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Journalist with eight years of experience, Justin spent the last three years demystifying the Canadian betting market. By interviewing experts in the field, Justin has gained the expertise to identify which bookmakers are reliable and which strategies work (or don't!) in sports betting.
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Journalist with eight years of experience, Justin spent the last three years demystifying the Canadian betting market. By interviewing experts in the field, Justin has gained the expertise to identify which bookmakers are reliable and which strategies work (or don't!) in sports betting.
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How to Play Keno Online - 6 Trusted Websites

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How to Play Keno Online
How to Play Keno Online – 6 Reliable Sites

Keno, a game cherished by casino enthusiasts worldwide, has gained tremendous popularity. Combining elements of Bingo and Lottery, this intriguing game revolves around the art of selecting and drawing numbers. Its unique blend of chance and strategy makes Keno an enthralling experience for players of all backgrounds.

In Canada, the game gained prominence following the establishment of Keno Minas in 2010, by Intralot. It stands as one of the limited permissible games of chance in the country.

Did you know that you can play Keno online? Absolutely, there are numerous reliable online casinos that provide this game!

In this article, we will elucidate the mechanics of online Keno and provide a comprehensive guide on how to play. Additionally, we will acquaint you with the finest online casinos that offer this captivating game.

And of course, discover the art of playing free online Keno if you simply desire a few moments of amusement without investing any money into it!

Finding reputable online sites is the initial step to indulge in the world of online Keno. The key is to seek out reliable platforms that not only provide a secure environment but also offer favorable odds for potential winnings.

In addition, pay attention to other fundamental aspects that every website should have:

  • Fantastic Bonuses for Casino Games

  • Effective Customer Support

  • Clear Terms and Conditions Regarding Games

We present to you six fantastic websites that meet all the aforementioned criteria and are perfect for those seeking to play Keno online. These platforms tick all the right boxes and offer an exceptional gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, these sites cater to all skill levels and provide an immersive and thrilling Keno adventure. So, if you're ready to test your luck and experience the excitement, look no further than these top-notch online destinations. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable Keno journey filled with entertainment and lucrative opportunities.

Simply sign up for one or more of them to get started playing! Registering on one or multiple platforms is all it takes to dive into the world of gaming!

Now that you are aware of the top online platforms to play Keno and have successfully logged in, let's dive into the art of playing.

Start by selecting a game. There are multiple versions of Keno available on certain websites, such as Betmotion. Begin by deciding which variation you would like to play. Betmotion, in particular, offers a variety of options to cater to different preferences. Explore the different versions and choose the one that suits your interests the most. Once you have made your selection, you can proceed to the next step in enjoying your Keno gaming experience.

The Live Keno and Keno Jackpot games are the ones that pay out the most!

Let's say you've opted for the classic version, which, though it may differ from site to site, roughly looks like this:

Keno only Batmotion
Keno na Betmotion

Take note of how the game screen displays minimal information. This simplifies the comprehension of the rules.

  • There are 80 numbers on the bingo card.
  • You can choose up to 15 (in some versions only 10; in others, 20)
  • 20 numbers are drawn
  • The more numbers you select that are drawn, the more you win.

For instance, let's say you wagered $10 on a single number, and that very number gets chosen. In that case, you would win $30. But what's the catch?

Numeros Cano Batmotion
Jogo Keno na Betmotion

On the left-hand chart, we observe that 1 matching corresponds to the digit 3. In accordance with the game's regulations, the wagered amount of $10 is multiplied by 3. If the number 15 is drawn, you will be awarded $30.

Now let's say you choose the maximum 15 numbers you can select.

Batmotion Canoe Pontus
Layout do Keno na Betmotion

Keep in mind that if you only match one number, you won't receive anything in return. This is because the more numbers you choose, the more accurately you need to match in order to win a higher amount.

In this scenario, in order to merely recover your investment, you would need to correctly guess 5 out of the 15 numbers. However, on the flip side, if you manage to hit all of them, you could potentially win a whopping sum of $ 100,000.00!

We can argue that Keno is, consequently, the ideal game for those who enjoy taking chances. Those who have a penchant for risk-taking will find Keno to be the perfect match. It is safe to say that Keno caters to those who thrive on uncertainty and thrill. If you have a taste for adrenaline and crave uncertainty, then Keno is undoubtedly the game for you. For risk-takers seeking an exhilarating experience, Keno is without a doubt the ultimate choice.

As you can observe, Keno bears striking resemblance to Bingo and any form of Lottery, thereby attributing a significant role to luck in this game. Due to this fact, fortune holds a prominent position in gameplay.

But relax! There are ways for you to minimize the impact of luck in Keno if you heed some tips that we will provide you with. Don't worry! We have a few helpful suggestions that can help you reduce the influence of chance in Keno. However, keep calm! We have got you covered with some valuable advice that can help you mitigate the effects of luck in Keno. Take a deep breath! We have got your back with a few pointers that can assist you in lessening the impact of luck in Keno. Just hold on! We have prepared a set of useful recommendations that will aid you in diminishing the influence of luck in Keno.

Don't Pick All the Numbers.

Of course, the allure of winning $100,000 is undeniable! However, let's be honest: the chances of that actually happening are slim. The odds are not in your favor...

