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Responsible Gambling

Sports betting should not be regarded as an income source, it represents a recreational activity and it should definitely not endanger your financial situation. The one who places bets on various sports or who places different types of special bets should understand that there are risks of losing the money and that bets can also cause addiction. The social life can be affected, for this reason it is recommended to bet only the money one can afford to lose. Never bet more than you can afford, to avoid it having a negative influence over your life or even cause problems your the family or society.

Many studies have shown that the percentage of those affected by sports betting is a modest one, but this thing does not mean it should be taken lightly, one should be aware of the risks of becoming addicted on sports betting and especially the risks of losing the money.

Try following a few important pieces of advice before starting to bet.

    1. It is extremely important to establish your allowed budget for one day’s betting, week or month. Establishing a budged over a period of time will help you better asses the risks and it gives you time to prepare the next betting strategy while taking a break in case of a failure. In case you have lost the established budget, take a break while waiting for the next allowed budget.
    2. Never bet from your working place. This thing can affect the efficiency at your working place can can also cause problems, plus more time spent on betting can easily cause addiction.
    3. Establish a target, a sum that you wish to win in a certain time span, but try to be realistic. So when you reach the sum wanted, take a break and enjoy the money won. Never enter the game with bigger stakes, establish a new budget with stakes you can afford to lose at that moment.
    4. Take a break each time you have the chance. Regardless you are successful or continuously losing, it is good to know when to take a break. The break should be as long as you feel necessary to think clearly, without being influenced by the loses or winnings.
    5. There is no such thing as safe bets or 100% winnings, the only bet of this sort is the one in which you do not bet and remain with the money assigned for the stake. Regardless how safe a match might seem, never throw in all the budget on that particular bet, learn how to manage your money so to bet on the entire period the budget was established for.
    6. Never try to make sports betting a job, there are only a few bettors around the world that managed to constantly win in order to live on the money won, it takes patience and an outstanding discipline.
    7. When you managed to win fabulous sums of money, try to withdraw them and enjoy them. In sports betting there are good periods, just like bad ones, for this reason everything can be unpredictable, do not try to continuously bet when you are winning, withdraw the money.
    8. When the money has ended, do not make the mistake of believing that you can recover it all. The attempts to recover the money can only bring you more loses. Most bettors, when losing money, can not judge properly and analyze the situation, for this reason it is recommended to avoid recovering the money.
    9. Do not dream of trusting the tips offered by websites or other bettors, it is important to analyze for yourself all the matches that will be played.
    10. Never borrow money for sports betting, it represent money that you can not afford to lose. Borrowing money for sports betting can ruin your social life. Try and keep calm and always be in control over the situation.

Of course, in theory everything is easy, we mostly fail in applying these rules and for this reason seek professional help when you feel you have lost the control over the situation. There are non profit organizations or even paid ones that can help you fight the addiction or other problems caused by sports betting.

GamCare is from Great Britain and deals with counseling those that have problems with sports betting and gambling, offering support and advice to help you get over the period in which you are affected by bets. They will explain to you all the details in which your social life can be affected and all the risks you are exposed to when betting or gambling. The phone number they can be contacted is  0845 6000 133.

Gamble Aware comes in the aid of bettors as an independent charitable organization. This organization can help you cure the addiction or all problems regarding sports betting. They constantly study the bettor’s behavior and try to find the ideal solution for each individual. Contact them with confidence and you will receive only good pieces of advice.

They are few of the most renowned websites you can contact, but there are many more others, a simple search on Google can show you many other companies and organizations. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to contact them, even though you are not facing any problems right now or they are barely starting. It is easier to prevent than to treat.


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