Delve into the sheer convenience of cashing out your wagers and relish the exhilaration of streaming events live, all seamlessly accessible from your handheld device. With PariMatch's app that boasts user-friendly navigation, these exhilarating features will be just a tap away, heightening your betting experience with utmost pleasure and convenience. Seize the opportunity to elevate your mobile betting journey with PariMatch and never let it slip away.


High Bonus

+10 Years of Operation

+500 Sports Events

Variety of Tournaments



Accept Bill

Lottery deposit


Few Modalities

Few Withdrawal Methods

  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot

While Parimatch stands as a trusted betting platform, there exists a myriad of captivating alternatives awaiting ardent bettors.

In Canada, Bet365 takes the forefront as the premier betting platform, known for its dependability and a plethora of profitable opportunities in the realm of sports wagering. This esteemed online gambling site has solidified its position as the ultimate choice for passionate bettors, placing emphasis on its reliability. With a wide selection of enticing incentives and rewards, Bet365 enthralls its users, delivering an unparalleled experience in the realm of internet-based gambling.

Alternatively, if you're in search of improved chances, Betano presents itself as a splendid alternative. For those inclined towards greater odds, Betano offers an exceptional prospect to explore.

BetWay excels at meeting your needs with its vast selection of sports and markets, alongside a comprehensive Cash Out feature that leaves no desire unfulfilled. The convenience of a complete Cash Out function is coupled with an abundance of options and betting opportunities, ensuring that BetWay is the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts seeking variety.

Bodog, known as the premier casino in Canada, takes pride in offering an extensive selection of sports markets in South American leagues, making it a go-to destination for avid sports fans. Experience the thrill of top-class casino games and indulge in the excitement of betting on your favorite sports events all in one place with Bodog.

  • Welcome Bonus

  • Don't miss out on this special offer: Exclusive Bonus for Legal Betting in Canada.

promotional code Parimatch – AL1500

In Canada, PariMatch showcases a restricted range of promotional offerings. When it comes to sports wagering, there exists solely a solitary promotion in the form of the Welcome Bonus. The sum of the bonus is rather significant, while the stipulated turnover prerequisite is deemed to be fair and sensible.

Initially, the Bonus grants new users a 100% value, up to $1,000.

Exciting updates await MyBetInfo Canada users as they now have the chance to enjoy an additional $500, boosting the Bonus to an incredible $1,500! This means even more opportunities to play, win, and have a great time on the platform. Don't miss out on this fantastic offer and make the most of your gaming experience with MyBetInfo Canada.

To make use of the code, you will require:

  • Registering with Parimatch
  • To begin, please make an initial deposit of at least $50.
  • Click on the option that says "I possess a bonus code" and input the code AL1500.
parimatch bonus code
How to get exclusive bonuses at Parimatch

Monitoring the Rollover is advisable before registering and capitalizing on the advantages it offers. Take note of the Rollover before committing and enjoying the perks that await. Keep a close watch on the Rollover before signing up to ensure you make an informed decision and make the most of the benefits available. It is prudent to stay aware of the Rollover before registering and taking advantage of the various benefits it presents.

  • This special offer is exclusively for new customers of PariMatch.
  • Deposit at least $50 within 7 days of registration.
  • You will receive the bonus in your account 24 hours after the deposit has been made.
  • You must wager the bonus amount five times to meet the rollover requirement.
  • The wagers should be made with minimum odds of 1.90.
  • You must finish the rollover within a period of 7 days.
  • You cannot make use of the cash withdrawal function.

Imagine this: visualize your first payment as $100. In this situation, the bonus can be utilized by placing bets of $500 on 1.90 odds.

Nevertheless, if you wish to convert the Bonus into actual cash, the company stipulates that you must place bets equivalent to ten times its worth. In this particular scenario, instead of $500 as previously mentioned, the requirement would be $1,000.

Acquiring the PariMatch Welcome Bonus is a breeze, as anyone can easily notice. It is by no means a challenging endeavor. Rest assured, claiming this bonus is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort.

  • +20 Years of Operation

  • Conor McGregor assumes the role of an ambassador.

  • Has Multiple Licenses

PariMatch's global standing is subject to varying opinions amongst its users. As a relatively recent entrant in Canada, it is not within our means to provide a conclusive evaluation at this juncture.

