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Rummy glossary, all terms and language

Experienced players in online rummy are surely familiarized with these terms. For beginners, though, this glossary of terms might prove useful. Aces High –this is applied when the ace is considered a card with high value. In this case, Q-K-A ...

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Types of gambling games described

By definition, gambling games mean a game of change, the act of playing a game in the hope of winning. What makes gambling games so popular since the beginning of games is the mirage of winning something in a rather ...

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How to play Tripoley – Rummy card games

The game of Tripoley has several similarities that have been taken from different Rummy games and been combined into this one great game. This particular game can be played by just a couple of people or as many as nine depending ...

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How to play Rummy 500 – Rummy card games

For those who are new to the Rummy 500 game will be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is to play and how much excitement it can bring to the table. For those that are just learning to play the game ...

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Rummy freerolls – RummyRoyal freerolls

For those players on Rummy Royal one of their favorite things that are offered by the site is the Rummy freerolls that are offered. Whether you are a new player or existing one you all know that there is nothing better ...

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Play online rummy games for free

For many card lovers Rummy is the game of choice and has been for decades. However, with busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles it can be hard to find the time to enjoy all of our favorite games. Fortunately Rummy Royal ...

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Rummy tournaments – RummyRoyal tournaments

Those players who enjoy what the Rummy games have to offer will definitely love playing on Rummy Royal. Here you can choose between Traditional Rummy as well as many different variations of the game. Those who are fierce competitors will ...

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How to play Rummykub – Rummy card games

The game of Rummykub is a variation of the Traditional Rummy game that many people have grown to love. However, new players are being drawn in to the excitement that it offers, but many aren’t sure how to play. It may ...

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RummyRoyal – play online free rummy games

Have you been looking for a way to enjoy all of your favorite Rummy games all in one place? If so, then RummyRoyal is the site for you. Here you will receive all of the Rummy gaming information and games that ...

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