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Skrill, a safe way of withdrawing and depositing money

Skrill (open an account now) is an online payment option, alongside with credit/debit cards, Neteller or PayPal. This payment method is regulated according to the laws of England and Gales, so Skrill is a safe digital payment company that offers security and data protection, but also, the money you deposit are safe in this online digital wallet.

What do you need to consider when logging in to the Skrill account or making a payment using this online wallet!

We start this article through saying that there are many who lost money because they didn’t pay attention. Skrill will never ask your account logging password and if you receive an email requesting it, you should never send it because you risk losing all the money from your account. Likewise, when you log into your Skrill account you should pay attention to the link you are accessing it. The Skrill website is secure, this meaning that in front of the URL you will see a green background with a lock followed by the text “SKRILL HOLDINGS LIMITED”. If when you access the Skrill website you don’t see this security aspect, then don’t log in. You should pay attention to the same thing when depositing money at a less known bookmaker (the new page you open for payment confirmation needs to be secure).  SkrillSkrill (Moneybookers) history

Until 2011 this digital payment company was called Moneybookers. It took the name of Skrill in June 2011 and in the following year one could make the first online transfers. In the last three years since the first Moneybookers transactions they have reached over one million clients. The online payment method was bought in 2007 by Inverstcorp Technology Partners. The website’s expansion to a world class continued and in 2008 they had over six million users. With such a high number of clients, Moneybookers decided in 2009 to offer their own set of prepaid cards, Prepaid MasterCard and also in that year began the collaboration with eBay.

The name changing plan from Moneybookers to Skrill began in 2010. In the same year, The Sunday Times classified the British company who owned Moneybookers as being on the first place, from the growth point of view. Also in 2010 Moneybookers reached 20 million customers and over 100.000 merchants accepted payment from this online wallet. In 2013 the name change to Skrill was completed once with the launching of the website. During the same year, the company buys paysafecard, the top European provider for prepaid payment solutions. Up to the present there are payments made on Skrill in over 40 currencies and in over 200 countries. The digital wallet has 36 million customers and 156.000 merchants accepting Skrill as a payment option.

We made this brief summary in order to show that the online wallet is a serious one, who quickly developed and who through the large number of customers becomes a safe solution of online payments. Likewise, Skrill is licensed by FSA, so they follow strictest rules.

How to open a Skrill account?

Opening a Skrill account is quite simple. Click here and then click on the upper right button saying “Sign in”. In the next phase a new page will open:

Skrill log in

Skrill log in

Now complete all the data as it follows:

-select whether you wish to open a personal or business account
-country of residence, for example we put Romania
-select the currency, here you have more options
-select the language
-first name, just as it appears on the id card
-last name, just as it appears on the id card
-address line 1, complete your full address as it appears on the id card
-city, enter the city
-postal code
-phone number, here you can add both the land line or mobile phone
-click on “Continue to step 2″ in order to proceed to the next phase of the registration.

A new window will open such as the one below.SkrillHere you will have to fill in:
-email: very important, it needs to be a valid one, otherwise you won’t be able to use your account
-date of birth: again, it is very important when you make any transactions with other Skrill users
-password: fill in the password, but choose a more difficult one (write it down on a piece of paper). The idea is that if you choose a simple password such as the favorite team, year of birth or favorite car, anyone can easily steal it.
-re-enter the password
-write the code seen in the image
-check the box with “Please let me know…” if you wish to receive promotions over the email.
-click on “Accept and create account” in order to complete the registration

After the registration is completed you will receive an email with the account activation link.

How to add a card to the Skrill account?

In order to add a card with which to deposit or withdraw money you need to follow these steps:

Click on “Cards and Bank Accounts”

Click on “Add credit or debit card”

Fill in all the required data such as the Card number, Expiry date and security code.


How to add a bank account to your Skrill account?

In order to add a bank account where to withdraw the money from your Skrill account you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Click on “Cards and bank account”
  2. Click on “Add a bank account”
  3. A new window will open as the one below and you will need to fill in the Bank sort code and the Account number. The list with the Bank sort code can be taken from the bank and for the Account number you need to look at the contract made when opening the bank account.


How to modify the Skrill account data?

In order to modify all the data and the account settings you need to click on “Settings”. A new page will open where you have three options, ” Account settings”, “Personal info” and “Limits & Verification”

At “Account settings” you can change: the language, the password, auto accept payments (it is recommend to activate it, so when you receive the money, you no longer need to confirm the payment), email preferences, an option you can leave active in order to receive the Skrill promotions sent over the email. Here you can also close the Skrill account. SkrillAt “Personal info” you can change the email address or you can add a second one. Here you can also change your name, address and you can see at the bottom that you can also change the phone number.SkrillLimits & Verification” is the page where you can check your account. Here you can also see the limits for a transaction, cumulative or for a withdrawal.Skrill

Verifying the Skrill account

The verification of the Skrill account is a very important process. If you don’t do it, you risk remaining with the money blocked into the account or you might even find yourself with the account closed.