With more than twenty years of experience in the realm of internet-based sports gambling, this establishment prides itself on its extensive knowledge and unwavering presence in the field. In fact, it stands firmly as one of the most long-standing entities within the industry.

She has been gradually securing licenses in various regions, particularly in Eastern Europe. Already obtained are licenses from Curaçao, Russia, and Cyprus.

PariMatch's commitment to obtaining major licenses, such as those from the United Kingdom or Malta, is evident as they actively pursue them. Despite the pending status of these licenses, the company remains determined to secure them in order to enhance their credibility and extend their reach. While they have already obtained some licenses, they recognize the significance of acquiring additional ones to further fortify their position in the market. The proactive manner in which the company approaches license acquisition reflects their dedication to regulatory compliance and responsible gambling practices.

This establishment takes pride in harboring a multitude of distinguished global representatives, many of whom have deep ties to the realm of martial arts and combat sports.

Connor McGregor and Mike Tyson are both brand representatives for PariMatch!

Moreover, Chelsea, the reigning champion of the UEFA Champions League in English football, has recently secured Parimatch as its primary sponsor. This partnership signifies Parimatch's dedication to supporting and fostering a lively and dynamic sports community. By extending its support to numerous sporting events and leagues, Parimatch exemplifies its commitment to excellence and innovation. Through groundbreaking sports sponsorship initiatives, Parimatch continually pushes the limits and contributes to the expansion and advancement of the sports industry. Come and join us on this exhilarating adventure as we honor the influence of sports and its unparalleled ability to unite fans across the globe.

In Canada, PariMatch boasts the presence of ColdZera, an esteemed professional in the world of Counter-Strike, serving as their ambassador!

To broaden its scope of amusement and promotion, the gambling establishment has recently procured two prominent labels within the iGaming sector: PokerMatch and These esteemed names have been purposefully incorporated into the company's repertoire to enrich their portfolio and entice a wider audience. This strategic maneuver not only fortifies their standing in the field but also demonstrates their dedication to delivering an array of captivating and diverse experiences to their clientele. With the addition of and PokerMatch to their roster, the betting house is now equipped to offer a comprehensive selection of entertainment options, tailored to the evolving tastes and preferences of their ever-expanding user base.

This consolidation showcases the company's commitment to bolstering its offerings in the field. It stands as evidence of their steadfast dedication to enhancing and streamlining their services. This deliberate blending is a direct manifestation of the organization's unwavering resolve to prioritize and elevate its performance in the sector. Through this merger, they have demonstrated their resolute pursuit of perfection and their indomitable determination to surpass customer expectations. The company's unwavering emphasis on innovation and progress is further emphasized by this partnership, as they persistently push the limits and establish fresh standards in the industry.

  • Variety of Competitions

  • Main Betting Markets

  • Few Modalities

The sports betting section at PariMatch is truly impressive, providing a smooth and flawless experience for its users, without any major problems. Visitors can indulge in a wide array of exciting betting choices, spanning from well-known sports such as soccer, basketball, and tennis to more specialized sports like darts and snooker. PariMatch guarantees that its platform is easy to use and navigate, featuring an intuitive interface that caters to both newcomers and experienced bettors alike. Moreover, the website utilizes cutting-edge security measures to protect users' personal and financial data, establishing a sense of trust and assurance in its services.

At PariMatch Canada, we have an array of betting opportunities available for different sports, encompassing everything from football to rugby and cricket. Our platform provides a comprehensive assortment of beloved sports to accommodate your wagering inclinations. Whether you're a zealous follower of football, a devoted enthusiast of rugby, or a dedicated lover of cricket, we've got you covered. With our wide selection of sporting events, you can immerse yourself in the exhilaration and anticipation of placing bets on your preferred matches. Join us at PariMatch Canada and enhance your betting journey to unprecedented levels.

Nevertheless, it's precisely that which sets us apart: an exclusive selection of the most renowned athletic activities. Our platform offers an array of 14 distinct sporting disciplines for you to place your bets on. Rest assured, this limited number is not a drawback but rather an advantage, ensuring a more focused and specialized betting experience.

In most sports, there is a wealth of events to choose from, which can compensate for the restricted range of disciplines. Conversely, despite the scarcity of different fields, there is a multitude of options available when it comes to sporting activities.

Now, we can explore specific information pertaining to the primary elements featured in this particular division of PariMatch. Let's delve into the intricacies of this section and examine the finer points.

