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Simona Halep vs. Eugenie Bouchard – Betting tips

Romnia come to this tournament, WTA Champions Tournament, after 16 years of abesnce, because of Simona Halep and her talent, a performance which was really hard to imagine a couple of seasons ago. Simona Halep is part of the Red Group this tournament along side Serena Williams, Eugenie Boughard and Ana Ivanovic. The first two players will be qualifying for the semifinals and will compete against the first two players from the White Group, which in which players like Maria Sharapova, Petra Kvitova, Agnieszka Radwanska and Caroline Wozniacki will try to win the first two places.
WTA Finals (First set winner)

Only by being at this tournament brings all players 210 WTA points, each victory won in the group phase will be reward with 160 points, and an eventual victory in semifinals phase will be reward with 360 WTA points, the final victory will be reward with 450 points. So, if we quick sum up the points, we came to realize if the future champion of this tournament will win without losing any game, she will add 1500 WTA points.

The champion will win $2.20 millions (if she finishes the tournament without losing), the one who makes to the final match but doesn’t won receive $1.10 millions and the semifinalist receive $606.000. The players that don’t manage to obtain any victories will receive $140.000, and a victory brings another $143.000.

The only Romanian players who played at this WTA Champion Tournament are Virginia Ruzici (1983 and 1984) and Irina Spirlea (1998), and only the last one played in semifinals.

SIMONA HALEP: “It was my dream to play in WTA Champions Tournament and a major objective from the beginning of 2014. I am happy that I got the chance to play against the best players in the world”

Eugenie Bouchard will be the first opponent for Simona Halep in this tournament. The two players are considered the most talented players from the new generation and they played against each other this year on hard outdoor court in Indian Wells (6:2 1:6 6:4 for Simona Halep) and on grass court at Wimbledon (7:6 6:2 for Eugenie Bouchard, after Simona won almost won the first set, but she injured herself and didn’t manage to finish the game).

“It is very hot outside, and inside to much air conditioning. I had some nasal problems, but now I am better and I try to recover as soon as possible in order to play this match! Whit all this, I still feel ready, and I don’t feel any pressure!” SIMONA HALEP

The court is the main opponent for Simona Halep in today’s match, but not only hers but for all players that were at Singapore, even though the court is named after the classic “hard indoor”, is just a painted wood. “About the court I can’t say too much, is quick and slow in the same time, the ball doesn’t jump too much. Is a painted wood on which I hadn’t play that much this year, but I am getting used to it. I think that for all players the experience is the same. We all can feel the difference between courts, so we just have to stand there and get used to them quick” so we’ll see which one of them will get used quickly.

Despre lecția pe care a învățat-o anul acesta…

“Să am mai multă grijă de corpul meu, pentru că poate nu întotdeauna am făcut lucrurile care trebuiau făcute. La Wimbledon, de exemplu, trebuia să joc cu tape pe glezna stângă, pentru că iarba poate fi foarte dificilă pentru picior. Anul viitor voi încerca să fac din absolut fiecare meci și fiecare turneu în parte un obiectiv. Pentru că fiecare meci contează pentru cariera ta, fiecare meci este important. Îmi doresc mult asta.”

About the matches’ common points with Serena Williams, Eugenie Bouchard and Ana Ivanovic…

“They are all taller than me, they all have a strong kick than me. Even though I had played, and won, sometimes I lost, so everything can happen. Even against Serena Williams I got a chance, and I will work for it!”

About the tournament’s format…

“I feel ready for this tournament, I wished to be here since last year from Sofia. Even though that tournament had groups, you can’t compare them, there were players from 20-30. I trained as I do for any other tournament. You can lose and still be in the tournament. I don’t feel any pressure.

Eugenie Bouchard: the strengths and weaknesses…

We can say that the main strengths of Eugenie Bouchard are the first serve, more efficient (being taller) and the fact that she can hit harder with the forehand (is a strong player, which many times kick and wins) If the serve and the forehand kick are her strengths, we can say the same thing about the backhand, where she makes the most of her mistakes in matches. Another big disadvantage is the way she moves in the court, not even that she never moves to the net, but also in the baseline she plays on the left side every time. And one last weak point which we want to outline is the fact that she can’t make her game is the opponent don’t leaves enough space for her to move and strike decisively.

Our tip suggestions

  • Simona Halep will win

    Even if in the moment when the bookmakers added the odds for victory, Simona Halep was considered favorite with odds of 1.72 and now she has odds of 1.92 we consider that Simona starts the game with the first chance, like she did in the previous two direct matches! The court is much slow than quick, given the fact that is some kind of painted wood, a plus for Halep which plays the best on clay courts, the slowest court in WTA. Even though she doesn’t have a serve like Bouchard, Simona Halep is more aggressive on the return side and she moves excellent on court. We’ll see a pretty interesting duel between between the serve and forehand of Bouchard on one hand and the return and backhand of Halep. We have to say that both are playing for the first time at WTA Finals, but Simona Halep has the least years’ experience when she won at WTA Sofia, a Champions Tournament at a smaller scale. We consider that both are pretty valuable players, and they will let the pressure aside and focus on the main objective of the match, and that is to win and get a place in semifinals.

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    Odds: 1,95
    Chance: 8/10

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