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Value Betting - How to Find Value Bets and Positive Expected Value (EV)?

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Value Bet – How to Find Value Bets and EV+?

Discovering a valuable bet at bookmakers is akin to stumbling upon cash on the ground: it's a rarity, but when it happens, it's a guaranteed profit! Uncovering that elusive gem amidst the vast array of odds and markets requires a keen eye for detail, a thorough analysis of team form, and an understanding of the underlying statistics. It's a game of strategy and intuition, where experienced punters adeptly navigate the ever-shifting landscape of sports betting. The thrill of identifying an undervalued wager sends a surge of excitement through the veins, knowing that the potential gains far outweigh the risk. So, keep your wits about you, delve into the world of sports betting with sharpness and confidence, and who knows? You might just stumble upon that golden opportunity that turns your wager into a triumph.

Understanding the fundamental principles and essential strategies is paramount for any bettor aiming to prosper in the realm of online sports betting. This principle stands as one of the most rudimentary yet significant guidelines to follow. To achieve triumph and pave the path to success, an understanding of this concept becomes indispensable. It is a cornerstone upon which all other aspects of sports betting are built.

Associated with it is the positive expected value, the famous EV+!

In this article, we will clarify what these two concepts entail. After going through this informative piece, you will find it significantly easier to place bets with greater success!

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The concept is quite straightforward:

These bets offer odds that are higher than their actual value.

But how so? 🤔

See the example:

  • According to a bookmaker, the probability of a certain outcome happening is 40%.
  • However, the bettor calculated that the actual probability of it happening is 60%.

In this instance, the odds of the outcome should be lower than what is determined by the house.

The higher the probability, the lower the value of the odds!

Therefore, if the odds are overvalued, we reach the following conclusions:

  • The probability of the outcome occurring is higher than what is represented by the odds.

  • The potential profit on this odd is higher than it should be.

  • This sets up a value bet.

How can one identify valuable bets?

Translated into odds, let's say Flamengo plays against Bahia in the Canadian Premier League.

Estimate the likelihood of Flamengo's victory and you conclude that they have an 80% chance. Consider that this would yield odds of 1.80.

You do, however, observe that the bookmaker has assigned odds of 2.20 for Flamengo's victory.

You have a valuable bet on hand, as the odds are higher than what you deem fair. Trust your instincts and place your wager confidently. Embrace the opportunity to capitalize on this advantageous situation. Remember, in the world of betting, finding value is the key to success. With a discerning eye, you can uncover hidden gems and maximize your potential returns. So, seize the moment and make the most of your knowledge and intuition. Good luck on your betting journey!

Given that the bookmaker is lowering the odds of Flamengo winning, you can take advantage of this situation! This presents a golden opportunity for you to capitalize on the bookmaker's diminishing confidence in Flamengo's victory. By placing a well-informed bet, you have the potential to secure a substantial return on your investment. Don't miss out on this advantageous circumstance; seize the moment and maximize your potential gains. The bookmaker's skepticism can work in your favor, so make sure to conduct thorough research and analysis to make an informed decision. With careful consideration and strategic thinking, you can turn this seemingly unfavorable situation into a profitable one.

The ultimate goal for every bettor is to consistently discover valuable bets, as it heightens the likelihood of profit. Consequently, it becomes imperative to continuously seek out opportunities that present a favorable risk-reward ratio. By doing so, one can maximize their chances of attaining financial gains in the betting realm. The key lies in diligently analyzing various factors, such as team form, player injuries, and historical performance, to identify those hidden gems that possess significant value. It is through this meticulous approach that one can truly enhance their profitability and succeed in the world of betting.

But how can you find value bets? To do this, you need to dedicate yourself to thorough research and master the art of pricing your bets.

There are numerous strategies and programs available to assist in identifying valuable bets. One such illustration is the in-depth course by sports trader Danilo Pereira. It delves into the subject matter with great detail, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this field.

