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Rules and tips for horse betting that will help you win more

Lately, more and more bettors want to place bets on different sports, not belonging to a single domain. There are numerous bettors that love to bet on horse races and that would like to start betting on this particular sport, but they don`t know what exactly to do and on what to base their decisions.

This article basically lists the main rules when we talk about horse betting and you will find out what exactly to look for when you want to start placing bets on this sport.

What are the rules you have to consider?

    • Each morning try and choose a horse that has the smallest number of days from his last victory. This is a chance of winning an important sum of money, of course, if you keep this thing in mind.
    • If there is a large number of horses that meet these conditions, in different races, in the same day, they all deserve the winning support.
    • If there is more than a horse that meets the first rule in the same event, then the competition should be ignored.
    • There rules are applied best to the horse races in Great Britain.
    • When considering the stake, it would be ideal for the sum to be around 5 pounds or dollars, it should not surpass more than 5% of your entire bankroll.
    • Keep into consideration that almost all top horses win after a recent victory. They are most of the times present in other competitions in no time, in order to avoid penalties. These are the horses that advance in quick show-ups and when they are rising, it is hard to stop them, of course, if they maintain their performance.
    • You can bet on the horse that has won his last race, only if the victory came in the last 10 days and it should have been held on a track of the same distance as the one you want to make a tip. If you want to use this rule, ignore the race in which there are at least 2 horses that are meeting the above criteria. Regardless these races are on flat course or on one with obstacles, these rule can be applied.
    • You can bet every day on the victory of your favorite horse, but this thing does not guarantee winning on the long term, because no one can guarantee that the horse will always win. Anyhow, this is a type of bet that rarely fails. Bet on your favorites only if you are sure of their success. This is the reason why the least favorite ones bring us benefits in the long term, due to their generous odds.
    • Do not necessarily base your decisions on the previous seasons, because it is not that relevant such as their actual condition, on which you want to bet. Think twice before placing a bet on the horses that come after a long break from competitions.
    • Try not to hold back when you bet on the horses that have not made it between the first 3 in their last apparition, but that previously have had a good performance. Probably these horses do not win as often as the favorite ones, but they do have advantageous odds.
    • There is a series of horses that run pretty well on certain tracks. Try to consider this fact and analyze the starting position from which they succeed in obtaining a good result, place tips only when you are sure on your analysis.
    • Check the state of the track and also the type of ground because these things can heavily influence the quality of the race. There are horses that like to run on softer soil, some like the harder one and some do not have any kind of trouble running on both of them. How can you find out these things? Analyze the previous performance of the horses from this point of view and you will see the conclusions you can draw.
    • Do not observe only the horses. The riders are just as important and their contribution to the victory counts too. They manage to dose the energy of a horse and quickly decide how fast they need to gallop in the first phase of the competition, during it and especially at the end of it. They have to direct the horses and know when to launch the final attack. It is considered that even the best riders have an efficiency rate of 15-20% during the entire season.  So, this criterion should not be the only rule by which you have to abide when placing a bet.
    • See what was the last race in which one ran. If a horse makes a comeback in the official competitions after a whole year, even two, he should be treated with precaution. Some horses compete quite often, once every 2-3 days and some only twice a week. Check the physical condition of each horse, this is extremely important.


If you keep in mind these rules, you should prove to be an effective bettor when you place a tip on horse races, just like in any other sport. In order to place precise and correct bets, you need a thorough analysis of the event. Just think that no strategy, no system can bring you a bigger profit than a well analyzed bet, so calculate everything thoroughly. Try to master as many rules as possible from the ones presented above and you would succeed in winning on the long term.

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