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Sure bets

That there is something called Sure Bets certainly seems hard to believe, but it is quite true, as sure bets do exist and as the name suggests, these are bets that never let you lose. Again this seems hard to digest because if there really was such a thing then why did people ever lose while betting. Why do people have to master various strategies in order to be a skilled bettor? Why don’t punters simply rely on sure bets? These are certainly some good questions. It is true that theoretically sure bets are almost always winners, but there are various factors that influence them to make them winners. If you know how sure bets work, you can definitely make yourself some good money.


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These bets work on the simple theory that various bookmakers set different odds or lines for each game or its result and the odds may vary greatly from sportsbook to sportsbook. So, while one bookmaker may set the odds at 3, the other might set it at 4. Now, no bookmaker would allow you to place a bet on all three outcomes of a game or match, so what you do instead is place your bets with different bookmakers after comparing their odds such that if your bet turns out to be a winner, you will stand to make a profit. This is a sure bet. To put it simply, you compare the odds and select the profitable bookmakers and bet on all three outcomes of the game and regardless of the result, you can make a profit for yourself here.


It cannot however be said that you will become a millionaire overnight (practically, it cannot happen) because after all, you are placing bets at various bookmakers and you can only win at one as all others are lost bets. Since you are losing the bets placed at other sportsbooks, your winning bet should be able to cover the loss. Basically it is the difference in odds between two bookmakers that will finally provide you the gains. Sure bets or arbitrage or arb or safe bets are some of the names given to this betting type. Arbitrage has been derived from the stock market vocabulary and refers to the price gap of a share traded in two countries. This gap decides the profit, making it similar to sure bets.


Generally, such bets have a profit of 1% to 3% and are divided into two categories – the All Back Sure Bet used by traditional bookmakers and the Back/Lay Sure Bet used at betting exchanges. In the former kind, you bet on all three outcomes of a game or match and in the latter you buy and sell the same result. To understand the betting style better, let us take a look at an example. We are going to bet on the three different outcomes of a game with the same margin of profit from each of the bookmakers. Since the odds would be different at all three bookmakers, the size of our bets shall vary. However, we will have a sure bet from at least one of the outcomes.


Supposing I place a bet of $1,000 for a team to win at the first bookmaker offering me a 2.7 odds. If the team I am backing wins, I win the bet and get $2,700 for it (2.7*1,000). At the second bookmaker, I am offered a 3.4 odds if the teams draw and I want to make the same win of $2,700. What I will do here is only bet on $794 (2700/3.4). In the third instance, the bookmaker is offering me an odds of 4.6 for the other team’s win and here again the winning amount is $2,700. Here I shall not be betting on more than $587  (2700/4.6). Now regardless of the outcome, I am sure to win $2,700 as one of the three results will be in my favour. My profit from the bet then can be calculated as 2700 – (1000 + 794 + 587) = 2700 – 2381 = 319.


So I made a sure profit of $319 from this bet. Such bets are termed as Sure Bets. This is just an example! Please do not expect a profit of 319$ per bet…. they usually vary, as said before, from 1-3% of total stake, so for 1000$ the profit could be up to 30$….I know you now think it is easy: 10 surebets per day and you have 9000$ per month, but is not…if you would like to know more about this system, please drop us an email.


You may wonder how one can tell whether a bet is a sure bet. To know this you need to make a simple calculation, as this kind of betting is mainly based on mathematical calculations. Let us look at an example. We are betting for all three outcomes of a game at three different bookmakers. The odds provided by them are – Bookmaker A 3.10 for a Home Win, Bookmaker B 3.40 for a Draw and Bookmaker C 2.90 for an Away Win. Now we need to calculate these odds using the following simple formula –


100/3.10 + 100/3.40 + 100/2.90 = 32.258 + 29.411 + 34.482 = 96.151.


If the total is less than 100, you have a sure bet, but if it adds to more than 100 then it is not a sure bet.


The profit that you make here is the difference between 100 and the total that you got from the three odds = 100 – 96.151 = 3.849%.


This profit percentage is a little high since the profit from sure bets – as mentioned earlier – falls within 1% to 3%. However if lady luck shines on you, there is a possibility of getting higher profit percentages too, although the cases may be a little rare.


You may use this betting type to make some profits but be aware that these kinds of bets need careful examination and proper calculations before placing a bet. This is because while the bets may be profitable, one wrong move or miscalculation can turn the tables on you. You may want to use a sure bet calculator, available at various online betting portals, to give you the exact profits and other details, so that you may make your bet successfully. Also one must remember that there is a hairline difference in profits offered by different bookmakers and therefore choosing wisely is a must, as gambling has no room for errors.

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