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Strategies to unlock the bonus for the first deposit offered by Sportingbet

Not so long ago we have presented you the new bonus offered by Sportingbet for sports betting: 50% in the limit of 100 EUR (obtain this bonus now!) In this article we will present a couple of strategies of sports betting which you can use to unlock and get the bonus.

In order to receive the bonus you must run the amount deposited at least 3 times. Then you must run the bonus at least 5 times in order to retract it. You can read the terms and conditions here. Lets suppose you want to apply for the maximum bonus, and your main objective is that after fulfilling the terms of turnover to retract the amount. This means that in the first stage you need to deposit 200 EUR and run the amount of 544 EUR, and after getting the bonus to run the amount of 453 EUR.

Sportingbet, Foto: ladiesinsportpublications.com.au

Sportingbet, Foto: ladiesinsportpublications.com.au

Place a single bet on odds of 1.90
A first strategy could consist in placeing a bet just for single predictions, with a chance of 50% win (for example: odds of 1.90) on a bet that doesn`t allow us to lose all the bank in case that we experience a series of bad results.

For example we could place bets on 11.33 EUR (6.25% of the bank), so we neet 48 bets to unlock the bonus and than another 40 bets to retract the amount. In this case we have a probability of 50% tu win one bet, so even if we flip a coin we would be right for at least 24 bets (of course we can obtain more depending on the luck) If we`ll win exactly 24 bets at odds of 1.90 we are left with 154 EUR (27.2 EUR short) but in this moment we receive the 100 EUR bonus and we reach to the amount of 40.8 EUR. If from the next 40 bets we win exactly half, we lose another 22.67 EUR after fulfilling the condition to unlock the bonus and we still remain with 222.15 EUR, which means that we have 40.8 EUR plus. And now we can retract our amount.

But as we say, this is the case when we win exactly half of the bets placed on odds of 1.90. Someone who knows how to bet will mange to obtain much more than he loses, and will never be on zero or even worst after he will run an important amount of money. And if somehow after the place of 88 bets on odds of 1.90 you are not capable to win at leas half of them (in order to obtain the amount described early), than this thing will have to make you think about your skills.

Cash in the bonus of 50% in limit of 100 EUR now and try this strategy!

Is probably the most known betting strategy and also very contested by a lot of gamblers, but in can be a really profitable strategy up to one point. You can divide the start bank in five steps: 5.6, 11.33, 22.67, 45.34, 90.67 EUR. Chose bets with odds of 2.00 and place a first bet of 5.6 EUR. If you lose this one, double the stake until you win a bet. Then you get back, starting again with a bet of 5.67 EUR. The risk is that if you lose 5 bets with odds of 2.00 on a row, you lost the whole bank. On the other hand, every bet you win will bring profit.

It is hard to predict exactly how many series of bet you need in order to receive and unlock the bonus, because the moment of win is important (the more you lose, the more risk increases because you run more money). Lets do a simulation with 42 bets, in which case we will win at least half of them.

Step 1 (5.6EUR bet): 22 wins, 20 lost; bank roll 238.02 EUR, 11.33 EUR profit.
Step2 (11.33EUR bet): 11 wins, 9 lost; bank roll 226.69EUR, 22.67EUR profit.
Step3 (22.67EUR bet): 5 wins, 4 lost; bank roll 204.02EUR, 22.67EUR profit.
Step4 (45.34EUR bet): 2 wins, 2 lost; bank roll 181EUR, zero profit.
Step5 (90.67EUR bet): 2 wins;  bank roll 181EUR, 181EUR proft.
Total bank roll: 1076.76EUR, 238.02EUR

If we sum up the amount of 181EUR that we deposit with 90.67EUR bonus, we have in the bank an amount of 510.04EUR after we fulfill the conditions tu run the bonus. We use a simulation in which we win more than 50% of the bets with odds of 2.00. Even if you use Maringale we recommend you to analyze a tip before you bet on odds of 2.00, because then you will depend only on luck, and you don`t have much chance to be as lucky is the case that we described early. But if you combine this strategy with some sport knowledge you can succeed. We are not going to lie to you: martingale can bring higher wins than the first strategy we described, but increases the risk of losing the whole bank if you have a bad series of result.

Cash in the bonus of 50% in limit of 100EUR now and try this strategy!

Other strategies

We presented you two simple ways to obtain and unlock the bonus. You can come with more efficient ones, or if you don`t feel like do it, than you can consult our forum to see what other strategies are there and you can use.

Sportingbet offers a variety of different types of bets on every sportive events so it becomes pretty simple to use almost every betting strategies.

The conclusion is pretty simple: with an efficient strategy you can obtain very easy a plus in your bank after you do a bank roll properly.

Open a new account now and cash the 50% bonus in limit of 100EUR for the first deposit!

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