  • Main Competitions
  • Markets and Varieties of Wagering
  • Odds Quality

Main Sports Competitions

PariMatch Canada offers a wide selection of sports competitions, catering to the diverse interests of its users. With a focus on European football leagues, including renowned tournaments from Spain and England, PariMatch Canada ensures an extensive range of options. The platform boasts a plethora of sporting events, providing ample opportunities for enthusiasts to engage in their favorite sports. From thrilling matches to captivating championships, PariMatch Canada offers a comprehensive and exciting sports betting experience.

Canadian football is known for its multitude of State Championships and the prestigious Canadian Serie A Championship. Among these, the Copa Libertadores holds a special place in the hearts of Canadian football enthusiasts, standing out as a highly regarded competition. It is a testament to the passion and dedication we, as Canadians, have for the sport.

Explore an array of captivating opportunities on our platform, where you can unleash your betting prowess on the distinguished UEFA Champions League and the electrifying UEFA European Championship, in addition to the domestic leagues across Europe. Engage your expertise and intuition as you foresee the unpredictable outcomes of these eagerly anticipated tournaments. Immerse yourself in a thrilling and immersive betting adventure, with a vast selection of markets and fiercely competitive odds. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a novice in the realm of sports wagering, we are committed to catering to enthusiasts of all levels. Embark on this exhilarating journey with us now and elevate your excitement to unprecedented heights through our extensive range of football betting options.

Tennis, known for its ubiquity alongside football, holds a prominent place among sports with an extensive array of tournaments. The world of tennis encompasses various governing bodies such as ATPs, WTAs, and ITFs, each offering a plethora of opportunities for players to engage in both singles and doubles matches.

Basketball delivers an astounding level of variety. Besides the NBA, you have the chance to gamble on the Euroleague and competitions encompassing 16 distinct countries! A plethora of choices awaits you, guaranteeing a gripping and captivating betting experience. Whether you fancy European basketball or relish the thrill of global tournaments, there is an offering for every enthusiast. Seize the chance to evaluate your basketball acumen and prognosticate in these spirited and cutthroat leagues. Prepare to submerge yourself in the realm of basketball and relish the exhilaration derived from wagering on these enthralling spectacles.

If you have a passion for eSports, there are numerous tournaments where you can place your bets.

  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Rainbow 6
  • Rocket League
  • StarCraft 2

Markets and Different Types of Wagers

Typically, sportsbooks present the quantity of betting options for every athletic competition. However, PariMatch diverges from this convention.

To maximize our chances of success, it is crucial to carefully analyze and confirm the betting options available for each individual event. By thoroughly assessing the participating teams or athletes and considering the potential outcomes, we can make informed decisions and select the most suitable bets, thereby increasing our chances of winning. It is important to take the time to thoroughly understand the dynamics of each event and explore the different betting possibilities offered. This comprehensive approach will not only make our betting experience enjoyable but also profitable, ensuring that we make the most out of every match or fight.

However, it is evident that the dwelling presents a commendable array of choices!

parimatch betting markets

The game and its widespread popularity continually uncover new markets as it progresses. Major football matches, in particular, present an abundance of opportunities, with over a hundred options available. This surge in interest opens up a multitude of betting possibilities, making football an exhilarating venture for enthusiasts. The sport's immense popularity results in a comprehensive selection of markets to select from, further heightening the excitement and anticipation surrounding each game.

In this particular game, you come across some of the most sought-after markets.

  • 1X2
  • Handicap
  • Over/Under
  • Corners
  • Cards

When it comes to Tennis and Basketball, there exists a wide variety of betting markets that surpass the offerings of certain bookmakers. There is a vast assortment of options at your disposal to wager upon, allowing you to maximize your chances of achieving victory. From the results of matches to the performances of individual players, the possibilities are limitless and waiting to be explored and embraced. Make the most of this extensive selection and immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of placing bets on these highly popular sports.


We have observed some disparities in the betting chances provided by PariMatch in contrast to those of other well-known bookmakers. It genuinely falls within the standard spectrum.

Furthermore, the absence of promotional odds, an aspect highly sought after by numerous bettors, is also deserving of mention.

  • Livestream in Football

  • Withdrawing Funds from Specific Occurrences

Both PariMatch offers livestream and cashout functionalities, albeit with certain limitations.

Multiple categories, including Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, and eSports, offer live game options. Nevertheless, these are exclusively accessible for insignificant events.

