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Serena Williams vs. Ana Ivanovic 20 oct. 2014 – Betting tips

In this afternoon, the opening game for BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore or in short The champions tournament will be played between Serena Williams (the main favorite and also the champion) and Ana Ivanovic (former number 1 world wide)WTA Finals (First set winner)

Direct Matches ▬ Serena Williams (7) : (1) Ana Ivanovic
2014 – WTA Cincinnati – hard outdoor court – score 6:4 6:1 – Serena Williams (final)
2014 – WTA Stanford – hard outdoor court – score 2:6 6:3 7:5 –  Serena Williams (quarterfinal)
2014 – WTA Roma – clay court – score 6:1 3:6 6:1 – Serena Williams (semifinal)
2014 – Australian Open – hard outdoor – score 4:6 6:3 6:3 – Ana Ivancovic (16th rounds)
2012 – US Open – hard outdoor – score 6:1 6:3 – Serena Williams (quarterfinal)
2011 – US Open – hard outdoor – score 6:3 6:4 – Serena Williams (16th rounds)
2009 – WTA Dubai – hard outdoor – score 6:4 6:4 – Serena Williams (quarterfinal)
2006 – US Open – hard outdoor – 6:2 6:4 – Serena Williams (3rd tour)

Serena Williams  is the most titled player between the 8 players which will play in this edition of Champions Tournament. United State of America’s tennis player won this competition 4 times (2001, 2009, 2012, 2013). We have to mention that in the past 6 seasons, she disputed 13 matches on hard indoor and didn’t taste the defeat, only sets that she lost were the ones in WTA Finals semifinal last year against Jelena Janokovic (6:4 2:6 6:4) and against Na Li (2:6 6:3 6:0). Many refer to her as the best player of all times, even though tennis players like Martina Navratilova or Steffi Graf won the Champions Tournament more times than she did. The main thing that characterize her is the aggression and the strength, And many jokes are mad about this, many people saying that she has to be transferred from WTA to ATP (masculin). In this moment she can’t be defeated, only if she has a pretty off day and her opponent manages to play a perfect match. Starting from her serve to the countless winners also on forehand and backhand, Serena Williams is undefeated. Only minus for Serena is the fact that she don’t move much on the court, playing in the same point for too long. One would say it is because her age, given the fact that in the past years she didn’t play in all the tournaments in which she was invited.

Ana Ivanovic played in semifinals in 2007. She has 55 victories in feminine circuit this years, that makes her number 1. Even though she didn’t manage to make performance at a Grand Slam level, Ana Ivanovic impressed with her desire to be in the first 10 players in the world this year, and to play in Champions Tournament this year. She treated very serious all tournaments in which she played, and by doing this she won and now she will play this match today, because she has talent, but lately she focused more on advertising and other activities not related to tennis. In her good days she has a pretty good serve, which can compete even against Serena’s, and in some moments – as we saw in direct matches disputed this year, he managed to surprise her, with angles that seem impossible, on the backhand, as well on the forehand. If in previous years she had a complex and most of people would say she will lose certainly, we can’t say the same thing about this season’s meeting, because all matches were close, even more the most important victory in Ivanovic’s career was on the hard court in Austrelian Open tournament!

Serena Williams – Ana Ivanovic, betting odds:
The match winner (12): 1,24 4,10
Total games (over/under 20.5): 1,88 1,87

  • To win at least one set – Ana Ivanovic

    In the last couple of hours the odds started to drop for an eventual victory for Ana Ivanovic, but this is not the main reason for which we choose the tip “to win at least one set”, but the fact that in 3 out of 4 direct matches disputed along this season, Ana managed to self-improve, win that set that we need today in order that our tip with odds of 2.08 to win! Considering that from US Open (one and a half month before), Serena Williams played in only two tournaments (Wuhan & Beijing) and in every one of them she was determined to retire (the official responses wrere “dizziness” and “knee injure”), we expect that Serena Williams won’t pe 100% able to give all that she can in order to prevent a possible injure, given the fact that she will have, at least from what we believe, two easy matches against Simona Halep and Eugenie Bouchard! We believe that Ana has experience and she can make a pretty good match today, plus she moves better on the court.

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    Odds: 2,08
    Chance: 7/10

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