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Pieces of advice for betting on baseball matches

Baseball is a less known sport in Europe, but it grows with each passing year and more people start betting on it, investing important sums of money on picks from MLB. Those that bet on baseball matches, but are still lacking in experience, have to consider a few pieces of advice that could improve their results.

1. The rank counts but it is not a priority when choosing a pick

The rank is an important aspect when choosing a pick, but the thing that matters more is the starting pitchers. It depends on them, up to a point, the winning of a baseball match. A team can record 40 victories and 20 defeats, but this thing becomes irrelevant if the starting pitcher that plays has only brought a single victory and lost 7 matches.

2. Pitchers vs hitters

The analysis of the hitters and the pitches is extremely important. You have to take into consideration that a pitcher is far more important than a hitter. Regardless a team has a good hitter, if the starting pitcher of the opponents has an excellent throw. So, when analyzing these two aspects, try to base yourself more on the pitchers.

3. Valid baseball bets

Bet365 offers the bettors the possibility of validating their own picks. They can decide whether their bet is valid regardless the starting pitchers that will be playing or the pick stays valid even if one or both announced pitcher start the match.

4. Bets on innings

The baseball match is divided in innings, more precisely, 9 innings. At Bet365 you can find various bets that refer to the first or the second half (for example, the half with the most points). Practically, the first half contains only the first 4 innings and a half of the 5th inning (the one in which the away team is batting). You will find the term 4 1/2 innings.

5. The home and way team

Being an American sport, you have to consider that the home team is the second displayed and the team that plays away is the first displayed (different from football matches).

6. Handicaps on baseball

Probably many have asked themselves: why do odds differ at handicaps? We will explain it through an example:

We have two matches. A vs B and C vs D ( A and C being away teams / B and D home teams)

A and D are favorite teams, both having an odd of 1.70 for a victory. At Asian Handicap -1.5 the home team A will have an odd of 2.60 while D (away team) will have an odd of 2.20. Why?

The explanation is the following and it contains two points:

a) The away team will be batting at least 9 times (9 innings). In the case a home team leads to the half of the 9th inning, she will be not batting anymore, so she will only play 8 innings. A home team that leads with 5-4 in the 9th inning will not be batting at the end, so the chances for here drop.

b) In case of a tie after 9 innings, extra time is given. Innings will be played until a team manages to lead. The away team is the first one that hits in each inning and she can score points if she has the chance. When it comes to the home team, the difference on the panel can not be greater than a single run, in the case there is a player on the bases and the hitter makes a home run. In the case of a base-hit, regardless of how many players there are on the bases, the home team will only receive a single point.

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