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Poker strategies

When it comes to poker strategies, there may be a wide variety depending on the type of poker you are playing but the basic concepts for all games are the same. There is tons of information that can be found online, but the best way to learn is by first hand play. There are several different online poker rooms that allow you to play for free and even participate in free rolls which can help you to earn real money. A few of the more popular online poker rooms include Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Bet365 Poker.  You can play for real money at either low stakes or high stakes depending on what you are comfortable with.


When it comes to poker strategies, learning how to play at different times can help you to be more successful in the long run. Patience plays a huge part in any type of poker and can definitely equal money if you are patient.  A great poker player will only play approximately 25% of the hands that are dealt to them. So approximately 75% of the time players will fold their cards and their chips will be saved for a different playing hand. If you are a player who has a hard time folding hands even when you know that they are horrible cards, it may be time to call it quits for poker.


There are different types of poker strategies and not all will work all the time meaning that you may need to change up your game a bit depending on the situation at hand. Your starting hand selection is the number one reason why most players either win or lose their chips. You need to develop a clear determination of the hands that you would go in with. You should always determine what starting hands you will always play and what ones you are willing to call preflop raises with as well. If you find that you are losing more money than you are making, you should do a recap of your last few hands to determine what percentage of “see the flop” hands that you have played. If the percentage is greater than 30%, it could be that you are playing just too many hands.




Learning how to play aggressively is one of the top things that you should learn when it comes to poker strategies. Once you get dealt the cards that you have been waiting for make sure to play them aggressively. You have folded tons of cards and now that you have those pocket aces or kings you don’t want to be beaten by a limp in hand. If you feel as though you have a strong starting hand, you want to bet high enough in the beginning to get out any limpers or players that may have the chance to beat you. New players often make the mistake of slow playing a monster hand to only be beaten in the end by a drawing hand. When it comes to poker strategies, you need to learn when to play those strong hands and when to draw back a bit and let them bet into you. If you have the “nuts” which means the best possible hand, then there is no point in playing aggressive because you don’t want anyone to leave the hand at this point. If there is a chance that someone else has a good hand as well let them lead out with the betting until it gets to the point where you can only raise once it’s time for the showdown and then push aggressively. If you do start out aggressive with your top pair, it will be better to gain the blinds than lose to a drawing hand.


Most poker strategies will vary from one situation to another but you should try your best to study the other players at your table. Many new players get so wrapped up in their own cards that they don’t take the time that is needed to observe the action of the other players at the table. You want to observe how often they bet, how often they bluff or call only if they have a good hand as well as other important factors that can help you to determine when to bet, raise, call or just fold. This can help to improve your game if you learn to read the players better.


Choosing poker strategies that will work for you should be determined by several factors such as your bankroll, the amount of time that you have to put into a game and many other things. If you are low on cash or need practice, you can always play for free on many different online poker rooms including William Hill Poker, 888 Poker, Bwin Poker and Party Poker. You should never play with money that you cannot afford to lose such as rent money. Unfortunately many players will lose and continue to play; even though they are losing and not counting, the money should be going to more important things such as utilities or groceries. Poker strategies can help to teach you discipline and to track your spending. By setting a bankroll and limit for yourself each month it will make you more consciously aware of how much cash you are spending on poker each month. Once you go past your limit you need to stop until your bankroll starts over. If you are on a losing streak it can hurt your game play, so you should also walk away from the table and play at a later time or day.


Finding poker strategies that work for you and help to improve your overall game play is imperative to being a successful poker player. No two poker players play exactly alike so try out different things until you find what works best for you. Always play to win and have no mercy on other players; after all, it’s for real money.

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