6 of the best mkodos sue yoxall

6 of the best mkodos sue yoxall

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In this week’s edition of 6 of the Best, we hear from mkodo‘s Executive Director Sue Yoxall. She tells us all about an unforgettable day at the races, a sporting experience which literally caused her to faint, and which records still take her fancy.

Best Holiday

This is too tricky! I love to travel so have had many an adventure across the globe. The best holidays for me combine the sense of freedom you get from travelling into the unknown, with the joy of experiencing new things ( whether that’s through people, culture, activities, landscape or cuisine). 

From my childhood family camping trips to Brittany, to the first time I got on a plane (to go to Australia) at 18,  to inter-railing through Europe as a student, to staying with the hill tribes in Thailand and the sloths in Costa Rica as a young adult, to introducing my own young children to adventures such as swimming with turtles in Barbados – all contribute to one long ‘best’.

Best Film

If I have to pick one it is usually Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Humour, engaging characters and a well-crafted story that unfolds at a good pace. I’m a fan of a dark comedy, a grand drama and a pithy or quirky depiction of a human story.

Best Album 

I associate albums with the vinyl LPs I bought as a teenager. Human League’s Dare was the first but David Bowie’s Changes was/ is a firm favourite. I have to admit that Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell got a lot of play too!

Best Book 

As an English Literature student it’s hard to see past The Complete Works of Shakespeare as the only plausible answer to this. I love the creativity behind his adaptation and embellishment of stories, his invention of perfect phrases and words, the production of a body of work that can be dramatized over and over ago in completely different ways – something which, as a pragmatic showman himself, he would have surely applauded.

Best Sporting Experience

Playing-wise would have been making the quarters of the tennis nationals U16 at Eastbourne with my junior doubles partner Veronica. We won many tournaments on the circuit together over the junior years but I can still remember the final point that took us there. Other than that it would be the first time I learnt to jump the wake behind a boat on a wakeboard, in the dubious waters of London City Airport docks!

Spectator-wise, as a Hull City fan, nothing is ever likely to beat the Dean Windass 38th minute volley in the 2008 playoff finals. I was at Wembley with my sister and family. I literally held my breath for the last minutes of the game (and fainted when the full time whistle went). What a day! The celebrations were none too shabby too!

Best Bet

I can be much more precise about this one! Many a year ago now, I used to part-own a race horse with two friends that know the racing market very well indeed. We would often travel together on the train to race meetings (flats) in the UK. 

One day we had some small change left over from lunch which we decided I would take and put on a ‘good bet’ in the first race. All the money had to go on one horse to win. I did – it won. I decided to put those winnings on a ‘good bet’ in the 2nd race – it won.  

Unbeknown to my friends I kept putting the winnings on the next and next race until we were at the final race on the card. I had, by this time, a reasonable amount built up as every pick had won. At this point I let my friends know that we had this pot built up – we decided to continue and put all the money on a horse in the final race (not the favourite) that we all choose. It came home – a super fun day and £500 from the on-course bookie – not a bad result.

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