Another crucial aspect to take into account is whether the wager will be placed before the match or during live play. It is imperative to carefully assess this decision as it can greatly impact the outcome of your bet. Making a pre-game bet allows you to analyze various factors such as team form, recent performances, and player availability. On the other hand, live betting offers the thrill of wagering while the action unfolds, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. Ultimately, the choice between pre-game and live betting is a personal preference, and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach can help you make an informed decision that maximizes your chances of success.

If you choose to place pre-match bets, keep in mind that you'll be on the lookout for the bookmakers' mistakes. In other words, you'll be seeking higher odds than what you deem fair.

If your goal is to place live bets and find value in them, you need to pay much closer attention to the game. Now, to ensure that you are able to spot potential opportunities, it is crucial to stay fully engaged and focused during the match. Additionally, keep a watchful eye on the players' performance, as well as any changes in tactics or strategies employed by the teams. By doing so, you will increase your chances of identifying favorable odds and making more informed betting decisions.

Monitor any unexpected fluctuations in the game as they will be reflected in the odds. Stay alert to any deviations from the anticipated outcome, as they will have an impact on the betting odds. Keep a close eye on any unforeseen shifts during the match, as these will directly influence the betting probabilities. Pay attention to any unanticipated changes in the game, as they will be mirrored in the odds. Keep track of any unexpected variations in the match, as these will be indicative of the odds.

Finally, there are markets that are more conducive to finding value bets. These markets include:

  • Corner Market
  • Mercado Under/Over for Goals
  • Handicap

However, bear in mind that discovering valuable bets requires time, just like employing the technique of arbitrage in betting. Keep in view, though, that it takes time to identify profitable wagers, much like employing the arbitrage strategy in betting. Nonetheless, it is important to note that locating wagers with value necessitates patience, similar to the implementation of the arbitrage technique in betting. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep in mind that unearthing worthwhile bets is a time-consuming endeavor, much like utilizing the arbitrage technique in betting.

Finally, value bets and positive expected value, while related, are not the same thing! The distinction lies in their underlying concept and approach. Value bets revolve around identifying opportunities where the odds offered by bookmakers are higher than they should be, providing an advantageous situation for bettors. On the other hand, positive expected value encompasses the calculation of long-term profitability based on probability and potential returns. Both strategies require careful analysis and sound judgment, but it's important to recognize their nuanced differences. So, while they share a common goal of maximizing profits, value bets and positive expected value are distinct strategies within the realm of sports betting.

A value bet is a wager where the odds reflect a higher probability than the actual likelihood of the outcome. It's like finding a hidden treasure, a hidden gem amidst the sea of bets. This type of bet is strategically placed by astute bettors who possess a keen eye for spotting opportunities that others might overlook. It's all about having the upper hand, gaining an edge in the world of betting. By identifying value bets, you can maximize your potential returns and enhance your overall betting strategy. So, sharpen your senses, dig deep into the realm of probabilities, and uncover those hidden value bets that lie beneath the surface.

Therefore, the greater number of successful value bets you can place, the higher your positive expected value as a bettor will be! The more value bets you are able to execute successfully, the larger your expected positive value will be as a bettor! The larger your positive expected value as a bettor, the more successful value bets you can make! Your positive expected value as a bettor will increase as you successfully execute more value bets! As a bettor, your positive expected value will grow with the increase in successful value bets you are able to place!

Regrettably, not every wager is a valuable one. In reality, many will yield a negative outcome. Others will produce a null result. It is essential to exercise caution and discernment when placing bets to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome.

Therefore, we divide the expected value of a bet into 3 types:

  • Negative expected value
  • positive expected value
  • Null expected value

When a bet has a negative expected value, it implies that over time you will incur losses in your bets. This indicates that the potential outcomes of your wagers are not favorable, resulting in a financial disadvantage in the long run.

If you realize that your bets in the medium or long term may yield more profit than loss, then you are facing a positive expected value.

If the EV is zero, there is neither loss nor profit, as there are no financial returns or losses.