Furthermore, by choosing the 15 squares allocated to you, you will only reap the benefits if you manage to successfully guess all 6 numbers. In addition, it is essential to select your numbers wisely in order to maximize your chances of winning. Moreover, it is important to note that the outcome of the game is purely based on luck, making it an exciting and unpredictable experience. Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind that participating in the lottery should be seen as a form of entertainment rather than a guaranteed source of income. Remember to play responsibly and within your means, as responsible gambling is always encouraged.

Don't be fooled into thinking that increasing your chances of getting more numbers drawn will actually work. It's quite common for only 4 or 5 numbers to come out in your favor.

In other words, the more numbers you choose, the lower the likelihood of actually making any profit. The probability of obtaining a positive outcome decreases as the number of selected digits increases. Hence, it is crucial to carefully consider your number selection strategy to maximize your chances of achieving monetary gains. Remember, the key to success lies in striking the perfect balance between risk and reward.

Choose between 4 and 10 numbers.

Keno is far from being precise, but a few things are certain:

  • Choosing fewer than 4 numbers significantly decreases the likelihood of one of your chosen numbers being drawn.
  • If you choose more than 10, you'll need to get at least 5 correct to make a profit.

With more than 4 up to 10 choices, the chances of making a profit seem more enticing!

Bet with Bonuses

It might take some time for you to see gains in Keno. Hence, it is crucial to wager using the bonuses provided by the website.

Typically, online casinos provide bonuses to casino players. There are welcome bonuses available for new customers, as well as some offered to loyal clients. In general, these bonuses serve as incentives for players to enjoy their gambling experience and potentially increase their chances of winning. It's common for online casinos to offer a variety of bonuses, such as deposit bonuses, free spins, or cashback rewards. These bonuses can vary in terms of their terms and conditions, including wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal limits. Players should carefully review the bonus offers and understand the terms before claiming them, as this ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

The Welcome Bonus offers a 100% value of up to "x" Reais. In other words, when you make your initial deposit, you have the opportunity to receive an equivalent amount as an additional bonus.

In order to gain access to this amount provided by the establishment, you must adhere to a set of regulations known as the rollover requirements. Nothing too intricate, mind you!

Make the most of this "extra money" because you're betting what the house gave you, not what you invested. This way, you might even take a little more risk!

And don't forget to check out the Casinos with Free Bonuses too!

Discover the Odds of the Numbers

If you want to reduce the impact of luck in Keno, mathematics becomes your closest ally. So, let's dive into the world of probabilities!

Understanding the probabilities of number outcomes can assist you in formulating a more realistic and logical approach. Take a look at the chart:

Hits Probability
0 1 em 843.380 (0,11857057%)
1 1 em 86.446 (1,15678605%)
2 1 em 20.115 (4,97142576%)
3 1 em 8.009 (12,48637168%)
4 1 em 4.877 (20,50318987%)
5 1 em 4.287 (23,32807380%)
6 1 em 5.258 (19,01745147%)
7 1 em 8.826 (11,32954556%)
8 1 em 20.055 (4,98618021%)
9 1 em 61.420 (1,62814048%)
10 1 em 253.801 (0,39401000%)
11 1 em 1.423.822 (0,07023351%)
12 1 em 10.968.701 (0,00911685%)
13 1 em 118.084.920 (0,00084685%)
14 1 em 1.821.881.628 (0,00005489%)
15 1 em 41.751.453.986 (0,00000240%)

Prior Practice Before Betting Money

Take advantage of the opportunity to practice for free before you start betting real money at certain casinos. Make the most of this option in order to grasp the mechanics of the various game versions.

Keep in mind that in addition to the regular version, you also have the Jackpot and Live Keno options. The Jackpot presents greater rewards, but it is also more challenging to conquer. Don't forget to explore these exciting alternatives for even more thrilling gameplay experiences.

Live Keno, on the other hand, is a truly live experience. Each round, a person draws the numbers, immersing you in the thrill of being in an almost real casino. It's like stepping into the heart of the action, where every draw brings anticipation and excitement. Witness the magic unfold before your eyes as the numbers unfold, creating a sense of suspense and wonder. With Live Keno, you can savor the exhilaration of a genuine casino atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

In any case, regardless of the disparities in each rendition, ultimately the mechanics remain unchanged. In the end, the underlying principles and workings are identical across all iterations. Despite any variations that may exist, the fundamental principles remain constant. At its core, the mechanics of the process are inherently unchanging, regardless of the specific nuances in each version. However different they may appear on the surface, the underlying mechanics remain consistent. Regardless of the specific modifications made, the overall mechanics remain unaltered in the final analysis.

Practice multiple times, try to find patterns, and gain confidence before investing money.

As mentioned earlier, certain websites grant permission for Keno practice sessions prior to wagering real money. In such cases, the practice version is evidently free of charge.

You don't even need an account at the casinos when it comes to playing just to see how it works. This is fantastic for beginners!

However, it is important to note that not all versions of Keno on websites offer this possibility. For instance, playing Live Keno for free is a rarity. Keep in mind that not all sites hosting Keno games provide this option. Free play for Live Keno, in particular, is seldom available.

If you're not ready to wager any money yet but want to find out which sites offer free online Keno, you can check out the following casinos:


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