On the Skrill website there are automatic options available for the verification of the account. Besides these options, you might be asked to hand in a scanned copy of the ID card and a recent copy of a bill (gas, water or electricity).

How to verify the Skrill account if I don’t have a bill with my name on it? This is a common question I received from many people. The easiest way is to go to the bank where you have an account and ask for a detailed statement, copy it and send it to Skrill.

How to verify the card with Skrill? When you wish to check the credit or debit card then enter the Skrill account and click on ” Cards and Bank account”. Then click on “Verfication” near the card you wish to verify. Skrill will debit a small sum on your credit card. You will need to go to the bank and check the sum deposited. The money will show up in your national currency, but Skrill will list the sum in Euro.

How to raise the limits at Skrill? You can raise the limits of your transactions by verifying the credit or debit card in the Skrill account. In order to raise to the maximum the limit of the transactions you need to offer them copies of the two documents above mentioned (ID or driving license) and a copy of a bill with your name on it (otherwise a bank statement).

Why is Skrill recommended for bettors, what are the advantages?
Skrill is a payment wallet good for bettors because it offers a few advantages about which we will talk in the following lines.

  • The Skrill account is free

There is no fee for opening the Skrill account. Likewise, there is no annually fee for account maintenance.

  • We no longer offer the bookmakers our card data

Skrill is a recommended payment method for bettors, especially for those who are not sure that certain gambling websites will keep them safe. So using Skrill for depositing and withdrawing money from online bookmakers, you won’t be needed to use each time the bank account data. They will only be used once, when you register your card to the Skrill online wallet, but here the safety is high so you needn’t worry for your data protection.

  • Fast access to withdrawn money from the online bookmakers

Skrill is also recommended to bettors due to the fact that you have a fast access to the money you wish to withdraw from the online bookmakers. When it comes to bank wire, it usually takes 3-5 working days. So if we were to withdraw on Thursday, the money will enter the account no sooner than Monday night or Tuesday morning. On the other hand, when using Skrill the money enter your account much faster and in the above mentioned example, you would have your money until the weekend. Plus, there are online bookmakers where the Skrill withdrawals are made almost on the spot (we received a payment from Pinnaclesports in 2 minutes from requesting it). Some may say that this is not a great advantage because if you were to withdraw money from the Skrill account in your bank account you need to wait for 2-3 days. This is correct, but having money in your Skrill account you can use them for other purposes, such as paying bills online. Plus, you can request a Skrill card, case in which you have access to the money on the spot.

  • Avoiding deposit problems had with the credit/debit card

At the Skrill account you can add any type of card you wish. On the other hand, at online bookmakers you can’t add any type of card you want. At the first sight it doesn’t seem a big deal, because whoever wants to bet online will surely choose a valid card for deposits. Still, there are cases in which a person doesn’t want to open another bank account to use just for betting and for nothing more.

  • Instant transactions between private accounts

Besides the advantages had towards the online bookmakers, Skrill has another one when speaking of the debit/credit card. This is not necessarily an advantage for bettors, but for those who use the electronic wallet. So, if you wish to transfer to a person a sum through bank wiring, the transaction will be processed in a few hours and the person will probably be able to use them the following day. On the other hand, through Skrill one receives the money into his Skrill account on the spot.

What fees are there for using the electronic wallet?

The main disadvantage of Skrill is that the taxes are a little high. But if we consider the advantages above listed, this disadvantage is a small one. The fees are the following:

  • when sending money we pay a fee of 1% from the total sum, so if we send 100 Euro we will pay a fee of one Euro.
  • when receiving money no fee is charged.
  • when uploading in the Skrill account through American Express, Mastercard, Visa we pay a fee of 1.90% of the entire sum. So when depositing 100 Euro you need to pay 1.9 Euro.
  • when uploading through Paysafecard the fee is a little higher, 5.50% of the entire sum. So when depositing 100 Euro, in your account only 94.5 Euro will be visible.
  • when withdrawing money from your Skrill account into your bank account you will pay a fee of 2.95 Euro, regardless the sum.
  • in order to not pay a monthly fee you need to log into the Skrill account or make a transaction at least once every 12 months.

At what online bookmakers can you deposit through Skrill?