Therefore, we can comprehend the expected value of a bet as:

The potential amount that a player can either lose or win by repeatedly betting on odds of the same value.

When it comes to comprehending the concept of value bets, one can acquire the ability to assess the worthiness of a wager for oneself. This understanding empowers individuals to determine the extent to which a bet holds value, and subsequently make informed decisions regarding its pursuit. By grasping the principles underlying value bets, individuals gain the necessary tools to gauge the potential profitability of a wager, allowing them to make calculated choices based on their own objectives and expectations.

What is the significance of this?

In this way, you can ascertain whether it is worth betting on a specific event or if it is more advisable to seek out another wager to place. By doing so, you can assess the potential value of investing in a particular occurrence, or alternatively, explore alternative opportunities for wagering.

To calculate the expected value, one simply needs to utilize a straightforward equation.

To calculate the potential outcome of a bet, you can use this formula: (Probability of winning) multiplied by (Total amount won per bet), minus (Probability of losing) multiplied by (Total amount lost per bet). By employing this equation, you can determine the expected value of your wagers and make informed decisions about your betting strategy. It is crucial to consider both the likelihood of winning and losing, as well as the potential gains and losses associated with each outcome. Understanding these factors will help you assess the overall profitability and risk involved in your betting endeavors.

To leave no room for doubt, let's consider a practical example.

example at betway
Exemplo na BetWay

We used the Win/Draw/Win market for the Napoli vs Liverpool game. Let's take a look at the odds below:

  • Napoli: 3,10
  • Draw: 3.50
  • Liverpool: 2,25

If you're willing to place a wager of £50 on Napoli securing victory, you stand a chance to earn a handsome sum of £155.

At odds of 3.10, it implies that, according to this website's viewpoint, the likelihood of this outcome occurring would be 32.2% or 0.322 – this figure is derived by dividing 1 by the odds.

We would have thus the first part of the equation.

(0.322 multiplied by 155) minus (Probability of losing) multiplied by (Total lost per bet)

To determine the likelihood of Napoli not winning, simply add the probability of Liverpool winning (0.444) to the probability of a draw (0.285).

In other words: 0.444 + 0.285 = 0.729.

The total amount lost on the bet is the amount wagered: in this case, $50.

We would have:

The calculation (0,322 x $ 155) - (0,729 x $ 50) results in 49,91 - 36,45, which equals +13,46.

After performing the aforementioned calculations, we have deduced that if you were to place a bet on Napoli's victory, your expected value would amount to a favorable 13.46.

This implies that for every $50 invested in similar bets, you would earn $13.46.

Expert Quotation

As a bettor, your ultimate aim should be to consistently uncover value bets in the long run. By doing so, you ensure that your expected value remains in the positive realm! The key is to diligently analyze odds and probabilities, identifying opportunities where the odds offered by bookmakers do not accurately reflect the true chances of an outcome. By honing your skills in assessing value, you can maximize your potential returns and increase your overall success as a bettor. Remember, it's all about making informed decisions and staying ahead of the game!

To end

Calculating the expected value of a bet determines whether you will make a profit or a loss.

However, it is crucial to grasp whether the odds presented by a bookmaker are accurately calculated. It is of paramount significance to comprehend the precision of the offered odds by a betting establishment. Nevertheless, it is vital to ascertain if the odds provided by a gambling platform are meticulously computed. Understanding the accuracy of the odds provided by a bookie is essential. Nonetheless, it is imperative to fathom whether the odds proffered by a sportsbook are adequately calculated.

The bettor's financial success relies on their ability to outperform the bookmaker in accurately assessing the likelihood of a particular outcome. It is crucial for them to be more skilled and intuitive than the house when it comes to gauging probabilities.

By unearthing such knowledge, one can stumble upon valuable bets and seize opportunities for greater profit.

