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Sports betting strategies for virtual soccer

Not long ago we have presented to you the best virtual platforms for soccer betting that currently exist online. This online bookmaker offers you virtual championships. A virtual championship contains 16 teams and a number of 30 stages. A stage is being played every three minutes, so as an entire championship lasts only two and a half hours. These sort of championships are available every day at all hours.

Just like in case of real football matches, we have the possibility to place various types of bets on each match (winner of the match, total goals, next goal, handicap, and so on) and we have access to statistics from all the previous matches and championships.

These aspects bring many options for the bettors, who thus can use sports betting strategies on these virtual championships easier than they do on real matches. We have seen bettors play the Martingale strategy on tips like over/under or even Fibonacci on the tie results of a certain team, but these sort of strategies take a long time when we use them on real soccer matches. There are bettors that invent their own strategies, that in theories can be very good, but that can take a longer period of time until they bring notable results. At virtual soccer everything goes much faster.

Many might say that this is more unpredictable  than the real soccer, but in reality things are different. Of course, we will also be witnessing many surprises (just like in reality), but on the whole you will see that these virtual championships don’t have a different train of events.

Example for applying the Martingale strategy on virtual soccer.

We have tried to test on a virtual season the most known sports betting strategy: Martingale, a strategy that is criticized by many. For those that do not know, Martingale consists on doubling the stake if the previous match has been lost. Thus, we will use this strategy to bet on VFL Amsterdam, the option “under 2.5 goals” at each match. Why this team? We have read the statistics from the previous season and have seen that it is a balanced team that has had an average of 2.4 goals per match (so somewhere at the middle). So, even the odds for over/under are quite balanced (of course it all depends on the teams they face and what other things happen during the season).

We have in the bank 100 units that should suffice for a series of five bets. In order not to lose the entire bank, it is necessary not to encounter more that four consecutive lost matches. Any winning bet will bring us a profit. Normally, we need a total sum of 36 units if the ideal odds would be of 2.00 (1u-2u-4u-8u-16u), but since the odds are smaller, but also oscillating (depending on the match) we have permitted a bigger bankroll and we bet a little over the double when the offer odd is lower than 1.90.

Virtual soccer

Example of virtual soccer

The outcomes of this team during a season were the following: (we needing only the outcomes of under 2.5 goals)

VFL Ankara – VFL Amsterdam: 0-1 -> WIN ->
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Edinburgh 5-0 LOSS
VFL Madrid – VFL Amsterdam 4-0 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Berlin 0-2 WIN
VFL Stockholm – VFL Amsterdam 0-3 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Rome 0-0 WIN
VFL London – VFL Amsterdam 3-1 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Zagreb 3-0 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Lisabona 3-1 LOSS
VFL Vienna – VFL Amsterdam 0-0 WIN
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Paris 4-1 LOSS
VFL Bern – VFL Amsterdam 1-3 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Athens 2-0 WIN
VFL Copenhagen – VFL Amsterdam 1-0 WIN
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Oslo 3-0 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Ankara 3-2 LOSS
VFL Edinburgh – VFL Amsterdam 0-2 WIN
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Madrid 2-1 LOSS
VFL Berlin – VFL Amsterdam 1-2 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Stockholm 1-1 WIN
VFL Rome – VFL Amsterdam 5-1 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL London 2-1 LOSS
VFL Zagreb – VFL Amsterdam 0-0 WIN
VFL Lisabona – VFL Amsterdam 2-1 LOSS
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Vienna 1-1 WIN
VFL Paris – VFL Amsterdam 1-0 WIN
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Bern 0-1 WIN
VFL Athens – VFL Amsterdam 0-1 WIN
VFL Amsterdam – VFL Copenhagen 0-1 WIN
VFL Oslo – VFL Amsterdam 0-1 WIN

Currently we have a number of 14 bets won and 16 bets lost. We did not post the exact odds, because in each situation we have bet the necessary sums in order to generate a minimum profit of 0.9 units at each won bet (even though in some case we generated even more, but we will consider winning 0.9 u at each bet). Regardless the sum placed for betting on each match, never were we able to surpass (not even get close to) the budget of 100u, because it was never necessary for us to reach the fifth bet. If we would have chosen a strategy of only four steps, our profit would have been larger (of course, the risks would have been higher).

At 14 won bets X 0.9 profit per bet, we generated 12.6 units (12.6% of the bankroll) in only two and a half hours. The team had at the end of the season an average of 2.56 goals per match, more than many other teams. You can not say that we have especially chosen this team to be successful, considering the fact that there were five teams that made 20-22 matches under 2.5 goals and we can choose any one of them to gave better statistics. But we consider only fair to choose a middle team (even below) because you will not always be successful into choosing the best team for a specific scenario.

We have used the simplest and most known sports betting strategy. But surely there are many other strategies that you can use and there are many bettors that invent their own systems that will perfectly match these virtual soccer championships.

In what follows we will present a few of these strategies (among the known ones) and we anxiously wait for your ideas.

  • Fibonacci on the team’s tie results. The odd of a tie usually oscillates between 3.00 and 5.00. With a budget of 88u you can cover a series of 8 bets and with a budget of 232 u you cover 10 bets (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89). A tie will usually bring a minimum of 2 units profit at each bet (the later you take it, the larger will be the profit, but also the risk).
  • Bets on a team’s tie. The odds for a tie score are pretty big. You can bet the same amount of money as in the previous strategies and if the wanted outcomes doesn’t come up, slightly raise the stakes (not too much though). The advantage of this strategy is that you can cover a large series of bets, with a mere bankroll. For example, if you would have used the same strategy on the VFL Amsterdam team described above, you would have guessed three times the right score of 0-0 and you would have been able to considerably increase your profit.
  • Bets on the odds of 2.00. This time we won’t be talking about a strategy that implies the raising of the stake. Simply examine that matches, the teams, the recent outcomes, the rank and choose a match from each stage on which to place bet on the odds 2.00. As long as you manage to win more than a half of the bets, you will make a profit. At an odd of 2.00, even if you randomly choose an outcome, you still have the chances of almost 50% to win. Playing carefully you have great chances to score a huge profit this way, and thus not risking on the Fibonacci or Martingale strategy and lose your entire bankroll.

These sports betting strategies can be used on virtual soccer only at this only bookmaker, because it is the only one that provides championships 24/24!!!

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