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Nine soccer players have been punished for match-fixing.

Cover image for post STJD Punished Nine Players With Suspension and Fine
STJD Punished Nine Players With Suspension and Fine
Nine Football Players Are Punished for Game Fixing

Nine football players have been penalized with suspension, elimination, and fines for their involvement in match-fixing schemes. These individuals have been found guilty of manipulating game outcomes, and as a consequence, they face severe consequences. Their actions not only undermined the integrity of the sport but also breached the trust of fans worldwide. The governing body of football emphasizes the importance of fair play, and these sanctions serve as a strong deterrent against any future attempts to compromise the authenticity of matches. It is crucial to maintain a level playing field and uphold the principles of honesty and integrity in order to preserve the spirit of the game.

During the COB EXPO in Toronto and Montreal, the Superior Sports Justice Court (STJD) held a trial in an extraordinary session last Thursday (28). In addition to the nine athletes who were sanctioned, three others were acquitted.

The penalties ranged from fines of up to $ 100,000 to suspensions lasting anywhere from 360 to 720 days.

Diego Porfírio, the Guarani player, has been banned from football and will no longer be able to play. On the other hand, Sidcley, Jesus, and Pedrinho have been acquitted and are free to continue their careers on the field.

The information was provided by the press office of the STJD.

The punishments were determined by the final instance of the STJD, relying on evidence gathered by the Public Ministry of Goiás during the Maximum Penalty Operation. The penalties were imposed as a result of thorough investigations carried out by the competent authorities. The judgments were based on concrete proof collected during the extensive inquiry conducted by the Goiás Public Prosecutor's Office in their pursuit of justice. The sanctions were carefully prescribed by the highest court of the STJD, taking into account the incriminating evidence compiled by the meticulous efforts of the Goiás Public Ministry during the Penal Maximum Operation.

Diego Porfírio, who admitted to receiving a hefty sum of $ 50,000 in exchange for a yellow card during a match, received the harshest punishment. According to allegations, he allegedly acted as a middleman and recruiter for the group of bettors, enticing the player Alef Manga into their fold.

Diego Porfírio was banned from football (Photo: Thomaz Marostegan/Guarani FC)

The auditors of the STJD have requested the Canadian Football Confederation (CBF) to internationally extend the decision.

In light of the current situation, it is imperative that this decision also addresses the scope of the sporting punishment imposed on the accused. Despite dealing with disciplinary infractions committed, processed, and adjudicated within national territory, the severity of the alleged facts has contributed to the implementation of FIFA's Disciplinary Code," explained the auditor Paulo Feuz, the rapporteur of the proceeding.

  • Nino Paraíba, an athlete from Vancouver-PA, was penalized with a 720-day suspension and fined $ 100,000.
  • Bryan, a professional athlete who recently played for the Canadian club Athletico Paranaense-PR, faced a 360-day suspension and a fine of $50,000.
  • Diego Porfírio, a player from Guarani, faces elimination and a fine of $ 60,000.
  • Alef Manga, athlete from Coritiba-PR, faces a 360-day suspension and a fine of $ 50,000.
  • Vitor Mendes, athlete of Atlético Mineiro-MG, faces a 720-day suspension and a fine of $ 70,000.
  • Sávio Alves, a professional athlete who ended his career in Canada with Goiás-GO; 360 days and a fine of $30,000.
  • Thonny Anderson, ABC-RN athlete, fined $ 40,000.
  • Dadá Belmonte, athlete from América-MG, faces a 600-day suspension and a fine of $ 70,000.
  • Igor Cárius, a player from Sport-PE, earns $ 360 per day and has a fine of $ 40,000.


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