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Tennis betting tips 12.02.2015

Yesterday was a pretty disappointing day, considering that a single tip from the three offered came through. Flipkens won against the Romanian Niculescu while Robredo missed a set ball, just to lose with the score of 2-0. This is why we turned towards the Memphis and Rotterdam tournaments for males and Antwerp for female. The three matches chosen are Samuel Groth – Kevin Anderson, Tomas Berdych – Andreas Seppi and Suarez Navarro – Monica Niculescu.

Carla Suarez Navarro vs Monica Niculescu - Bet365

Carla Suarez Navarro vs Monica Niculescu – Bet365

Our tip suggestions

ATP Rotterdam | Tomas Berdych – Andreas Seppi | 2-0 Berdych

The favorite number three of the Dutch tournament, the Czech Tomas Berdych will have, in our opinion, an easy task in the round of 16 against the Italian Andreas Seppi. Between the two of them took place nine direct matches, the score being a definite one in the favor of Berdych, 7-2. We decided to bet on a new victory of his, in a minimum of sets, considering what we have said above, but also the fact that in the last six direct matches (since 2008 up to now), Berdych won each time without losing a set. Still, the Czech is the owner of the trophy and he can not afford to lose this early. Seppi had a good start to the season, but he might feel tired after the difficult matches had. His defense game won’t stand a chance in front of Berdych’s offense, this is why we bet on his victory in two sets.

Odds: 1.00
Stake: 10/10

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WTA Antwerp | Carla Suarez Navarro – Monica Niculescu | Victory Suarez Navarro

The occupant of the 17th place, the Hispanic Suarez Navarro will meet the Romanian Mona Niculescu in the second tour of the Antwerp tournament. Suarez Navarro didn’t show that she might have some physical problems as it was rumored, managing to defeat Camila Giorgi at the beginning of the tour. On the other hand, Niculescu ruined our plans through the victory against the Belgian Flipkens (6-3, 6-2). The two of them will meet for the third time in a direct match , the Hispanic player winning with the score of 2-0. Suarez Navarro and Niculescu are two tennis players with different styles, Carla having an offensive game, with spectacular serves and with a game that pleases, unlike Niculescu who has a weird style, based on an exaggerated slice and forcing the opponent to make many mistakes. The Hispanic player wants to take revenge after the defeat of Spain and we believe he might actually win.

Odds: 1.00
Stake: 9/10

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ATP Memphis | Samuel Groth – Kevin Anderson | +1.5 sets Groth

This announces to be a match with many games and many serves between the “giants” Groth and Anderson. For this match we bet on a minimum of sets won by Sam Groth, taking into consideration the way in which he raised in the last few years, an impressing serve (probably in top 5 ATP), but also he showed a good form in the match against Lu. Most probably we will have at least a tie-breaks, where anything can happen, such as the Australian to win. The odds for the Australian’s victory dropped in the last hours and we expect them to drop even lower, considering that there are good chances for him to win. If Groth will have an impeccable serve, just as we have gotten used to, there are high chances for him to win at least a set.

Odds: 1.56
Stake: 8/10

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