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Rummy 500 and card values

Rummy 500 is a great rummy game that is very easy to play and that has managed to attract millions of fans from all over the world thanks to the interesting and difficult rules that it has. Now you can play Rummy 500 using the services of a great online rummy website that is very popular for the top services and features that it provides, RummyRoyal.

We must start by informing you that Rummy 500 is a game that can be played by 4 players using one full deck of cards which includes 2 jokers. The main objective of this game is to be the first player that manages to achieve a large number of points (500) by forming melds and laying them down.

Rummy 500

Rummy 500

Rummy 500 is a great game for those rummy players that want to enjoy an excellent gameplay and the excitement of being the first player which manages to reach the big target: 500 points.

In Rummy 500 every player has a turn in which he/she must draw a card from the deck or the top of the discard pile and discard a card into the discard pile. Between drawing and discarding, a player can form melds and lay them down.

A meld consists of:

Set – 3 or more cards from the same rank.
Run – 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit.

As you can see, playing Rummy 500 is not so different than playing Traditional Rummy because the rules are similar. We must mention that if you are playing in Single Tourneys, the winner of the game is that player which manages to collect the target points, and in Multi Tourneys the winner is the last player that manages to stay at the final table.

You have to know that in Rummy 500 the cards have the following values:
– the number cards have the value of the face numbers;
– Aces: 1 or 11 points;
– Royal cards: 10 points;
– Jokers: the value of the cards that they represent.

Overall, Rummy 500 is a good game that can be played online with your friends using the services of a top rummy website, RummyRoyal. Join RummyRoyal in order to play online Rummy 500 for free and to receive a 5$ bonus without deposit!

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