Most online bookmakers accept deposits and withdrawals through Skrill. Until we list the main bookmakers where you can deposit through Skrill, we need to mention the fact that some gambling websites don’t offer bonuses if you deposit through Skrill. If you wish to obtain the bonus, read first the teams and conditions. In case they don’t offer the deposit bonus through Skrill, no problem, make the first deposit through a credit card and use Skrill for the following deposits.

The main online bookmakers which we recommend if you wish to deposit using Skrill are the following:

  1. Sportingbet (open an account now) – the minimum deposit through Skrill at this online bookmaker is of 10 Euro. Likewise, the minimum sum you can withdraw from Sportingbet into your Skrill account is also of 10 Euro. Pay attention, the deposit bonus offered by Sportingbet is not valid if you use Skrill. Below we will explain how to deposit money at Sportingbet using Skrill.
  2. 10bet (open an account now) – the minimum sum of a deposit through Skrill is of 12-13 Euro. This is also the minimum sum for withdrawals, adding that at the first monthly withdrawal to Skrill you need to pay a fee of one Euro and the new withdrawals in the same month are feed with 3-8% of the sum withdrawn.
  3. WilliamHill (open an account now) – at this online bookmaker you can deposit minimum 20 Euro through Skrill and there are no fees for withdrawing.

How to deposit money through Skrill at an online bookmaker?

After you open an account at this online bookmaker (you have a tutorial here for opening one) click on “Deposit”. A pop up window will open where you need to select Skrill (Moneybookers). Afterwards you have two fields to complete, in fact, just one. Where it is written the Skrill user, your address will already show up. It is the same used for registering into your bookmaker’s account. Keep in mind that the email address and the name used when opening an account at a bookmaker should be similar to the one used for opening the Skrill account. Probably, at some bookmakers, you are able to deposit even if the two don’t coincide, but you will have some problems when withdrawing. Write the sum (minimum 40) in the box near Sum, click on Deposit and you will be directly redirected towards the Skrill page. There you need to log in using the email address and the password had for the Skrill account and then confirm the payment.

Opinion about the Skrill prepaid MasterCard
Skrill offers us the possibility to get a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard. In order to request such a card you need to enter the “Skrill Card” menu and follow the steps there. The card will be completed in seven days. After you confirm the ownership of the card, seven days will pass until you get another envelope with the password. The card can be opened in Euro (recommended), dollars or pounds and when requesting it you will need to pay a fee of 10 Euro, sum taken right from your Skrill account. Regarding fees, we also have to tell you that you will pay an annual fee of 10 Euro and the card will expire in three years. SkrillThe main advantage of the Skrill card is that you have access at any time to your account money. Thus we could use the card at any ATM that allows Mastercard transactions. When we withdraw money from the Skrill account into the bank account, then we need to wait 2-3 working days until we receive them, but here we can use them immediately. For example, if you have a card and you withdraw from PinnacleSports (this bookmakers offering the fastest Skrill payments), you can withdraw money and within a few minutes you can head for the ATM and pick them up.

What fees are to be paid for the Skrill MasterCard?

We wish to remind you that the disadvantage is represented by the fees perceived at withdrawals. So, each withdrawal is feed with almost 1.80 Euro. Plus, sometimes you have a conversion fee applied of 2.49% of the withdrawn sum. So, as you can probably see, there are a few fees to pay when withdrawing using the Skrill card. Another thing you should know is that there is a daily withdrawal limit and it varies from person to person, according to the previous transactions. The maximum sum one can withdraw per day is 250 Euro and this means that if we want to withdraw 1000 Euro we need to do so in four days. Of course, when buying with the card the limit is four times higher.

Use this online walled for money transfer or online shopping

As I said before, Skrill offers you the possibility of transferring money and also shop online. Being the biggest online wallet, Skrill has various partnerships with websites. We will list the most attractive ones and leave the most interesting for the end.
-Gainsy is a trading website where if you deposit using Skrill you receive the 45% bonus of the sum. The sum offered as a bonus only works for deposits over 100$.
-Instaforex is another trading website where for each Skrill deposit you receive a 40% bonus.
-Plus 500 is the biggest trading website in the world. If you open an account using Skrill you will receive 20 Euro without depositing.
– Rightlorist-com – if you wish to buy a bouquet for someone special then you can do so from the website Rightflorist.com using Skrill. Enter the code RF2013 when you make the payment and you have a 10% discount.

Skrill is a safe and easy payment method. The safety of all the transactions, the smaller deposit and withdrawal limits (at some bookmakers) than at the credit card transactions and the fact that all the withdrawals are processed faster than when using the credit card are all arguments for using this digital payment company.

Open a Skrill account now!

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