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Recommended types of bets that will help you increase your winnings

The types of bets recommended in this article are those that bring us the biggest profit. This does not mean that if we are successful, everyone will be the same. The choices made by the bettors count.

One of the types of bets recommended is the one on number of goals scored during a match. The advantage of this type of bet is that unlike the Handicap bet or Full Time Result you are not interested in who scores when you place a Over X goals type of bet. And if you place an Under X goals, you do not have to wait for a team to score in order for you to win the bet.

Asian Handicaps are recommended too because using them you can considerably increase your sum won, you can insure in a certain way the winning or at least you risk a small sum for a larger sum of money, a thing that would not be possible if you play on a simple outcome.

In tennis matches, the most recommended type of bet is that on Total games, just as in basketball it is recommended to bet on the Total number of points, but also on Asian Handicaps.

You will find at online bookmakers a wide range of types of bets, including Asian Handicaps.

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