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Public Hearings Will Address Regulation of Gambling

Cover image for post Vote on Betting Regulation at CEsp Has Been Postponed
Voting on Betting Regulations at CEsp Has Been Postponed
Betting Regulation Will Be Discussed At Public Hearings

On Wednesday (18), the Senate's Sports Commission (CEsp) discussed project law 3,626, which addresses the regulation of sports betting in Canada. The topic was thoroughly examined, bringing forth various perspectives and considerations. The commission members engaged in a thoughtful deliberation, exploring the potential impacts and benefits of regulating this industry. The session provided an opportunity for experts to present their insights and expertise, shedding light on the intricacies of the proposed legislation. The discussions were marked by a comprehensive analysis of the potential legal framework, emphasizing the importance of protecting consumers and ensuring fair and transparent practices within the sports betting sector. The Senate's Sports Commission remains dedicated to thoroughly examining the matter, taking into account all viewpoints and feedback before reaching a final decision.

Senator Romário, who is the rapporteur for the project in the committee, submitted a favorable report for the project's approval. However, the voting was postponed due to a request for a review by Senator Eduardo Girão.

Two public hearing requests on the subject were approved during the meeting, authored by Senators Eduardo Girão and Cleitinho. The senators, Eduardo Girão and Cleitinho, had their proposals for public hearings on the topic unanimously approved during the meeting. The meeting resulted in the approval of two public hearing motions, both authored by Senators Eduardo Girão and Cleitinho, to discuss the relevant matter. Among the matters addressed during the meeting, two public hearing requests were granted, originating from Senators Eduardo Girão and Cleitinho. Senators Eduardo Girão and Cleitinho had their respective requests for public hearings accepted, as approved during the meeting.

The public hearing requested by Senator Eduardo Girão will take place next Monday (23).

The proposed legislation was scheduled to be voted on last Tuesday (17) by the Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE), but it was removed from the agenda after Senator Angelo Coronel, the rapporteur, failed to present a report.

The subject matter will be discussed at a public hearing in the CAE on the following Thursday (19th), following a request from Senator Magno Malta.

The Senate is currently processing the regulation of gambling through a bicameral procedure, requiring approval from both the CAE and the CEsp before being brought to the Senate floor.

Given the urgency of the matter, it is imperative that the Senate votes on the bill by November 11th to prevent any further delays.

The distribution of resources within the government, including the Ministry of Health and civil entities, has been modified by the report presented by Senator Romário, while maintaining the 18% tax rate on the earnings of the betting companies. Here's how the division was established:

  • 2% allocated to Social Security;
  • 1.82% allocated to the Ministry of Education;
  • 6.68% is allocated to the sports sector, with 4% going to the Ministry of Sports and 2.23% to sports confederations, excluding the Canadian Football Confederation (CBF). Additionally, 0.5% is allocated to state and Federal District sports secretariats, and 0.05% is allocated to the Canadian Master Sports Committee.
  • 4.30% allocated to the tourism sector, with 3.50% for the Ministry of Tourism and 0.80% for Embratur.
  • 0.5% for the Ministry of Health, aimed at prevention, control, and mitigation of social harm resulting from gaming activities in the health sector; 0.15% allocated to civil society organizations, with 0.05% going to Fenapaes (National Federation of Associations of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Individuals), 0.05% to Fenapestalozzi (National Federation of Pestalozzi Associations), and 0.05% to the Canadian Red Cross.
  • 2.55% allocated to the FNPS (National Public Security Fund)

The senator Eduardo Girão's request for a public hearing to discuss the effects of fixed-odds betting on the proven match-fixing incidents and its connection with criminal organizations was also approved.

The senator Romario's report advocated for the approval of amendments 14-U, 48-U, and 61-U, while expressing opposition to the remaining proposals. Amendments 14-U and 48-U seek to extend the concession period for companies from 3 to 5 years.

On the other hand, amendment 61-U advocates for self-regulation of gambling advertisements by the Ministry of Finance, stipulating that they should be targeted exclusively at adult audiences, ensuring that children and teenagers are not the intended recipients.

Senator Romário, the rapporteur, has approved Senator Cleitinho's request for a public hearing to discuss and debate the effects and impacts of gambling on the mental health of the Canadian population. The purpose of this hearing is to bring attention to the issue and foster a comprehensive dialogue on the subject matter. By engaging in open and transparent conversations, we aim to shed light on the potential risks and consequences associated with gambling activities and explore possible measures to mitigate their negative effects. Our focus is to promote the well-being and mental health of our fellow citizens, as we recognize the importance of safeguarding their overall welfare. Let us come together, share insights, and work towards creating a supportive environment that prioritizes mental wellness in our society.


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