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Six reasons for choosing an online casino over a regular one, so start playing online

Lately, once with the rapid expansion of online casinos, the controversy started around the addiction created by games of chance. The people that are against these games of chance consider that these online casinos are making more and more gambles spend the money that they do not even possess, thus creating a weakness for these games of chance (at regular casinos you need to have cash, but at the online ones one uses credit cards, thus not feeling the loss in the same way).

Contrary to these, we say that there are a few reasons for which we think that online casinos are a safe place to spend money, safer than at a regular casino. The reasons are the following:

There is no leaving pressure
In many cases, at regular casinos a players feels the pressure of playing a last hand, despite the fact that he has already lost too much. This thing happens because they know that if they have a small amount of money, they will quickly come back to the casino. On the other hand, at an online casino, when luck is not on the side of the gambler, he can log out and come back another day. This thing removes the pressure that players feel when they need to win fast the money spent and ultimately ending up losing more.

Choosing the games
In most times, when the casino is packed, you can not play the game that you want. For example, if one wants to play blackjack and does not find a free table, he goes at another one, where the chances of losing money are greater because they are not mastering too well this new game. There are also cases when at an online poker room the stakes are higher that the player can afford. At an online casino, this thing never happens. All the games are available and the stakes start at a few euro cents.

The time to think
The alert game from a regular casino can attract you more than you have originally planned. This way you can lose bigger amounts of money, more than at an online casino, where you play at home, in front of your computer and you have time to think over your moves and there is less pressure to think over the spent money. Many times, this possibility to think twice before joining a table is sufficient enough to make the gambler realize that he has spent the entire budget permitted for games of chance.

Predetermined limits at online casinos
If at a regular casino, no one tells you that you have played to much money today, at the online one there generally is a deposit limit for a certain period of time. Then there are places where gamblers ask for help if they think they have problems with games of chance.

Just for the fun`s sake
At an online casino, you can play just for fun, meaning without risking your money. Of course you can not win money this way. The main idea is that by playing this way, you get the same adrenaline without risking your money. This think can not be said in the case of a regular casino.

Bonuses and promotions
A regular casino will never offer you bonuses or promotions. On the other hand, at online casinos you have a first deposit bonus and at some casinos you get bonuses for the following deposits too. Plus, you have promotions where you can win extra money. Some casinos offer the possibility to accumulate points. If you play 200 Euro, you can get 2 points that can be traded in for a sum of money.

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