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Rummy 500 card values and moves

Rummy 500 is one of the most difficult online rummy game because it has a big target score that you must achive in many rounds. This outstanding game can be played using the services of RummyRoyal, an excellent rummy website that is very serios and reliable. The good things is that now you can receive some amazing bonuses from RummyRoyal: a free 5$ welcome bonus and a first deposit bonus up to 200$.

First of all we have to mention that you can play Rummy 500 online with 2-4 friends. This game is played using a full deck of cards including jokers.

Rummy 500

Rummy 500

The cards have the following values:

The Ace has 1 or 11 points.
The Royal cards have 10 points.
The Joker has the value of the card that it represents.
The rest of the cards have the value of the face numbers.

In Rummy 500 you can use an interesting move called “Calling Rummy”. More exactly, if one of your opponents throws a card to the discard pile that can be added to an existing meld found on the table, then you can call “Rummy!”.

Rummy 500 is a game that can be played in Single Tourneys and Multi Tourneys. A game in a Single Tournery can be won when a player collects the game target points and a game in Multi Tournerys can be won by the last player that stays at the final table.

The Rummy 500 game consists of two major moves that are used in any rummy game:

Drawing a card from the deck or from the top of the discard pile
Discarding a card into the discard pile.

Between these two moves, a player must try to form melds from the cards in hand and lay them down into the melding zone. A meld is represented by sets and runs (set=3 or more cards from the same rank, run=3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit).

In order to win this game you have to be the first player that manages to reach the target score: 500 or at least to be the last player standing at the table.

Rummy 500 is a very interesting game that can bring lots of fun and joy. Open an account on RummyRoyal in order to play Rummy 500!

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