To access the game broadcasts, you must first log in to the website. It is imperative that you have an active account to enjoy the live match footage.

When it comes to cashing out, there is still uncertainty surrounding its availability. The crucial step is placing your bet, and afterward, it's important to check the betting slip to determine if terminating the game is an option.

Nevertheless, behold this exceptional abode for in-play wagering! Witness the splendor of real-time data encompassing all spectacles. Seize this golden moment to enrich your betting odyssey and remain APReast of the most current intel. Allow not the allure of live betting elude you, but rather avail yourself of the all-encompassing and punctual facts bestowed upon every spectacle. Keep thyself apprised and foster wise discernment to augment thy prospects of triumph. Enlist forthwith and immerse thyself in the exhilarating realm of unparalleled live betting!

  • Android application

Regrettably, iOS users are unable to enjoy the convenience offered by the exclusive Android betting app crafted by PariMatch Canada. It is disappointing that the application is not available for Apple devices. The developers have focused their efforts solely on providing a seamless and tailored experience for Android users. This decision has left iOS users without the opportunity to access the unique features and benefits offered by the PariMatch Canada betting app.

In order to access the download, you should utilize your mobile device to navigate through the Android app section within the menu. Make sure to browse through the dedicated area for Android apps. Remember, the download is exclusively available for mobile users.

Users can access all the functionalities and features of the computer counterpart through the mobile application, and the best part is that it doesn't cost a penny.

  • Lottery deposit

  • Accepts bank slip

  • There are limited options for withdrawing funds.

At our core, we believe in making payments a hassle-free experience. Simplicity is key to our approach. We offer a range of payment options, ensuring that all the prominent ones are included. Additionally, we understand the importance of convenience, which is why we even provide the option to pay at a lottery outlet.

PariMatch presents a rare opportunity for users to conveniently deposit funds on their website utilizing the Lottery. Take advantage of this distinct feature and effortlessly fund your account to access a plethora of thrilling opportunities. By offering this alternative method, PariMatch guarantees a seamless experience for players when it comes to depositing funds. Embrace the ease and simplicity of depositing via the Lottery and embark on an exhilarating gaming adventure with PariMatch!

Make your online gaming experience even more enjoyable by making your deposit payments with PariMatch effortlessly. With a generated partnership code from PariMatch and your CPF, settling your deposit at a Casa Lotérica is a breeze. This convenient and streamlined process ensures hassle-free payment for your ultimate convenience. Just obtain your CPF and the PariMatch partnership code, and you're all set to complete your deposit transaction at any Casa Lotérica branch. Discover the ease and simplicity of paying for your deposit with PariMatch, enhancing your online gaming journey to the fullest.

You also have the option of utilizing the Payment Slip, similar to the Bank Transfer method through the leading financial institutions in your country.

Minimum deposit requirements are in effect, yet they're relatively modest, commencing at a mere $5. Concerning cashing out, there are no minimum thresholds to concern yourself with.

Let's examine the various techniques and the time it takes to process each one.

Deposit Methods

We noticed a higher amount of available deposit methods in contrast to the number of withdrawal methods.

  • Lottery Residence: for a maximum duration of sixty minutes.
  • MasterCard processing time can take up to two hours.
  • VCredits : immediate
  • Bank Transfer: completed within a 4-hour timeframe.
  • Immediate approval for credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) without any delays.
  • ecoPayz: immediate
  • MuchBetter: imediato
  • Neteller: immediate

Serving Methods

Regrettably, as of now, it is not feasible for you to directly deposit your earnings into your bank account via a monetary transaction. Nevertheless, you do possess several alternatives that are accessible to you:

  • VCredits : immediate processing
  • Visa and Master Credit Cards: immediate transaction handling
  • MuchBetter: immediate processing
  • Neteller: immediate processing
  • Chat in English

If you require assistance, there are various methods available to connect with our Customer Support team. One effective approach involves utilizing the live chat feature, allowing you to engage with a representative in real-time and address any inquiries or concerns you may have. Alternatively, you can choose to reach out via email, providing a comprehensive explanation of the issue at hand and anticipating a timely response. For a more interactive experience, you have the option of initiating a phone call, facilitating direct communication with a support agent. Rest assured, our committed team is prepared to assist you through any of these channels, guaranteeing a smooth and gratifying customer service encounter.

