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How to play Rummykub – Rummy card games

The game of Rummykub is a variation of the Traditional Rummy game that many people have grown to love. However, new players are being drawn in to the excitement that it offers, but many aren’t sure how to play. It may seem like a daunting task to learn the new game on your own but fortunately Rummy Royal can provide you with many benefits including free game play. You can play for free until you learn the rules of the game and feel as though you are ready to move onto real live cash action. You will even receive $5 for free that requires no deposit just for signing up.

Rummykub unlike Traditional Rummy will be played with colorful tiles that have the numbers 1 – 13 (two sets of four colors) which include jokers as well. Another difference between this game and Traditional Rummy is the facts that all players have the ability to disassemble existing melds and arrange them to help get rid of the rest of the tiles in their current hand.  This is two very unique attributes that helps to set this game apart from other variations of Traditional Rummy.

The game normally is played by 2 – 4 players with the main objective being for one player to be the first to reach a minimum of 200 points. In the game of Rummykub points will be received by players who have successfully melded their tiles into the melding area. As with most Rummy games, there are two types of melds which include runs and sets. Runs must consist of at least three tiles that are in sequential order that are of the same color. Sets are made up of tiles that are the same number but in different colors. The melds can only be disassembled or built only when 3 circumstances are true: a player has already melded their first real meld which equals at least thirty points, a player will need to add at least one card onto the current melds and all melds that are on the table at the end of the players move are valid.

In the game of Rummykub there will be 2 face tiles which are the joker tiles. Each of the jokers can be used in order to exchange them for other tiles in the game. If for some reason the round ends and a certain player has a joker in their hand, they will be penalized thirty points for having the joker. If a player has successfully gotten rid of all of their cards, the round will then end. At this time any player with tiles still remaining in their hand will be given penalty points while the winner will receive the other player’s penalty points in the form of bonus points. The game will end when a player has received at least 200 points.

As already stated as with any new game, it can be confusing when you are first learning to play Rummykub but with Rummy Royal you can play against other players of all levels of experience. You can choose to play for free against other beginners or against people who have more experience which will help you along the way. You can play for free as long as you like or until you feel as though you are ready to deposit real money. With great customer service and several different deposit methods available you will be playing the game like a pro in no time. You will even receive $5 for free for just signing up with no deposit required. You can choose to play in cash games or even in tournaments. With the variety that is offered here you will wonder why you never started playing the Rummykub game earlier.

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