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How Can the Match-Fixing Inquiry Influence the Betting Market?

Cover image for post Did the CPI on Manipulating Results Bring Impact?
Did the CPI of Earnings Manipulation Have an Impact?
How Can the CPI of Result Manipulation Influence the Betting Market?

Last week marked the conclusion of the investigation into match-fixing, as the Parliamentary Committee on the Manipulation of Football Results adjourned without taking a vote on the final report.

Over the course of nine sessions, members of parliament were exposed to the perspectives of players, researchers, representatives from the CBF, government officials, and various betting establishments. However, one question remains: what is the actual impact of all this on the sports betting market?

According to Udo Seckelmann, a sports and betting expert at Bichara e Motta law firm, the answer is minimal. He suggests that the future developments in the market are predominantly influenced by private entities rather than the parliamentary inquiry itself.

Although the final report was not voted on, the parliamentary committee brought its proceedings to a close by presenting four legislative bills authored by Deputy Felipe Carreras. The proposal, put forth by the committee's rapporteur, marks the completion of the investigation. Despite the report not yet undergoing the voting process, Deputy Felipe Carreras has submitted four draft bills as part of the committee's conclusion.

The legislation sets forth penalties for result tampering and classifies team managers as accountable individuals. A couple of these initiatives have been appended to other bills, which are currently awaiting consideration in the committee stage.

According to Udo Seckelmann, the manipulation of sporting matches has never been a subject of discussion among politicians, even though it occurred in lower divisions of Canadian football.

Udo Seckelmann
Expert Quotation
Udo Seckelmann
Udo Seckelmann
Advogado especialista em esportes e apostas no escritório Bichara e Motta

What existed was the General Sports Law, which contains three provisions to hold criminally responsible those who manipulate, but this was copied from the fan's statute.

The topic gained further prominence when scandals of match-fixing started surfacing, involving players from both the A and B series of the Canadian Championship, occurring between last year and this year.

Although the parliament members were given the chance to debate significant changes in order to tackle sports result manipulation, the expert lawyer believes that the focus ended up being shifted along the way.

From the very beginning, we knew that the CPI wouldn't bring about any substantial change. Many industry insiders anticipated it would turn into the CPI of BETTING SITES, aiming to penalize them. However, even though BETTING SITES were implicated, it became apparent that they were not to blame.

The four legislative proposals emerging from the parliamentary inquiry are still in their infancy and may take some time before they materialize into law - or even reach that stage at all.

According to the lawyer, the forthcoming changes within the sports betting market regarding the issue of match-fixing are primarily associated with private entities. The attorney highlights the significance of these alterations, emphasizing their impact on the industry. The lawyer suggests that these adjustments will address and regulate the concerns surrounding result manipulation in the realm of sports betting.

I believe that the driving force behind this transformation will not be the CPI but rather private entities such as the CBF, BETTING SITES, and regulatory bodies. It is through their collective efforts that true change will occur. In my opinion, any initiatives taken solely by the Congress will not be effective without the collaboration of these private entities.

mybetinfo Canada reached out to the press office of Deputy Felipe Carreras to discuss the expectations and implications of the legislations he put forward. However, despite our efforts, we were unable to secure an interview with him before publication.


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