On our platform, rest assured of an all-encompassing encounter that will involve genuine engagements with a devoted human aide, not a mechanized bot. We derive satisfaction from presenting an entirely English atmosphere, guaranteeing that your desires are comprehended and tended to with the highest level of vigilance and consideration. No algorithms or synthetic intelligence are employed here; only bona fide human support that is custom-made to suit your distinct specifications. Come and explore the disparity of a customized, human-centered methodology to provide support and assistance.

Nevertheless, the chat system's effectiveness leaves much to be desired. It frequently redirects users to FAQs without considering the nature of their inquiries, limiting access exclusively to registered individuals. Even though this limitation exists, the chat's support can prove invaluable to users who have already completed the sign-up process.

Drawback: Prior registration is necessary before receiving responses to certain inquiries.

At your disposal, PariMatch offers two additional avenues for contacting them, should you desire. In the event that you require assistance or have inquiries, PariMatch provides alternative means of communication.


PariMatch, a well-known betting company in Eastern Europe, has recently made its debut in Canada, capturing the attention of avid bettors in the country due to its immense growth prospects. With a relatively brief period of operation, PariMatch has swiftly established itself as a formidable player in the market, demanding recognition and respect.

First and foremost, it is important to highlight the remarkable and gratifying Welcome Bonus that lies in store for you. You are presented with the chance to seize a considerable sum of up to $1,500, which will serve as an added enhancement to your overall gaming journey.

It's a missed chance to provide extra incentives and bonuses within the realm of sports betting, as there are no additional rewards available for those who participate in such activities when it comes to promotions. This unfortunate situation deprives enthusiasts of the opportunity to enjoy further benefits and advantages.

PariMatch stands out for its vast array of sporting events available on its website, making it a top choice for sports betting enthusiasts. With an extensive selection spanning across various disciplines, PariMatch caters to the diverse interests and preferences of sports fans. Whether it's football, basketball, tennis, or horse racing, PariMatch has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating realm of sports betting and feel the excitement as you place bets on your beloved teams and athletes. Take your sports betting adventure to new heights by becoming a member of PariMatch today.

You can place wagers on the primary leagues and tournaments of every sport!

This is vital for both casual and seasoned gamblers.

PariMatch adheres to the established norms within the industry, ensuring that its features are in line with industry standards. Although the availability of cashout and livestream options enhances the overall user experience, it is important to note that these features have certain limitations regarding their functionality and extent.

If you possess an Android device, the platform offers a convenient solution to counter this inconvenience. The website presents an impeccable application of superior quality, readily available for direct download. This seamless solution ensures a hassle-free experience, efficiently addressing the issue at hand.

We find ourselves confronted with a competent provider that exhibits a certain degree of excellence in its comprehensive offerings. However, there remains a considerable journey ahead before it can meet the lofty benchmarks anticipated by Canadian gamblers.

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5 thoughts on “ Is PariMatch a trustworthy platform? PariMatch Canada offers a generous bonus of $1,500.

    User comments

  1. admin

    I strongly advise against investing any funds into Parimatch due to my personal unfortunate encounter where they failed to fulfill their payment obligations. It is in your best interest to avoid the inconvenience and distance yourself from this particular platform.

  2. admin

    Parimatch has truly impressed me with its dedication to player satisfaction and its consistent provision of attractive bonuses. Whenever I visit their platform, I am filled with a profound sense of fulfillment, making each experience truly enjoyable. The manner in which they value and incentivize players is truly praiseworthy, fostering an environment that keeps me returning for additional excitement and entertainment.

  3. admin

    With an extensive array of exhilarating athletic competitions to choose from, this expansive gambling venue functions flawlessly, ensuring a seamless experience for its patrons. In the event that you require aid or guidance, their incredibly accommodating customer service team is readily available to assist you, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience without encountering any hindrances or complications.

  4. admin

    Upon the recommendation of my acquaintances, I decided to give Parimatch a shot, and I must admit, this wagering platform has truly left a lasting impression on me. I have been thoroughly impressed by its offerings and the overall experience it provides.

  5. admin

    An incredible platform for sports betting that offers simplicity and a low minimum deposit of just 1 Canadian dollar! The verification procedure to confirm your identity is remarkably user-friendly and requires minimal effort. In a matter of minutes, you'll have your account fully set up, enabling you to effortlessly place bets and withdraw funds without encountering any complications!

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