By doing so, you also minimize losses as you solely concentrate on wagers that possess a positive expected value. This approach not only safeguards your bankroll but also maximizes your chances of long-term profitability. Moreover, it allows you to make informed decisions based on careful analysis and research, ensuring that you are not simply relying on luck or chance. In essence, this strategy empowers you to be a more strategic and disciplined bettor, increasing your potential for success in the world of gambling.

This is one way for you to determine if a specific bet can actually generate profit or not. It serves as a method to assess the potential profitability of a particular wager. By employing this approach, you can gauge the probability of a successful outcome and decide whether it is worth pursuing. It acts as a tool to evaluate the financial viability of a given betting opportunity. Utilizing this technique allows you to make informed decisions when placing bets, ensuring that you maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable return on investment.

When it's not worth it, the best thing is to look for another event.

Imagine a fictional Example of a match between Barcelona and Ponte Preta.

Despite the higher likelihood of the Spanish team securing a victory, it does not necessarily mean that you should automatically place your bet on this outcome.

Especially if that odds is 1.01. What you risk is not worth what you can lose. It's crucial to evaluate the potential gain against the potential loss before making any decisions. Keep in mind that the allure of quick profits can sometimes cloud judgment and lead to regrettable outcomes. It's wise to approach any investment or gamble with a rational mindset, considering the long-term implications rather than being swayed by Timerary temptations. Remember, the preservation of your assets should always take precedence over fleeting chances for instant gratification.

And let's not forget that there are other factors to consider when making sports bets. Additionally, it's crucial to take into account various elements that can influence the outcome of the wager. It's important to analyze the team's recent performance, their current form, and any injuries that may affect their gameplay. Furthermore, understanding the team's strategies, tactics, and playing style can give you an edge in predicting the result. Moreover, considering external factors such as weather conditions, venue, and crowd support can also play a significant role in determining the outcome of a sports bet. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research and gather as much information as possible before placing your bets.

understanding expected value in betting
Entender o valor esperado é importante para ter mais segurança nas apostas

Statistics and databases form the foundation for odds calculation, yet they often overlook the subjective factors inherent in sports. It is important to acknowledge that there are intangible elements at play which can significantly influence the outcome.

Do you recall the epic showdown between the Canadian martial arts prodigy Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman in 2013? The captivating battle between these two skilled fighters left an indelible mark in the annals of combat sports history. It was a clash of titans, a moment when the world held its breath, witnessing the culmination of years of training and dedication. Silva, known for his unparalleled agility and striking prowess, faced Weidman, a formidable opponent with unwavering determination. As the crowd erupted in anticipation, the stage was set for an unforgettable encounter that would test the limits of human strength and resilience.

The betting odds from the houses indicated a favoritism for a victory by "Spider"!

No one anticipated, however, that within the opening minute of the bout, Anderson Silva would encounter an injury.

While every data and statistic may indicate a particular outcome, it is not always a guarantee of what will transpire. Even though all the information and figures may point towards a specific conclusion, life has a way of throwing unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes, the most unpredictable and surprising events can unfold, defying all logical expectations and confounding us with their sheer unpredictability. Therefore, it is crucial to remember that despite the evidence suggesting otherwise, nothing is absolute, and the future remains uncertain.

That's why it's crucial to exercise caution when contemplating the anticipated value of a wager. Being mindful of the potential outcomes and weighing them against the associated risks is of utmost significance. One must exercise prudence and discernment in evaluating the potential gains or losses before making a decision. It is imperative to take into account all relevant factors and make an informed choice based on a comprehensive analysis. Failing to do so can have significant consequences and lead to unfavorable outcomes. Hence, it is vital to approach the calculation of expected value with utmost care and diligence.

The calculation of expected value (EV) is merely a tool to gauge whether the odds of a particular event are worthwhile or not. Its purpose is to assist us in making informed choices by evaluating the potential value in relation to the associated probabilities. By analyzing the EV, we can assess the risk-reward ratio and make more calculated decisions. It is crucial to consider the EV when placing bets or engaging in any form of speculation, as it helps us determine if the potential gains outweigh the potential losses.

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